How To Get Rid Of Gambling Addiction In Slot Machines? How To Get Rid Of Gambling, Gambling Addiction? How To Get Rid Of Addiction To Slot Machines?

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How To Get Rid Of Gambling Addiction In Slot Machines? How To Get Rid Of Gambling, Gambling Addiction? How To Get Rid Of Addiction To Slot Machines?
How To Get Rid Of Gambling Addiction In Slot Machines? How To Get Rid Of Gambling, Gambling Addiction? How To Get Rid Of Addiction To Slot Machines?
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How to get rid of gambling addiction? When gambling is more valuable than money

Why is it that some people are not even drawn to try to play something like that for money, while for others such an opportunity excites an excitement incomparable in the strength of emotions? …

His second life

Often, changes creep into our lives gradually. We begin to notice that our son / husband / father has changed a little. But to the questions: “What's going on? Something happened?" - we hear the usual answer: “Everything is fine. Everything is fine". On this we calm down. But only for a while. Sooner or later, a moment of insight comes: a loved one has a gambling addiction …

Suddenly it turns out that a loved one has long been living a double life, secretly indulging in gambling from everyone. And he does not devote anyone to his secret because in the depths of his soul he understands what he has got himself into, that nothing good awaits him or his family in this situation.

It also happens: under the influence of the strongest and irresistible attraction to the game, a person becomes sophisticatedly cunning. But you can still see how he began to save money, hide his income and expenses, come up with different versions of the loss of money and things, borrow money from friends and acquaintances under various pretexts. All this he has to do in order to get money for the next game. Dodgy and deception allow you to keep secret your addiction sometimes for quite a long time.

Unfortunately, we often find out about everything under tragic circumstances. It may be a call from the bank with a message about the loan debt (and not the only one!). Or belligerent collectors knock on our door, demanding that we pay off a relative's debts.

To say that we are in shock is to say nothing. Habitual life begins to burst at the seams. And it is completely unclear what to do. Where to run? Who should you contact for help?

When an innocent game becomes an addiction

The first thing we try to do is talk to a relative who is in trouble. But we come across an insurmountable wall of misunderstanding. Obvious things to the average person for the player have a completely different assessment. We consider gambling to be a pernicious passion - a dangerous one that can keep you in the grip of a harsh addiction for many years. Or, in the shortest possible time, capable of destroying a whole life. Forever and ever.

The player himself perceives the situation differently. Most often, he is not aware of his addiction. He considers gambling to be an innocent entertainment, an attempt to escape for a while from everyday life. But if it happens regularly - once a week, once a month, it doesn't matter - then this is a real addiction.

In addition, the player himself can reason like this: the main thing is to win back, to get back what is his. And it will be possible to distribute debts. And even better - to finally get rich! And then you can quit. Will it come out?

Unfortunately, gambling addiction is more insidious than it might seem. Often experts put gambling addiction on a par with alcoholism and drug addiction: the addict oversteps all the unthinkable boundaries of acceptable behavior, loses his human appearance, and most importantly, he cannot help himself to say “stop” to himself. What to do? How to return a loved one to a normal state and start trusting him again?

How to get rid of gambling and gambling addiction?

Why is it that some people are not even attracted to try to play something like that for money, while for others this opportunity excites an excitement incomparable in the strength of emotions? To understand such a different attitude of people to gambling, let's look into the secrets of the psyche. And then we will dive even deeper - into the secrets of the unconscious.

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And the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan will help us in this, clearly describing eight sets of given mental properties of people (vectors). A vector is a set of properties and desires that determine a person's behavior, thinking, and values. There are 8 vectors in total, each of them has unique features.

Sometimes different people can gamble. For example, the owner of the urethral vector, which is characterized by irrational actions, may suddenly put everything on good luck: pan or disappear! And the owner of the sound vector plays not so much for the sake of winning as wanting to penetrate the secret of the card, to calculate the options for the development of the game. But when it comes to avid gamblers, they are, as a rule, people with a skin vector.

24% of people have a skin vector, they differ from the rest of the properties of the psyche. What kind of people are they? In ancient times, a person with a skin vector was a hunter, a breadwinner. And today, a person who owns a skin vector is characterized by a desire for property and social superiority. He wants to be the first always and in everything. Money can often be a measure of skin achievement in the modern world: he wants a lot of money and fast. And the less effort is spent, the better.

This desire is not always fully realized and can be perceived as passion, courage. However, no one has canceled the economic laws of society, and it will not work to earn money without investing in society. When, after one or two attempts, you do not succeed in getting rich, suffering arises. Emptiness inside. And an irresistible desire to fill this void. In any way. And gambling for money can become this way.

From thimbles to casinos: the story of a scam

The history of gambling in Russia is very old. However, we will not look into the distant past. Let's take as a starting point the times that many of us have witnessed.

