Realized Anal Vector

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Realized Anal Vector
Realized Anal Vector
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Realized anal vector

You can rely on them, they go to them for advice. Behind their words, importance and mental heaviness is not pathos, but a real baggage of knowledge, professionalism and experience …

Recently we considered an unrealized anal vector, now the soul requires positive.

It is much more pleasant to watch mentally healthy, realized people. For people who were able to sublimate their nature-given qualities in our complex society, that is, to realize them in such a way as to contribute to the development of this society.

A person with a realized anal vector is simply "the honor and conscience of our era." The specified properties are the same for any person with an anal vector. The program is the same, but with a different development margin. Plants of the same variety under different conditions can grow strong and beautiful, bear healthy fruits, or they can decay, become covered with aphids and wither.

Having a healthy anal vector, a person always disposes to himself, inspires confidence, gives the impression of a solid, solid person. You can rely on them, they go to them for advice. They are very serious people. Behind their words, importance and mental heaviness is not pathos, but a real baggage of knowledge, professionalism and experience. They are a walking encyclopedia. They have a strong desire to absorb information. Literature is read from cover to cover, eagerly absorbing all the details, dismantling the subject to the smallest detail and assimilating knowledge, carefully analyzing and sorting out in the mind "on the shelves." A person with an anal vector conducts scientific knowledge to the masses, for him it is an ideal social realization, no matter how it is expressed specifically. They teach people and they are respected for that. And they take this respect with pleasure.

They have a very important natural task. Without the accomplishment of this task, the phased development of mankind, which is based on the knowledge of previous generations, is impossible. Knowledge needs to be documented, recorded, stored, passed on. The specific role of the anal vector is the accumulation and transmission of information in time. They have an excellent memory and a natural inclination to transfer knowledge, and they make the best teachers.

realized anal1
realized anal1

The place and realization for the anal person is in the rear, where he is able, like no one else, to ensure the breadth of the information front and the quality of the result. His psychic structure is such that he is not adapted to go on "hunting and war". He cannot pursue a mammoth, pull out prey from rivals with his teeth. He lacks the entrepreneurial spirit that is so appreciated today. Cannot maneuver, react quickly to changing landscape. Thus, the anal man receives prey not directly, but indirectly, he is given a share of the total prey for his contribution to the life of the pack, made in the rear. And in the modern world this applies to everything: work, women, roles in a team. They will not be left without work. The people say about them that "Vasya has golden hands." Realized analys are respected, they are paid a good salary, "so that Vasya does not leave."And Vasya works not so much for money as for respect. Offer him more money - he won’t. After all, it is important for him that the payment is honest - for an honestly done business. If he is paid more than he should be or praised more than he thinks he deserved, he will not be able to accept it - it causes discomfort to him.

Accuracy, cleanliness, professionalism and high-quality performance of work are all inherent in a realized anal person. In other vectors, there are no such desires, no interest, no such psychic powers and abilities.

When a person uses all his life forces to ensure quality, when many people use the fruits of his labors, he gets satisfaction from his activities, he feels that he has found his place in life. He promises, takes it and finishes the business he started. If he brings his undertakings to perfection, then this is evidence of his realization. He is never ashamed of his work, he will be ashamed of others for the lack of quality (and for what respect, then, when he did all the "blunder" and ran on). A realized analist can put all of himself into writing a book, creating an ingenious piece of jewelry rich in details, the most serious architectural drawings that take into account every little detail, provide every detail with a guide for its execution, and so on - until the very end, to the very point, to the perfect result. If he is a teacher,then he knows and teaches his subject thoroughly, striving to convey knowledge and accumulated experience to the maximum, makes sure that the students have mastered all the material, in a word, he is raising the next generation of craftsmen and specialists. In general, whatever he undertakes is an example of careful, painstaking work. Whether it's hand work or head work, the product is sure to be finished to the highest possible quality.

It is for all these properties that a person with an anal vector will always be in demand professionally.

Real therapy for an anal person is to go to the forest, to the lake, where it is quiet and peaceful, with your beloved family and friends. Take a break from the crazy city noise and bustle. It is noteworthy that now among the typical hobbies of anal people are sport hunting and fishing, which today are no longer a guarantor of survival, but have become just a way of pleasant and calm pastime. The anal person also loves to fry barbecues in nature, bake potatoes on coals and always remembers how his grandmother or mother cooked in childhood. They are quite dense and impressive, they, alas, cannot be called nimble (for that there are other comrades - the very ones who run the 100-meter distance faster at school). And they prefer things that require calmness and perseverance. They generally respect to sit on their favorite "fulcrum".

realized anal2
realized anal2

The realized anal vector endows a person with a craving for purity. First of all, to inner purity, in aspirations and intentions, the result of which is openness and utmost honesty, the need for justice, the desire to share everything equally. In the realized anal vector, it is "equally" expressed in the desire for justice for everyone, not only for oneself.

A wife for an anal sex is sacred, and family is his main value in life. An anal husband is an ideal rear, the only true natural homemaker, a creator of home comfort, a homebody. The realized anal sex is very caring towards his woman. An anal person has a high sexual potential, it is he who is traditionally considered a "real man", strict but fair.

Sexual satisfaction is extremely important for a healthy, stable, balanced person with an anal vector. Like the properties of all other vectors, the properties of the anal vector must be developed before adulthood. Otherwise, such negative manifestations and scenarios are likely as sadism, domestic violence, realized and latent homosexuality, pedophilia, a pathological desire for dirt, physical and verbal. This is described in detail in the article on the unrealized anal vector. After adolescence, behavior and feelings can be largely changed or corrected through awareness of the motives of their actions, states and emotions. More about this at the psychological trainings "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan. You can register for free online trainings here.

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