The Child Is Behind The Fence. Generation Of Not Our Children

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The Child Is Behind The Fence. Generation Of Not Our Children
The Child Is Behind The Fence. Generation Of Not Our Children

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The child is behind the fence. Generation of not our children

Our children … Who are not ours? Neighborhood? Orphanages? From a juvenile colony? Or are they simply not ours - are they those who were not born in our families? Do they play any role in our life?

Own - stranger

Our children … Who are not ours? - Neighborhood? Orphanages? From a juvenile colony? Or are they simply not ours - are they those who were not born in our families?

Do they play any role in our life?

Yes, sorry for them, sad fate, but what exactly do they mean for us?

Is it important for us how the child of the parents fighting behind the wall will grow up?

Many beautiful words can be said about the desire to change the world for the better, about charitable foundations and volunteer actions, about state programs and social assistance, about municipal kindergartens and schools, but which of us is really, really concerned about the fate of someone else's child?

The one who sniffs the glue around the corner of our house?

We can throw a coin into a charity box in a supermarket or get our child to share candy with a stranger, but this rarely goes further. Not because we are so callous and indifferent, we just have someone to give our love to, and these children seem to live in a parallel world.

Each child has its own parents, there are social services at worst - and we … well, what can we do for them - sometimes we donate, as much as we get, we give away children's clothes, old toys.

You can't help everyone. You cannot embrace the immensity.

deti zzaborom 1
deti zzaborom 1

Orphanages - whose are they?

Children growing up in orphanages become adults early, learning to survive in the conditions of their collective, they are sometimes more adapted to their environment than their educators, they keenly feel and quickly absorb the values ​​of the real consumer era - the skin phase of human development.

The children's collective is a kind of primitive society, a flock, where all relationships are initially regulated by the earliest psychological programs that manifest the innate vectors of each child.

Childhood is the period when there is not only physical, but also intense psychological development and personality formation. The properties of each vector can be developed only until the end of puberty, that is, up to 12-15 years.

After that, there is only the process of realizing the given qualities at the level to which they were developed. This can be either a high level that meets the requirements and principles of personal interaction in modern society, and a low or primitive level, similar to the one at which social relations were carried out in the flock of our ancient ancestors.

For example, innate frugality and the desire for limitation in the skin vector can develop into rationalization and engineering abilities, or it can remain at the level of miserliness and total prohibitions.

The skin desire for property and social superiority can be developed and manifest itself as a desire for career growth, achieving new goals, improving the quality of one's life, while the same desire can remain at the elementary level of "getting" and be manifested by theft and fraud.

It is very difficult to implement an individual approach to raising each child in an orphanage. The skin baby needs control and reasonable restrictions, the anal baby needs approval and praise, the urethral baby needs no framework and responsibility for the team, the muscular baby needs training in physical labor, the visual baby needs emotional connection and training in compassion, sound - silence, solitude and food for thought, oral - the opportunity to speak out and be heard, olfactory - a systemically formed team.

deti zzaborom 2
deti zzaborom 2

Errors in upbringing lead to a halt in the development of the properties of any vector and subsequent attempts to implement them at the lowest (primitive) level, manifesting themselves as deception, theft, cruelty, anger, various phobias and depression.

They perceive the existing world at a primitive level - to get it at any cost, success is money, and go with it into the world, relying only on themselves.

And then we wonder why there are so many swindlers and scammers, why most of the initially positive and constructive Western ideas in our country turn into banal scams. Why do children start stealing? And most importantly: do they see their own way only from the orphanage to the prison ?!

Children from orphanages have very good chances for successful development, who:

firstly, they grow up in a fully formed children's team, one where the owners of all eight vectors are represented in the corresponding percentage ratios;

secondly, a developed skin-visual educator is engaged in their upbringing, who is able to feel their needs and instill cultural and moral values;

thirdly, the training is carried out by a teacher in love with his subject with a developed anal vector;

fourthly, knowledge and skills in a labor specialty in vocational schools are taught by a master who has a skin vector and is able to consolidate all the rules and restrictions that life imposes in a modern city.

deti zzaborom 3
deti zzaborom 3

Daughter, son …

Other people's children grow by themselves, like weeds, making their way to the sun, and for our children we create such hothouse conditions that there is no need to break through anywhere.