Living in the Soviet Union under the full protection of the state, we didn't even know what the gaming business was. It is the bourgeoisie who go to casinos, while Soviet people do not do that. However, the gambling business was planted on our native soil just before the collapse of the Soviet Union: on August 23, 1989, a casino was opened in the Savoy Hotel in Moscow.

At the same time, across the vast country, thimblers were placed on folding tables on folding tables, and slot machines appeared everywhere. Bright lights and cunning barkers beckoned with a quick, easy win. How can you resist the temptation?

It was surprisingly easy for fraudsters to work in the post-Soviet space: "unafraid" Soviet people, completely unprepared for such a deception, easily fell for the bait and lost money. But if for one participation in a scam became a lesson and he was never again tempted by a dubious enticement, then the other had an irresistible desire to recoup …

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How to get rid of gambling addiction in slot machines and what does the Russian mentality have to do with it?

After the collapse of the USSR, all the former republics were in dire straits. New casinos and other gambling establishments were opening throughout the post-Soviet space, slot machines flashed with tempting lights right on the streets. And without proper control from the state, the gambling business impudently ruled over the entire territory of a once united huge country.

But finally, in 2006, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin proposed a radical solution to the problem: concentration of the gambling business in four special gambling zones. That is, away from cities and out of sight, so as not to seduce and irritate respectable citizens. From now on, you will have to go to distant lands to spread the cards or put a few chips on the roulette wheel.

How effective is this protection of the state? Unfortunately, despite the ban, the gambling business continues its work very close, disguising itself as Internet cafes, lottery and night clubs …

The media constantly report on the closure of underground casinos by the police. Even the law signed in 2014 to tighten the responsibility for organizing the gambling business does not fundamentally change the state of affairs. And representatives of the gambling business are trying to lobby their interests at the state level, offering to place lottery terminals around the country - the same slot machines, but under a different name.

This is understandable: law and order, as Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology says, are not the values ​​of our urethral-muscular Russian mentality. And this is natural, because mercy and justice that are close to our hearts in the value hierarchy are above any laws. In a urethral way, our impulses of the soul do not obey the limitations and rational pragmatism.

In the formation of the Soviet state, all the properties of our mentality manifested themselves organically. Indeed, in those conditions, for the overwhelming majority of citizens of our country, the common good was perceived as a priority over private interests. Therefore, in a natural way, people's actions were aimed at creation, as a rule, without conflicting with the highest human values, without harming either the state or individuals.

After the collapse of the USSR, we lost a formation that was organic to our mentality. Imposing on us the skin values ​​of the consumption era, which are contradictory to our understanding of the world, led to the erosion of the established way of life. Our worldview came into conflict with the need to observe "soulless" and alien to us skin laws. As a result, we unwittingly harm ourselves. Let's see how this happens.

How to get rid of gambling addiction and gambling if you are "helped"?

As you can see, catching players with the bait of luck does not stop for a minute. After all, they are becoming the main source of huge income from the gambling business. Only a few manage to win, while most of the players suffer severe losses, and not only financial ones.

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Attracting more and more seekers of easy enrichment and retaining experienced players from the gambling business tycoons is also possible because they themselves are also the owners of the skin vector. And the similarity of mental properties makes it possible to clearly understand which levers of human desires must be pressed in order to achieve their goal and make a person want to gamble.

There is a constant search for more and more new ways to involve people in the game. But even if it is not possible to re-fill the streets of our cities with slot machines, the development of technology will provide new opportunities in this not at all noble cause.

Today, most of the life of a modern person is spent on the Internet. Now online casinos are hospitably opening their virtual doors for those wishing to try their luck. In attracting customers, all means of Internet marketing and even illegal techniques are used: if you catch a computer virus, and every time you go online, you will find yourself on the site of the virtual casino "Volcano of Fortune".

In addition, an attempt to hit a big jackpot full of excitement can be made not only in the casino, but also on the stock exchange. Luring to try their luck on the Forex exchange, the “lucky ones” are even offered a small start-up capital for the first bets in currency trading. The same scheme takes place here: those who buy and sell currency or securities on the exchange are called “players”.

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan makes it possible to understand that it is the cherished "skin" dream of getting rich quickly that feeds numerous success trainers, "air sellers" from information business, as well as the notorious financial pyramids. Even the toy machines that we often see in stores have the same goal - to make money out of someone's gambling desire to win. Do the owners of vending machines think that their clients are just children who have not yet learned to control their desires?

"By the pike's command" - the commandment of the Russian soul

Such a wave of temptation rolls over the owner of the skin vector. The urethral mentality of Russia also contributes to all this, as mentioned above. The famous expression "Walk like that!" oh, how close to the Russian heart. And the cherished desire to get everything - at once and without difficulty - is fully reflected in Russian folk tales.

