Not Like Everyone Else. When The Universe Lives Inside You

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Not Like Everyone Else. When The Universe Lives Inside You
Not Like Everyone Else. When The Universe Lives Inside You
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Not like everyone else. When the universe lives inside you

"What's the point? What am I here for? " You cannot not think about it. This question accompanies you throughout your life. He is your engine, your executioner, your punishment and your salvation. The violin saves you from falling into emptiness, its sounds insinuatingly penetrate your ear and take away from these thoughts …

As long as you can remember yourself, you considered yourself somehow different. Defective? No, rather the opposite. Different from all people, not like everyone else.

There is in your life some other dark side of the moon that you do not understand. The side that almost no one sees does not know. You hardly tell anyone about her. Because they just won't understand.

Alone in the universe

You sit and watch a movie. Suddenly you realize that you have been looking at one point for a long time. How much time has passed? Minute, hour, day, eternity? Everything inside froze. You find yourself outside your body - as if it does not exist, and there is nothing around either. Darkness. Emptiness. Eternity.

And a chilling thought: "I am alone in the Universe." Loneliness. "What is it?" - the brain clings to this thought as to salvation. How you want nobody and nothing to exist. How you want not to be distracted by all this fuss, to be alone with the Universe and focus on the main thing.

What's the point?

What is the meaning of our entire existence? It makes no sense. All is in vain. All the meanings that people come up with are husks. It seems to you that people are just trying to keep themselves occupied so as not to notice how bad they are.

"What's the point? What am I here for? " You cannot not think about it. This question accompanies you throughout your life. He is your engine, your executioner, your punishment and your salvation. The violin saves you from falling into emptiness, its sounds insinuatingly penetrate your ear and take away from these thoughts.

Some incomprehensible sensations overwhelm you, a storm is raging inside. There is a storm inside, and suddenly it finds a way out, and a wave covers you. You gasp, reminding yourself of a fish thrown out of the water, gasping for air. The incomprehensible surrealism of living the moment inside and cold detached observation of oneself outside.

"Why is it all, why is it all?" - this question fills your whole soul, body, brain, it starts ringing in your head, vibrating throughout your body, filling all the space around. From a small point somewhere deep inside it grows like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It is getting bigger and bigger, faster and faster. He is no longer a point - he looms large, fills your whole being and tries to find a way out. You realize that your brain is bursting, your head begins to split and ache terribly. There are sparks in the eyes. Need to do something. But why?

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Something stronger than you throws you to the window. You open it wide, darkness and fresh air rush into the room. The air fills you. You take a breath. You look up at the stars, then down into the darkness - it attracts. And suddenly you realize: "If it becomes completely unbearable, you want to disconnect - there is a way out." By an effort of will, you decide that everything, for today the communication session is over. You collapse on the bed in exhaustion and pass out.

The greatest potential for happiness

To constantly be aware of oneself as different, different, special is a difficult test. The training “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan explains this phenomenon and defines “not like everyone else” people as carriers of the sound vector. A vector is a set of innate properties and desires that completely determine the human psyche, his way of living. The vector determines how a person thinks and behaves, interacts with other people, what he likes to do, what role he has in society.

People with a sound vector, unlike carriers of other vectors, have abstract thinking. This feature sets their intellectual advantage and the originality of their attitude. Only the owners of the sound vector can operate with categories of abstract meanings and ideas. Moreover, they need this mental focus as in the air.

The owners of the sound vector live in their own inner, very interesting world of other galaxies, stars, the Universe, so they usually find it difficult to concentrate on everyday everyday things. Sometimes they are practically not adapted to life. Everything falls out of hand. “Instead of a hat on the go, he put on a frying pan” - that's about them.

Only the owners of the sound vector separate their I and their body. Usually, the body is perceived by them as a heavy burden that interferes with living and thinking - after all, you need to take care of it, feed it, dress it, wash it. These properties are manifested to varying degrees - from mild inattention to complete inadaptation to life.

How the life of the owner of the sound vector develops largely depends on how his parents raised him. Words and their meanings are a human world with a sound vector. His ears are very sensitive. The ear is a direct connection with the psyche, therefore, a cry addressed to a small sound person can disrupt his proper development.

