How To Beat Food Addiction? I Live To Eat, Or How To Get Rid Of Food Addiction. Food - Practical Advice On How To Get Rid Of Addiction

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How To Beat Food Addiction? I Live To Eat, Or How To Get Rid Of Food Addiction. Food - Practical Advice On How To Get Rid Of Addiction
How To Beat Food Addiction? I Live To Eat, Or How To Get Rid Of Food Addiction. Food - Practical Advice On How To Get Rid Of Addiction

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Video: Food Addiction: Craving the Truth About Food | Andrew Becker | TEDxUWGreenBay 2023, February

I live to eat, or How to get rid of food addiction

And it happens that you simply do not know what to do with yourself, or you don’t want to do anything, and therefore eat. Watching a movie or sitting at the computer can no longer be imagined without popcorn, sandwiches or sweets at hand …

We are born for pleasure, for pleasure. The easiest way to get it is to eat deliciously. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be tasty. It happens that just a feeling of satiety or even oversaturation gives satisfaction or a short-term feeling that everything is fine.

A deceiving sensation. Especially for those who "seize" problems or stress. And, as a rule, it is very short-lived. And although the feeling of satisfaction remains for a short time, many still often resort to this method of filling their desires for pleasure. Food becomes a trap, and addiction becomes a burden. How to win?

Let's eat, and then I'll think about what to do with all this

But when all thoughts are only about food, literally all the time: before meals, during meals and after, you no longer think about the fact that thanks to this stress will not go anywhere. You just move aside from solving problems and pretend that you are busy with something important now, that the problems will have to wait for now. "Here we eat, and then I'll think about what to do with all this."

It happens that you go home after a crazy working day with a full bag of sweets and already on the way you are chewing something. And the mere thought that now at home all this will be absorbed gives a kind of calmness and joy. And this is the only pleasant moment in a long, stressful day. The rhythm of a big city, running around require compensation in the form of tasty bonuses. Over time, you get used to perceiving food as a source of an even emotional state, addiction forms. The desire to get rid of it adds to the list of problems that now need to be addressed somehow.

And it happens that you simply do not know what to do with yourself, or you don’t want to do anything, and therefore eat. Watching a movie or sitting at the computer can no longer be imagined without popcorn, sandwiches or sweets at hand.

Or so. Whether you're working hard or running around on business - you didn't have time to dine. It seems, well and good, eat less. But no! Lunch is eaten during dinner, in fact, together with the dinner itself. And then something else sweet, but more. Because you deserve it: you worked so hard, redid so many things that even, poor girl, she didn't find time for lunch. And it turns out that she ate no less in a day, but overeat so that it is difficult to walk and not even button up my pants. Excesses were deposited with extra centimeters on the sides and not only, from this the mood falls even more. Now you focus on how to get rid of them, and you realize that food has become an addiction.

You have to pay for everything in this world. And soon after such "endorphin" or "anti-stress" or "incentive" dinners, standing on the scales, you realize that you didn't even notice how much you gained weight. And here the fun begins.

Lose weight

You start thinking about how to get rid of those extra pounds. All kinds of diets are used, the most modern or proven old-fashioned methods, a gym membership is bought. You keep a diet and exhaust yourself with loads, which is completely unusual and even hostile for your body and psyche.

All this on a subconscious level is seen as ruthless restrictions and torture. It is impossible to last for a long time, and after two weeks (and especially stubborn ones manage to hold out for a whole month), you break down and the four kilograms dropped will return, taking with you a couple more as a gift.

But you are not going to give up! Until you intend to … You are determined to win the unequal battle against food addiction. And the circle repeats itself: diet - discharge - breakdown - recruitment. And so not once or twice. You continue to go through diets, count calories, write down in grams what you ate during the day. Someone follows the path of least resistance, indulging their laziness and resorting to diet pills and other emissions from the fitness and beauty industry, which are far from the concept of health and adequate human existence.

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But all this does not bring the desired result and more and more gets you into the web of manic thoughts about food. Previously, you just ate without thinking what exactly you were absorbing, but now you supposedly "eat right", but in fact it turns out that you eat, maybe even more than before. After all, what happens if you overeat fat-free cottage cheese or chicken breast? “Of course, nothing,” you think, and then, standing on the scales, you are surprised to see that not only didn’t throw off anything, limiting yourself in sweet and fat, but even gained a little.

