Depression Without Medication. A Way Out For Everyone

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Depression Without Medication. A Way Out For Everyone
Depression Without Medication. A Way Out For Everyone

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Depression without medication. An exit for everyone

You don't know what day of the week it is, whether you ate or not, you are not interested in who these people are around - everything retreats before the inner emptiness that sucks in all sensations …

Unbearably bad. No strength to live. Get up in the morning, go somewhere, do something and pretend that you are interested in it. For what? I don't want anything. Lethargy, apathy, inertia in movements.

Getting out of depression without drugs: how to fill the inner void?

It's hard to tell when it starts. At first you hide in a dream and you don't even have enough 12-14 hours a day to recover. You wake up as broken as you went to bed. Some, on the contrary, suffer from insomnia and unbearable headaches. Night and day merge into one endless gray fog.

You don't know what day of the week it is, whether you ate or not, you are not interested in who these people are around - everything retreats before the inner emptiness that sucks in all sensations. Fading, the world around turns into a point, leaving you alone with a destructive sense of the meaninglessness of your own existence.

Looking for a cure for depression and stress

Some say that there is no answer to the question of how to get out of depression without drugs - they have been drinking antidepressants for years, changing each time to "more effective" ones, enduring side effects in the hope of getting out of depression. But this is self-deception. Can pills drown out internal questions?

How to get out of depression without antidepressants? Understand yourself

Thousands of people around are running about their business, living their lives and not bothering. Why? They are different, they have different desires and tasks. Someone was born to plow the land and build houses, someone - to love, someone - to become a specialist with golden hands, etc. And only the owners of the sound vector want something that cannot always be put into words. Sense. No wonder they were given the most powerful abstract intelligence - in order to fulfill their role in comprehending and revealing abstract meanings.

The sound vector is a special vector, one of the 8 types of psyche studied in system-vector psychology, which endows a person with the strongest (dominant over the rest!) Desire for self-knowledge, for comprehending the nature of the human I and the universe. From an early age, the sound engineer asks the question “why?”: “Why was I born? Why does a person need life? Is there life after death?"

All material desires for such a person are always in the background - he is not chasing wealth, he is not interested in fashion brands and entertainment. He is the only one who separates the body and soul, the material from the immaterial, always striving to reveal the latter and weighing down on everything earthly.

If his sound search is not realized, the person falls into severe depression, losing the ability to maintain life in a physical shell. It seems to him that the material world prevents him from comprehending the meanings. Suicidal thoughts are like striving to throw off the weight of a hateful physical shell in order to free an immortal soul from the captivity of this meaningless existence.


How to get out of depression without pills? Realize your desires

Depressive states are only the reverse side of the potential given by nature, a consequence of the non-realization of sound desires for comprehension. Having understood why you are like this, it becomes immeasurably easier to perceive everything that is happening. Realizing your desires and desires that live by other people, you are approaching the answer to the question: "Why am I here?" and "Why are people so different, what motivates them?" And dislike for life, for people begins to dissipate.

Everything that happens around fits into a single picture of the universe and can be cognized by you. The first steps in this knowledge take place at the free training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Knowing your I, you gradually get to know others, revealing the differences of the unconscious nature of man.

This brings you closer to answering unspoken inner questions, moreover, this is the realization of the sound vector. That is why already during the training, the depressive states of the sound specialists gradually level out, depression and apathy go away, and the person begins to feel the first desires, interest in life.

Life becomes easier, the feeling of meaninglessness is imperceptibly replaced by fullness, the joy of life - this happens to everyone who fulfills his task, realizing his natural potential. Hundreds of people share their results of overcoming depression without medication - this is a side effect of self-awareness that occurs during training. Below is a snippet of one of the reviews:

Suffering sound? I don’t know what could be harder. It's like a drill that kneads, turns the soul to shreds with a cry to nowhere: “Why me? Lord, that's enough, I can't take it anymore! Destroy me, you can see for yourself - there is no point! " And dreary, hopeful glances at the seventh-floor balcony. One step. “Jump down, jump down, don't be afraid. Jump down and don't worry"

Here comes the first level. It's hard for me to describe the crazy feeling of happiness that never leaves me. No fears: I know what people think. I know what drives me. I know where I have to go in choosing my professional path …

Meaning of life? Now he illuminates my life with boundless light, so boundless that I am afraid not to contain it all in myself (perhaps this is the only thing that you can worry about). There is an answer to any question.

The question arose, I looked for the answer inside and - it arises. And to think of this bright, precise thought is a real pleasure. The surrounding people are now not traced little men in some kind of blurry, blurry reality. Now these are units, these are parts of a whole, with which I can accurately determine the place in the system of this living world. The world, stunningly beautiful in its precision, is now my meaning and my love. Yuri and all the guys who were around, thank you for breathing life into the desensitized body.

Valentina Alabugina, student of the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University Read the full text of the result

How to beat depression without medication? How do you want to live? How to get pleasure from life? There is only one answer: to live according to your inner desires. Don't wait for depression to push you out of your own life, register now and come to free online trainings.

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