How I Realized My Individuality. Less Than 100 Years

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How I Realized My Individuality. Less Than 100 Years
How I Realized My Individuality. Less Than 100 Years
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How I realized my individuality. Less than 100 years

Thousands of people have received such overwhelming results that it will take your breath away … While you think, your time is running out. And lost time, unlike money, is not returned. And so were the missed opportunities.

Tomorrow never comes …

I'm not kidding. Not loud phrases. Do you have a real chance to get an answer to the question: WHY?

If you still have an insoluble problem that, like a sizzling coal in your chest, does not allow you to live, work, and achieve success, then this is the most important thing that you have ever read.

Forget everything that you were told:

  • … that the unconscious is impossible to comprehend …
  • … that it is possible, but not for you …
  • … that you are a failure and die like that …
  • … that these are genes …
  • … that this is fate / karma / slander / evil spell …
  • … that mom and dad couldn't - and you can't …

What else do they say?

Let them talk. But you live!

After reading this short text from start to finish, you will understand that you have got the same HAPPY TICKET that you have always dreamed of. The only thing you'll regret is that you didn't know it before.

If you are tormented by questions:

  • why am I still not successful?
  • Why am I failing what I do?
  • what job should i choose?
  • how can i get rich?
  • which man (woman) suits me?
  • how can I be happy?

Here you will get an answer to the main question - WHY? And it's actually very simple.

You yourself know that everything is in our unconscious. In the human personality, individuality.

If you are interested in real personal development, as well as ways to unleash your creative individuality, then open your ears and hear!

And that's why.

A sad story that might not have been

She was always kind of absent-minded, could not say hello or ignore the question. He did not strive to be a leader among his peers and generally would sit alone and play computer games.

In what circles she did not enroll him: in karate, and in the choral room, and in drawing, and even in the psychological center of individuality. She pinned particular hopes on the public speaking club - this is an excellent social adaptation! But all attempts failed, like a boot in a loose March snowdrift.

In the eighth grade, he could not understand what kind of word "woman" was, and had several minor diagnoses that explained to the mother why her child could not learn like everyone else.

And the further, the more he closed in his own shell, with time more and more impenetrable. She did not know what he was thinking and dreaming about. And I had no idea how to talk to him …

And what to talk about if a person is used to communicating with fictitious virtual characters, and on his ears he has a huge impenetrable rumbling wall - headphones … where Kurt Cobain once again calls: "Live fast, die young!"

And he doesn't even have a girlfriend, although he is already 25.

But there are "friends". With them he drinks beer and … smokes weed. Nothing like that - there is no dependence on weed … Only soon he is given five years for "storage and distribution."

What happened to the unhappy mother! At the trial, she wringed her hands in despair: “I did everything, everything for him! Why did he grow up like this ?!"

And here we will rewind the tape. There is an answer to this question somewhere.

Imagine if a mother knew exactly what the psychology of her son's personality, his center of personality, all the features of his personality and individuality are. All of this could have been avoided so easily that you will be amazed!

After all, not everyone is able to communicate as leaders, someone can, while remaining an introvert, become a talented scientist. Or just be a happy person who does his own thing and lives his life. You just need to know what to develop without demanding the impossible.

How to find out? How to be realized in this life and grow a successful person? And how to become like that yourself?

It couldn't be easier. No kidding, everything is serious here.

Individual? Personality? Individuality?

What is this really?..

I am the only one in the whole wide world …

… I'm so alone. Unique. Self-sufficient. Unique. Free …

… I can cry about someone else's pain or kill in one sidelong glance …

… I may not notice how the times of day change behind the thick panes of the window, but I can hear exactly how another autumn leaf is preparing to separate from the tree behind the same window …

… I don't care how many people I break into blood in the crush behind the next higher chair …

… but my blood vessels in my head may burst from shock if my house is on fire …

I am a walking mix of good and evil, pros and cons.

Because I am an individual!

But being an individual is not everything.

There is one most important point, without which your personality is nothing …

You can spend your whole life trying to understand what an integral individuality is … looking for the concept of individuality … digging into books about the concepts of individuality …

You can study the abstract individuality of a person for the rest of your life, each time getting a sour residue of disappointment …

And so you never get to the point.

What you were born for.

Whether you are at least four times an advanced individual and personality.

And only by opening this ONE simple thing, you:

  • realize your forgotten talents and abilities,
  • understand what you can do best in the world,
  • find the perfect husband (wife) for you,
  • forget about phobias and fear,
  • see life in colors
  • learn to see through any person at a glance,
  • get rid of jealousy, hatred, resentment and self-doubt,
  • stop being a victim of lies, betrayal, blackmail, and indeed a victim in general.

And a lot more …

And this thing is the solution to the mental essence of any person.

Imagine that you know the thoughts of anyone you see in front of you.

You know everything about the personality of this person, down to the exact preferences in intimate life.

You begin to understand the personality of a person from the inside.


You understand the reasons for his behavior and understand his particular expression of personality.

You will feel almost like a magician, possessing a well-developed mechanism for predicting any movement of his eyes.

You begin to behave with him outside in the most optimal way.

You will only enter into deals that will bring you real benefits - no matter in what area.

You will feel confident everywhere and always. You will never lose this skill. You will have the mindset and life of a SUCCESSFUL person.

This is the ability to declare yourself to the world. It is a lifetime investment. And it's really easier than it sounds.

This invaluable knowledge and skill will not be taken away from you by anyone - not a single crisis, not a single stupid employer. And most importantly, it is available to everyone.

Sounds like a miracle, doesn't it?.. Yes, it does. But this is not a miracle. This is reality.

And today it happens to others, happy and advanced owners of this mindset. Masters of their lives.

This "miracle" is called - the clarity of what is happening. This is your job … with your subconscious.

Find out now. It's completely free here.

PS Thousands of people have received such stunning results that it will take your breath away …

While you are thinking, your time is running out. And lost time, unlike money, is not returned. And so were the missed opportunities.

Remember - tomorrow never comes …

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