And somehow it becomes sad. You tried so hard, kept on a diet, tortured yourself - and there was zero sense. And I want to seize this terrible injustice. And you eat. Naturally, not cucumbers and lettuce, but a cake and sweets, hoping for a salutary reassurance of the soul suffering from unbearable limitations.

How to get out of this vicious gastronomic circle? How to eat in order to live, and not live for the sake of food, for the momentary pleasure that it gives? The training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan can help to sort out these questions.

Best wives, moms and mistresses

Still, not all people try to compensate for their lack and stress with food. Someone, on the contrary, cannot swallow a piece during stress, someone takes drugs, alcohol, and someone strikes a religion.

Food as a consolation or comfort or a kind of "reward for work" is used by people with a special mentality. They are the ones who most often suffer from food addiction and are looking for ways to get rid of it. According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, people with an anal vector can be subject to this.

A vector is a set of properties and desires of a person, which is laid down in it by nature. It forms the foundations of human behavior, his thinking, determines the system of life values, intelligence, human character and even physical characteristics.

As far as external features are concerned, people with an anal vector are, as a rule, short, sedate, people inclined to be overweight. They have a naturally slow metabolism. It is difficult for them to limit themselves in food - this is not their way.

If we turn to the distant past, to the primitive flock, everyone there had their own duty, the so-called “species role”. The man with the anal vector acted as the keeper of the cave, the hearth, while the rest of the men were on the hunt. The main values ​​in life for such a person are: home, family, children, loyalty, devotion. Until now, they show themselves as couch potatoes and good hosts.

If we talk about the beautiful half of humanity with an anal vector, then now they are the best wives, mothers and mistresses. Everywhere they have order, impeccable cleanliness, everything is in its place, the children are dressed and fed.

Such women see the meaning of life, their realization in the family, in the creation and preservation of a home. And naturally, when they are deprived of such an opportunity for various reasons, it causes them tension.

Where does stress come from?

It can be difficult for them to adapt to the rhythm of the modern world, especially in big cities, where everything happens on the run, at lightning speed. When such people are rushed, for example forced to do work quickly, in a short time, it causes them tremendous stress. Because by nature they are unhurried, they do everything conscientiously, ideally. This can affect the speed of work execution. And if done in a hurry, they will not have a sense of satisfaction from the work done.

So the lack of realization of innate properties is growing, as a result of which stress appears in the anal vector. A person does not always understand the true causes of his states: what exactly is he so worried about. Doesn't know how to fix this problem.

Therefore, all kinds of "plugs" of spiritual voids are used. And seizing problems is far from last on the list of "solutions." Food becomes a life-saving shelter from stress and problems, a way to make up for the shortages arising in the vector. Addiction arises. And food, instead of solving a problem, creates a new one, from which you also need to get rid of.

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This is due to the fact that a person is not aware of his desires, does not understand what he really wants from life and what he lacks right now.

How to stop seizing stress and start living?

Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology training gives a complete picture of what is necessary and important to each individual person, what fills and helps him to be realized in life. When you realize your essence, your destiny, understand your desires and comprehend what can bring pleasure to you, you no longer look for fulfillment with the help of such a not always useful tool like food.

Here are just some of the results of our listeners on the topic:

“I woke up and fell asleep thinking about chocolate - the day began with a large slab - now I remember it less and less often and I only regale myself sometimes - the martyrdom, a needle-seated desire and sick addiction to sweets are gone … The weight slowly but surely leaves … sometimes a little -Slightly returns … but the overall result is minus 5 kg! This is when doing nothing …"

Irina P., administrator of the drama theater Read the full text of the result

"I lost 18 kg, almost returned to my natural weight."

Eva Bolbachan, linguist Read the full text of the result

“How I lost 32 kilograms in 9 months… Before the training, there was a terrible lack of pleasure from life, deep depression and lack of any desires. The main way to get at least some pleasure was the obsessive desire to eat. There is immensely. And I could not do anything with this desire. After training in systemic vector psychology, I came to life, moved, desires appeared, and the opportunity to satisfy these desires appeared. As a result, the obsessive hunger disappeared, began to eat less, move more, things in life increased, somehow everything started spinning. And the weight started to go away …"

Vladimir P., computer economist Read the full text of the result

Food is needed only in order to live and enjoy the realization of one's innate properties, which is the source of the greatest pleasure in life, relieves of constant thoughts about food and fanaticism, sometimes reaching admiration for food.

You can learn more about the anal vector, its features and how to cope with food addiction at free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register by the link:

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