Realized Skin Vector

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Realized Skin Vector
Realized Skin Vector

Video: Realized Skin Vector

Video: Realized Skin Vector
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Realized skin vector

Leatherworkers invented the telephone, the Internet, the plane, cars and everything else, without which we can no longer imagine our life today. They continue to improve their inventions, making them more functional, mobile, easier to use, offering new ways to save time, money and life resources.

Implementation is the performance of a specific role for the benefit of society. Full implementation is possible only in a group. Archetypal behavior is behavior in which the functions performed in society are limited to the primitive level. In other words, this is the behavior of a person who has failed to develop himself enough to adapt to the modern landscape.

At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, examples of the skin in a realized and unrealized state are often given. The unrealized skinner is exclusively engaged in saving food supplies and limiting consumption. In the primitive flock, this behavior was certainly adequate, since hunger was one of the main threats to the survival of the flock. The skinner's task was not to eat all the prey in one day.

Today, when in developed countries we suffer from an oversupply of food supplies, rather than from a shortage of them, the focus solely on saving reserves looks at least inadequate. “Mom bought food for the whole week, and you want to eat in one day! Put it on it's place! - this sounds ridiculous, but, unfortunately, very recognizable.

An advanced skinsman is able to work for the pack, saving resources, space and time for everyone. In the primitive flock, he invented the wheel, plow, scythe, figured out how to make tools from stones and iron, making life easier, moving humanity into the future. Today, the realized skinner is still busy with the invention of everything new, the development of the latest technologies. Leatherworkers invented the telephone, the Internet, the plane, cars and everything else, without which we can no longer imagine our life today. They continue to improve their inventions, making them more functional, mobile, easier to use, offering new ways to save time, money and life resources.

realized skinner1
realized skinner1

An unrealized leather worker is a lover of "freebies", he will never pass by free goods, even if he does not need it! Greed, resourcefulness, profit seeking, limitation, self-restraint are its distinctive features. On the utility meters, he must have devices to make them spin more slowly - a petty theft. Or else: you can put a stone in the cistern of the bathroom so that less water is drained away, thereby achieving savings!

Realized skinner saves for everyone, for the pack. This manifests itself not as saving in your family, for yourself, but as saving for the good of the whole society. If this is a conservation of resources, then no less than at the city level, for the benefit of nature.

He is not engaged in "eating up" food leftovers for everyone and the obsessive saving of food supplies, but is busy with their timely and effective replenishment. The sold leather worker does not cut household costs, but seeks to compensate for them by increasing his income.

In everyday life, a realized leather worker does not walk around the house, turning off the light behind all households, as his archetypal friend does, but puts on economical lighting, motion sensors. At the state level, leatherworkers introduce laws prohibiting the sale of wasteful light bulbs. Lawmaking is skin!

In addition to engineering and invention, realized leather workers find themselves in restriction, including restriction by law. A developed skin man not only adequately limits, but is also able to make people obey him. While the unrealized skinner restricts for the sake of restriction itself, and not for the general benefit. At the level of an individual, such orders are often perplexing, and as a result no one follows them.

From mass life examples: an implemented skinner can moderate various sites. This work is often free, but it makes it possible to limit someone, this is the intention to work for the sake of the community. They themselves create the rules of communication, and then monitor their observance. To remove, exclude, "ban" is a skin joy. You violated - I blocked you. Everyone benefits from this. Thus, the Internet makes it possible for each leather worker to create his own territory with his own laws.

In business, a realized leather worker has everything clear, everything is agreed and thought out in detail. He has many projects. He does not accumulate debts, but he will not give back his debts either. Deals, negotiations, vanity - all this brings him satisfaction. He's on the phone all the time and doesn't get tired of it. In the evening, jogging in the park for health, a little attention to the family and sleep, because in the morning a new hike …

The realized leather worker feels and his property is protected by a standardized law. The archetypal leatherman is the first to try to break the law.

realized skinner2
realized skinner2

Special conditions for the development of the skin vector in Russia are created by the Russian urethral-muscular mentality. Due to the fact that the cutaneous vector is highly contradictory to the urethral one, the development of cutaneous properties becomes very problematic here. This does not mean at all that all leather workers in Russia are underdeveloped and unfulfilled. However, for the most part, Russian skin is archetypal, since it is precisely due to mental characteristics that archetypal skin behavior becomes acceptable in society and is almost encouraged. Let us recall at least "12 chairs" by Ilf and Petrov, because this is a real Bible for skin crooks! The book has literally been scattered for quotes, and fraud has been elevated to the rank of fine art. To deceive "sucker" is sometimes considered almost a valor.

In the West, where the mentality is skinny, the archetypal manifestations of Russians, who strive to find any loophole in the law in order to extract the slightest benefit or at least not give an extra penny, are horrified. And those who do not seek to do this, and he himself can be considered a sucker. For the realized Western leatherman, Russia is a barbaric country where the law is idle talk.

As the article progresses, it may begin to seem that the Russians are being presented as archetypal, undeveloped. This is not true. We are talking here exclusively about an impartial systemic analysis of the skin vector and its general conditions, not about specific people. Of course, there are genius inventors and outstanding engineers in Russia. For the most part, the whole of the skin forms the society that we have at the moment, a society where theft and corruption reign, bribery and crime flourish. This is the problem, not the "fools and the roads." If you want to learn more about the skin vector and its manifestations, both at the human and mental levels, we invite you to the free introductory lectures by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".