Much is formed in childhood, but much also depends on the implementation of the properties of the sound vector in adult life. An incredible amount of possibilities and desires gives a person with a sound vector a huge range of states: from the strongest suffering to the highest happiness. People with unrealized sound are the only ones who truly know what depression is. What other vectors call depression is simply a bad mood that passes after satisfying their desires for creating pair relationships, having children, being honored and respected in society and everything else related to the physical world.

Sound desires do not belong to the material world, so they are not so easy to realize. The worst states in sound can lead its owners to suicidal thoughts.

Desire to develop

The fact is that the psyche of sound people is much more capacious than the psyche of other people. What is the volume of the human psyche and how does it work?

The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan explains that the capacity of the human psyche is formed by the magnitude of our desires. You've probably noticed that as soon as the next desire is fulfilled, we get great, but brief pleasure, and then we begin to desire twice as much. The genius Pushkin showed this very accurately in the tale of the goldfish. Grandma got a new trough - she wanted a hut. She got a new hut - she wanted to become a pillar noblewoman, and then a free queen with all the wealth and honors she owed.

That is, realizing our desires, we fulfill them and at the same time increase them. This develops us. How? We want more, and our consciousness is forced to create thought forms, how to realize each new desire. That is, the volume of our psyche grows along with the filling of desire.

What does sound want?

The desires of the sound vector are desires to comprehend oneself, one's place in this world, to understand what is hidden behind the behavior of other people, to cognize the laws of the Universe. These desires are realized through the centuries by the sound part of humanity. At different historical stages, the sound vector was filled with music, poetry, philosophy, and then the exact sciences - mathematics, physics. When a brilliant brain solved a problem that seemed insoluble, it mastered meanings on the verge of science and metaphysics.

The volume of the psyche of the sound vector is growing from generation to generation. And in our time, sound children are already being born, who at 3, 4, 5 years old ask their parents questions: "Why was I born?", "Where did I come from?", meaning not at all a stork, but an attempt to realize oneself in this life.

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Nowadays, carriers of the sound vector in a compressed form go through the entire previous path of development of the sound part of humanity practically to the beginning of their adult life. They are carried away by stars, music, science fiction, and later - exact sciences, languages, philosophy.

Modern sound specialists have a very capacious sound desire, which can no longer be content with intermediate ways of realizing oneself in relation to this world and requires direct cognition of the meaning of one's life. Music, poetry, sciences and even philosophy become an empty sound - they remain, but no longer fill the powerful sound psyche.

When desires are not fulfilled

As Yuri Burlan explains at the training "System-vector psychology", concentration is the most energy-intensive process. We, carriers of the sound vector, are constantly looking for answers to our questions, even if we do not realize it. We look for people with whom we communicate, in situations that we live in, in films that we watch, in music that we listen to. From time to time we find new meanings, create ideas and get great pleasure from this process.

But at some point we still understand that all the meanings we have found are finite and cannot completely satisfy us. Even physicists eventually run into the question: what happened before the big bang?

A fruitless search is exhausting. We want more, but we do not find the answer to the main question: what is the meaning of my life? Where did I come from and where am I going? Why is all this created? What is the intent? When there is no answer, depression comes.

The sound vector is dominant. When the desire for sound is not fulfilled, the rest of the desires exist as a residual. That is, feeling an enormous lack of meaning in life in the sound vector, we practically become immobilized in real, everyday life.

As a result, we withdraw more and more into ourselves, more and more fenced off from people, from life and from the world. By focusing only on our voids more and more, we end up losing everything.

Welcome to the real world

Understanding your vector features and their correct application can bring a sound engineer out of bad conditions. At some point, the realization comes: “It turns out that I am not the only one, there are a lot of such people. Moreover, these are the people who have the greatest influence on the development of modern society and its future."

Knowing how to realize all his accumulated potential, a person with a sound vector suddenly clearly and clearly realizes what is the meaning of everything. He begins to live his life and get great pleasure from it, because he realizes that all this is not in vain. When this happens, it becomes much easier to live.

Here are just a few comments on this topic from people who have mastered systems thinking:

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