Love Will Inadvertently Recoil. How To Keep Feelings?

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Love Will Inadvertently  Recoil. How To Keep Feelings?
Love Will Inadvertently Recoil. How To Keep Feelings?
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Love will inadvertently … recoil. How to keep feelings?

Mistakes committed in relation to each other instantly turn into a huge lump of reproaches, irritation and resentment. Before you have time to look back, it’s time to pack up your things and go in search of a new ideal. And why only do people do them?

What a fairy tale the relationship seems at the beginning of the acquaintance. And where do the problems begin to arise, if yesterday there was one endless adoration and understanding between two lovers?

With unpleasant surprise, we find in our chosen ones something that we did not pay attention to before. One turns out to be terribly touchy, the other no longer hesitates to raise his voice to a squeal if he is not pleased, someone is abnormally jealous, and you can't get a word out of someone to talk frankly. Mistakes committed in relation to each other instantly turn into a huge lump of reproaches, irritation and resentment. Before you have time to look back, it’s time to pack up your things and go in search of a new ideal. And why only do people do them?

It turns out that we are not doing this on purpose and not even in spite of each other. It's just that our psyche, a set of vectors set by nature, guides our actions. And everyone's mistakes are just a consequence of the state of his vectors, the result of not understanding his inner needs. To see your mistakes and help your partner also see his sins, it is enough to learn to understand the properties of the psyche. Let's get started …

  • To be constantly offended.
  • Forget about your appearance.
  • Thinking that your partner is not going anywhere.

These three seemingly different mistakes tend to be committed by people with the same type of psyche - the anal vector. Touchiness is his main problem, both in relationships in a couple, in a team, and in society. As soon as a person with an anal vector did not receive something (a kiss before leaving for work, congratulations on their wedding anniversary), this creates an imbalance in his psyche and resentment arises in him. Without apologies (preferably immediate), this imbalance cannot be leveled by anything, and the person continues to sulk until the resentment subsides slightly.

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If the properties of the vector are implemented too weakly, then the owner of the anal vector can be offended ten times a day. And as an introvert, he is in no hurry to express his claim. On the contrary, with a feeling of deep righteousness, he will not mind tormenting you with his condition, keeping silent and refusing to explain what the matter is.

For men and women with an anal vector, there is no greater value than home and family. But even this does not guarantee unlimited happiness for their halves. For men, such a sin is often observed: they seek to suppress their woman, limit her contacts with the outside world, lock her in four walls and in every possible way point her to her place. This happens if frustrations of a sexual or social nature arise in the vector. And it is impossible to fight them by talking alone.

But a woman with an anal-visual ligament of vectors is a golden mother and wife. Her house sparkles like a new penny, her children and her husband are dressed with a needle, and in the kitchen she is just a goddess! Unfortunately, for all the household chores it is very difficult to find time for yourself. And why, when the properties of the psyche receive satisfaction from caring for loved ones? An old robe and a couple of dozen extra pounds can ruin the whole family idyll.

It is not surprising that, as a rule, a dermal spouse who is thirsty, besides care and love, will sooner or later acquire a well-groomed, slender mistress. Who will be to blame for this is, of course, a moot point.

  • They are jealous and tormented by suspicions.
  • They skimp on the manifestation of feelings.
  • They saw and do not put their partner in anything.

All these mistakes are made more than others by people with a skin vector. Jealous because he is afraid to miss his own, the owner of this vector can turn the life of a partner into hell with his suspicions of infidelity. The most interesting thing is that this does not at all indicate either great love, or that the jealous person himself will never cheat on you. He's just very afraid of losing what belongs to him. And due to the fact that in other areas of life (for example, in work) the properties of the vector are not realized enough, its partner has to suffer.

And which of us, at least sometimes, does not want to hear about how a loved one feels for him? But from someone who has a skin vector, it is very difficult to achieve manifestations of feelings. Most of all, his half with a visual vector will have to suffer from this, for which he loves - which means, first of all, speaks of his love. Why is it so difficult to share your feelings with your loved one? Because the main mission of the skin vector is limitation. To save on everything, even in words, seems to him the only right thing. Therefore, from such a person you can often hear the words: "no", "I do not know" (in the sense I will not say), "no", and so on.

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The covetousness of the skin man is expressed not only in the manifestation of feelings, but also in all material aspects of life. It is he who will scold you for wasting light bulbs and food supplies used up ahead of time. And the remarks of the skin partner do not end there.

He will also nag you because you are too slow and sluggish, you do not know how to twist and twist to provide your family with a decent life, and so on. After all, the material indicator is always in the first place for him. As a rule, anal husbands suffer from this. They are slow and not strong in trading in order to earn as much as the skin wife would like to spend. And when she realizes it, then just hold on. He will saw and saw, tirelessly pointing out how worthless you are, Vasya.

  • They throw tantrums and accuse them of callousness.

These sins are found for the owners of the unrealized visual vector. In a good scenario, this person can be very sensitive and attentive to your feelings. But when feelings overwhelm him and he does not know how to spend them correctly, everything happens the other way around. Your love and confessions become his air, without which he instantly begins to choke. And you immediately feel it in his hysterical behavior, accusations of dislike, callousness and indifference.

Tantrums happen suddenly, and until the viewer throws out his entire emotional reserve on you, he will not calm down. Due to the fact that he himself is not accustomed to sharing his feelings, does not realize himself at the appropriate work, where this can be done (in a hospital, at school, for example), your personal space will be minimized. A loved one becomes the only opportunity to waste your emotions. Therefore, your presence is required constantly, and your feelings must be displayed all the time. And of course, all this is very tiring. Especially if you have completely opposite sonic properties.

  • Hears nothing, sees nothing, ignores.
  • Closed and detached.

These are descriptions of the possible behavior of the owner of the sound vector. He's an introvert. He thinks about the meaning of life. Or, on the contrary, about its meaninglessness. Because of this, he is not interested in all of his partner's worldly concerns, including his need for feelings and attention.

He does not care how wonderful you cooked dinner today, what sexy lingerie you bought especially for a romantic evening. If he lacks the implementation of the sound vector, then everything else seems to be sheer nonsense that does not cause any interest. And on your tantrums because of his detachment and indifference, he simply keeps silent. This is because there are problems with extroversion.

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To overcome the lack of a sound vector without filling them is beyond the power of anyone. It can only be filled, and only then will such a person stop tormenting those close to him with his unwillingness to delve into common problems and will no longer seem to everything as an indifferent, cold-blooded egoist. For a modern sound engineer, fulfilling one's desires is an understanding, cognition of the psychic. The one that lives for himself and others.


And the main mistake of each of us is endless attempts to remake a loved one for ourselves, to make him think, act, feel differently. Without realizing this to ourselves, we do it all the time. Not only is it completely useless if there are no corresponding natural properties. This is extremely destructive for relationships when we get tired of eternal misunderstanding, mutual claims and give up. Understand yourself and each other systematically - and mistakes in your relationship will be reduced to zero.

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