I'm Married But Still Waiting For A Prince

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I'm Married But Still Waiting For A Prince
I'm Married But Still Waiting For A Prince

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I'm married but still waiting for a prince

The invented hero - that prince on a white iron horse, whom you have been waiting for for so long - prevents you from building relationships in reality. You expect your man to match this image, expect some steps from him, but are you doing something yourself to bring closer together? You expect love, but do you love yourself?

I have a husband, but sometimes I want to forget about it. This is not at all the relationship I wanted. They lack flight, romance, eye-to-eye contact. You know, that feeling that flares up suddenly, and it seems that the person is all yours through and through, so dear, so beloved and desired. With whom it will be like in a fairy tale! And you know, I'm still waiting for it.

Do I love my husband? I don’t know, I can’t say for sure. Sometimes it seems to me that I also love when a sudden surge of tenderness comes over me. But more often he just annoys me. Because he does everything wrong, and I'm tired of fighting this! I get bored with him. And we don't talk very much, more on everyday matters. Well, you know … whose turn to go to the store.

And you want something unearthly, something that is born like a melody in the middle of the night, thin, trembling, iridescent. Which you listen with bated breath, and are afraid to inhale too loudly - what if it dissipates? No, I want to listen to and keep such a melody - to protect it as the most precious treasure, to protect it from gusts of the icy wind and to do everything so that it grows, gains strength and unfolds in full force.

Where to find such love? How much longer do I have to wait for the meeting? And how do I create my dream relationship?

System-vector psychology answers these questions, looking into the hidden corners of the human soul and taking out into the light the true treasures that each person carries.

Invented hero

It seems to me that there is someone third between us, and this third is your imagination.

People with a visual vector often dream of sublime love. They are the subtle, vulnerable, impressionable natures for whom their emotions are of great importance. They are the ones who are able to experience a huge range of emotional states, ranging from painful fear and mortal melancholy and ending with that very sublime love that cannot be described in words.

I'm married but still waiting for a prince
I'm married but still waiting for a prince

It is for such people that love is the highest value in this world, the most desirable feeling, having experienced it, and dying is not scary. It is they who are able to experience all shades of love, feel the subtlest semitones of feelings and experience all the nuances of human relations.

The visual vector endows a person with the ability for subtle perception. Such a person has a figurative intellect, a vivid, unbridled imagination. He can be very talented in creativity, because his imagination creates vivid, bright, juicy images that can captivate everyone.

Sometimes a person becomes a hostage of his imagination: instead of translating his creative ideas into reality or realizing all those interesting ideas that come to his head, he idly spends the best that nature has given him, indulging himself with illusions that someday in his life everything will happen as in his dreams. And all this will surely fall from the sky, without any effort on his part.

And although his personal experience shows that only precipitation falls from the sky, such a person does not stop dreaming. After all, he cannot stop his imaginative intelligence: this is the same as stopping breathing. His mind must be constantly occupied. And if a person does not find sufficient application for him in work or creativity, then his thoughts are occupied by fantasies, most often about love, because it is love that is the highest experience that every person with a visual vector strives for.

However, any, even the sweetest, fantasy cannot be compared with what emotions and experiences a person will receive when he realizes it! We are so arranged: we get pleasure from the realization of our desires and we suffer if we cannot realize them.

So what happens? A woman experiences moments of sweet fantasy and at the same time worries that in a relationship with a man everything is not the way she wants. Is there a way out of this impasse?

In fact, a woman runs away from the relationship into her fantasies, but sooner or later she has to return to a reality that is disappointing. And no matter how much she ran, the situation does not change. So maybe it's time to stop running and face situations?

In fact, the invented hero - that prince on a white iron horse, whom you have been waiting for for so long - prevents you from building relationships in reality. You expect your man to match this image, expect some steps from him, but are you doing something yourself to bring closer together? You expect love, but do you love yourself?

Love for a fictional hero
Love for a fictional hero

The problem is that as long as the focus of our attention remains on ourselves, on our ideas of how it should be, until we notice the emotional impulses of those who are nearby, it is almost impossible to find that very cherished love.

In fact, it is the woman who begins to build an emotional connection with the man - the foundation that makes the relationship trusting, open and sincere. This woman, sharing intimate, revealing to a man her rich sensual world, evokes a response in him, and he gives her in return his frankness and warmth. It's never too late to build an emotional connection, even if you've lived together for many years. And this connection is expressed by specific actions in relation to the partner. As you become interested in his life and his experiences, you will discover a depth of your relationship that you have not seen before.

Belief in a fairy tale can beautify our life; it should not bring disappointment. Don Quixote saw the beautiful Dulcinea in the shepherdess - and this image, created by Cervantes, helps us to guess the incredible beauty behind the outward simplicity of life, to experience the fullness of noble feelings. Instead of looking for the Prince, you just need to see him in a specific person, and then your relationship will be miraculously transformed. System-vector psychology helps to look into the soul of another person and find there such riches that you could not even guess about!

When we not only dream, but in fact give our emotions and best feelings to a loved one, we get much more.

Unconventional love

Love is not something that we invent and fantasize about, and it is not something that can fall from heaven to us without any effort. These dreams may be sweet, but we have to live in reality. So, we need to make efforts to create in reality the relationship that we want. And fantasy will help a lot in this.

Do you want to spend a romantic evening? Create the appropriate surroundings, prepare some special dish and be sure to decorate the table beautifully. Don't expect your partner to take care of this, do it yourself! And seeing your enthusiasm, he will not remain indifferent! Who knows what kind of surprise he will prepare for you in return?

Love is not only what we feel and experience inside ourselves, but to a greater extent what we do for a loved one is a real concern for him and his well-being. By showing this concern, expressing our feelings directly, we become happy in the relationship.

Falling in love with a real person with all his versatility is much more difficult than an invented image. This is a huge work of the soul. But the relationships that await you as a result of such work will exceed all your expectations!

You can learn, understand, consider in a loved one something that will cause sincere admiration at the online training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, this knowledge will help you find Love, achieve the closeness and understanding that you dreamed of.

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