Nevertheless, wise folk proverbs warn us against the path leading to nowhere: "You can't catch a fish from a pond without difficulty!" Sometimes we do not fully realize, but in our hearts we unmistakably feel that the gambling business is evil. After all, the desire to get funds for the game at any cost can lead to a crime. A pernicious passion can very quickly deprive a person of his family, savings, and his own dignity.

Gambling is not good for humanity. On the contrary, they corrupt and take away forces and resources that could be successfully directed to constructive development and useful activity. It would seem that any sane person understands that one should stay away from gambling. It was not so - the irrational component of our mentality breaks through the limitations! There are always those who want to play at random. Is always! System-vector psychology allows us to understand exactly how the desire to hit the jackpot turns into addiction.

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Gambling addiction: how to become endorphin addicts

At first, a person wins a little and experiences unprecedented pleasure: finally, a way has been found where he gets what he wants, without effort. Then I won even more - even more joy. The mind of a skin man is feverishly calculating: nothing can be more profitable!

With each win, endorphins (“endogenous morphines” - pleasure hormones) are released into the bloodstream. The player gets hooked on them and quickly turns into an endorphin addict. This is the reason for the addiction, which turns out to be stronger than the logic and reasonable pragmatism inherent in people with a skin vector. An illusion arises that the specific role is being fulfilled: he managed, he got it - quickly and a lot!

But there comes a moment when a person starts to lose - this is loss, ruin. Stress. He cannot accept this and wants to "get his own back". It seems to him that his win is by right - the money should go to him and no one else. He sincerely considers losing a temporary mistake - next time he will be lucky! Then he borrows money or chips to win back. And again he loses …

Attempts by all means to achieve the desired result further inflame the excitement: the skin person, carried away by the game due to the lack of constructive realization of his abilities, does not know how to lose. He has the false impression that the money he lost is his property, when it is just the result of an accidental fall of a ball on the roulette wheel.

The presence of an anal vector in addition to the skin vector can add complexity. In this case, the natural need to complete what has been started to the end creates a trap: the player cannot end the relationship with the casino, since the game seems to be unfinished, because its results are unfair. In addition, getting stuck on the analysis of a lost game, over and over again experiencing failure, a person reproaches himself for the mistake and promises himself that he will not make it next time.

How to get rid of gambling addiction in slots and other games?

How do you find a way out, stop gambling and return to normal life? Explaining the deep, unconscious mechanism of the emergence of gambling addiction, System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan gives an answer to this question.

In each vector, opposite states are possible, depending on the development and realization of the given mental properties. In the skin vector, this range extends from a thief and a player in an undeveloped or unrealized state to a lawmaker and an engineer, if the given properties are developed and implemented. Moreover, the higher the level of implementation, the more efforts need to be made to achieve the goal, but at the same time, in the end, a person gets more pleasure from the result.

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The same specific role of the hunter and the hunter can be embodied in the conditions of modern society in different ways. But in any case, you will have to fulfill this role, because our psyche unconsciously controls us and requires filling. It is in the unconscious that desires specific for a given vector are formed (for a dermal person, this is the desire to achieve success and wealth, to be a leader), as well as all the necessary properties for their implementation (flexible thinking, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, quickly make decisions, and many others).

Therefore, the very first step towards getting rid of gambling addiction is realizing the hidden unconscious nature of your passion for gambling. A person himself must want to understand the secret of his desires, no one can do it for him: neither loved ones, people who love and want to help him, nor psychotherapists and psychiatrists, nor, moreover, magicians and shamans. Even the President and the state are only trying to help by laws and prohibitions: after all, whoever wants, he will always find his own roulette or his own slot machine.

Without realizing the reasons for any addiction, it is almost impossible to cope with it, because you cannot fight your natural desires, trying to suppress them. On the contrary, it is the passion and desire for success that can change the situation if you direct your desires in the right direction. The training in System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan helps to deeply work out your unconscious desires. It is psychoanalytic work through the spoken word that gives the most stable and meaningful results. Results can be obtained from the first free online lectures. You can find feedback from listeners who got rid of dependencies here.

Life to its fullest is real

And the next step in getting rid of gambling addiction is to figure out exactly how to use your talents, realizing yourself according to your destiny. To apply ingenuity, a unique engineering mind, not to achieve rare winnings, find easy money and invent a new story, for which you need the next borrowed money, but to achieve creative goals.

In the modern consumer society, there is every opportunity for the realization of skin desires. Of course, this path takes effort. But the goal we are moving towards is worth this journey. And it will not be ruin, disappointment and loneliness, but a fulfilled and happy life according to your desires and properties. Life is not on the turn of the roulette, but to the fullest! The features of the skin vector are studied in more detail at the free lectures of the online training on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here:

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