How To Get Rid Of Fear During Pregnancy: Mom, Don't Worry

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How To Get Rid Of Fear During Pregnancy: Mom, Don't Worry
How To Get Rid Of Fear During Pregnancy: Mom, Don't Worry

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How to get rid of fear during pregnancy: mom, don't worry

This article is for those who certainly want to find the answer to the question: how to get rid of fears during pregnancy? Because the answer to this question exists!

How to get rid of the fear of pregnancy when you sincerely want to become a mother, but the slightest suspicion that you have become pregnant plunges you into panic? How to overcome fears during pregnancy, how to overcome fear of childbirth, an incredibly painful and painful process?

This article is for those who certainly want to find the answer to the question: how to get rid of fears during pregnancy? Because the answer to this question exists!

Pregnancy can (and should!) Be the most touching, unforgettably wonderful period of life. One has only to get rid of fear …

Our fears during pregnancy, how to get rid of them

“The husband wants a child. I myself want him, maybe not even one. Almost all friends have toddlers, and I see that motherhood brings them happiness. I even envy. But I'm terribly afraid of getting pregnant, I'm afraid of panic. I'm afraid of a huge belly and duck gait, I'm afraid that it will be difficult for me to walk. I'm afraid of stretch marks, they horribly disfigure the body, I'm afraid of saggy skin, flabbiness. I'm afraid of ruining my figure and getting old. I'm afraid to gain extra weight … In short, I don't know how to get rid of the fear of pregnancy, because I love children and want to have them."


“Instead of celebrating my pregnancy, I’m going crazy with fears. I'm afraid of everything. I'm afraid I'm not reporting, I'm afraid that something will go wrong. I am afraid that the child will be born unhealthy, or will be injured during childbirth, and I will always be the nanny of the disabled child. I am afraid in the first months after giving birth that the child will cry at night, and in general that I will not cope with education. When I share my fears with loved ones, with doctors, they smile, they say that no one is still pregnant - everyone has gone through this. Someone is trying to convince that everything will be fine. But no one says how to overcome the fear of childbirth. I read many articles with tips on how to deal with fears during pregnancy. But for some reason all this does not calm me down. The longer the period, the more painful my fear. I wake up at night with horror, often fall into hysterics. It feels likethat I’m going to lose my mind before giving birth. How to get rid of fears during pregnancy, I still do not understand."

“I’ll give birth soon. What I just did not do to prepare myself for this event and stop being afraid of childbirth. And I went to courses for expectant mothers, and read a ton of literature about it, and persuaded my husband to come with me to give birth. But my fear did not go away - on the contrary, it intensified to horror. How to deal with the fear of childbirth?"

“I have always thought that pregnancy is wonderful, that I will enjoy this state and enjoy it every day for all 9 months. Instead, I'm not just suffering from fear - it's already turned into some kind of paranoia. Doctors say that everything is in order with the tests, that everything is fine with the child, but it seems to me (no, I'm sure!) That something is wrong. And most importantly, I don't know how to cope with the fear of childbirth - I break out in a cold sweat when I start thinking about what I will have to go through."

“I am constantly tense, my imagination is constantly drawing the horrors of upcoming events, it seems to me that everything will go very badly. I'm afraid of dying during childbirth, I'm afraid of losing my child, I'm afraid that I will be unbearably hurt. I know myself well, from fear and pain I will definitely panic during childbirth, and then everything will definitely go wrong. Now it is vital for me to understand how to get rid of the fear of childbirth before childbirth, otherwise it could end badly."

Fear instead of the joy of the upcoming motherhood. The horror of waiting for something bad, fatal, maybe even lethal, makes life unbearable.

How to overcome fear of childbirth and get rid of fear forever

To understand how to overcome fear of childbirth, first, let's figure out what fear is. Where does this monster come from, which takes possession of the thoughts and feelings of its victim, tortures her, does not let go of his tenacious paws?


Fear is an acute negative experience that causes unpleasant mental stress. Obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, various phobias, the strongest fear, from which, it seems, you can go crazy - only one category of people is subject to such states. These are people with a visual vector. The most sensitive and receptive, emotional and tearful, sometimes hysterical, prone to alarmism, taking everything to heart and constantly “making an elephant out of a fly”. Do you recognize yourself?

So that's it. It does not matter what fears we experience during pregnancy - whether it is the fear of losing attractiveness for a partner (and for men in general), or fear of pain, fear of death or fear of loss, fear of responsibility or fear of impending difficulties - these fears always have a root one. No amount of recipes, recommendations, exhortations and persuasion will help to cope with fears, because fears are a consequence of certain conditions. And the reasons for these states are hidden in the unconscious.

That is, even if we assume purely theoretically that you managed to understand how to overcome the fear of childbirth, that you coped with it, another fear will definitely come in its place. For example, that something terrible, some kind of disaster will happen to a newborn child (this was the case with me once). And you will start going crazy because of this. Fear will find new and new reasons to torment you, will interfere with your life, wake you up at night, bring you to hysterics, take away the joy of life, bring suffering … As long as there are internal causes of fear, it will never leave the life of its victim.

There is a method that allows you to realize the causes of fear, extract them from the unconscious, after which fear will forever cease to poison your life - this is systemic psychoanalysis.

With the help of systemic psychoanalysis (which, by the way, occurs with all participants in the training on system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan), we plunge into a deep understanding of our mental nature and begin to understand the reasons for all negative, painful, interfering states. Here, the expectant mother will not only find the answer to the question of how to overcome the fear of childbirth and other fears of pregnant women (more precisely, the fears will go away by themselves, and you will not have to fight them). She will discover much more invaluable knowledge that will allow her to look into the future with joy, confidence and optimism.

The expectant mother is guaranteed to receive information on how to raise a child in the best way for him, without traumatizing, maximizing the development of what has been given to him by nature. How to understand your baby, interact with him correctly, give him a happy childhood and ensure a prosperous future where he can realize himself. How to avoid fatal parenting mistakes and their dire consequences. How to ensure the best climate in the family for your baby, mutual understanding with him and get 100% happiness from your motherhood.

Evidence of this is my results:

And the results of other people trained:

You can evaluate the power of systemic psychoanalysis completely free of charge at the introductory lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. To register, you just need to follow the link.

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