Every day we praise our children for their successes, we convince them that they are the best with us (smart, brave, well-mannered, etc.), and Vasya from the next yard is a rude and a hooligan, besides, a poor student, and all because dad he has a drunkard. Apparently, it is Vasya's fault that his dad is so …

Be friends with that, but don't be friends with this - we choose with whom our children communicate, evaluating the potential impact of such communication on our child. Will not everything put into this little head with such difficulty go to dust, will he leave his studies and will not end up in bad company? What if they offer him cigarettes, alcohol, drugs there ?!

No, no, after school - straight home! Into an atmosphere of love, where he will be protected from any influence and, in general, from any contact with a hostile external environment, in hothouse conditions, closer to me, a loving mother, so that nothing happens, God forbid.

Parental overprotection is no less harmful than a complete lack of upbringing. In the greenhouse conditions of the home environment, devoid of any pressure from the external landscape, the child also loses any factors that stimulate the development of innate properties.

Knowledge of system-vector psychology allows you to get to know your child again and learn to balance between the mother's desire to take care of and the child's needs in the development and acquisition of adaptation skills in society.

deti zzaborom 4
deti zzaborom 4

We are parents, we take upon ourselves the responsibility to become such, which means that we strive to raise our children, putting all the best in them. We can create an ideal environment for them, having systemic knowledge, we can even now educate them according to the nature of their innate vectors and develop the qualities inherent in them, forming the most developed personality.

We can give them the best education in the best universities in the country in accordance with their inclinations and preferences. We can love them all our lives with all our might, but we cannot of one thing - create for them an ideal world in which they could live happily and carefree.

Own, but outcast

They will still have to live among those whom today we call "other people's children."

Among those for whom we do not care, from whom we turn away and take our children away, fearing bad influence. Among those who, even if they are not a criminal or a bum, could not develop so magnificently as our pride and joy, but remained at that low level where they follow the path of the primitive program - in search of filling their shortages:

  • A hater of women offended by his mother with a reproach on his face, a cruel home tyrant.
  • A thieving, beaten in childhood would-be entrepreneur who cheats everyone in the market and deftly takes out wallets on the tram.

  • Hysterical narcissistic cat lady, making scandals for any reason and without him.
  • Crazy lunatic drug addict sitting in depression on the roof and striving to jump from there right in front of the whole yard.

And among them all, our smart girl is a successful lawyer in a sports car; respected professor, young scientist with his beloved wife and children; children's doctor, founder of a charitable foundation; genius physicist-programmer who writes programs for space shuttles.

deti zzaborom 5
deti zzaborom 5

… a healthy man among lepers …

White crow, upstart, smartass and crammer, the one who needs the most.

Envy, resentment, anger, hatred - among all this he will have to live. You can build a high fence and continue to build your happiness behind it. But the greatest pleasure and the greatest pain are brought to us … by people! You cannot leave life by creating your own individual paradise. You can never be happy alone.

The strongest hostility is felt precisely towards someone who has exactly the same vectors, but a higher development or a more complete possibility of realizing innate properties.

The same as me, only better / more successful / more respected / famous / happy

When a person realizes that he himself is exactly the same, that this is all that he has, he could have had it, that all this is his dream, but the growing shortages press and hurt even more. Dislike grows, acquiring its object, finding new forms of rationalization. "There would be a man, but, as they say, there is a case!"

He who is looking for a reason to harm, he will definitely find it, and if he does not find it, he will invent it himself. It is simply impossible to live nearby and see how your dream is being realized in front of your eyes, but by a different person.

Blue blood dissolved in cash flow

Their children, native blood, heirs are the concepts and values ​​of the outgoing anal phase of human development, where everything was divided into clean and dirty, and the attitude of the public towards anyone else fundamentally depended on this.

A child from a good family, a decent girl, a worthy son of her father are definitions that are gradually losing their relevance in the era of skin priorities, where the main indicator of a person's value is his personal success, his cost price and the ability to independently achieve his goals. The measure of success is the property and social status of an individual, and not his origin or belonging to a particular genus or surname.

The cutaneous phase of human development, of course, makes its own adjustments to social relations. More and more areas of our life are becoming clearly regulated by law, but it is difficult to prescribe every step of a person in a society where compliance with laws is in question.

deti zzaborom 6
deti zzaborom 6

Children of the leader

However, in our country the laws do not work. The point is in our Russian urethral-muscular mentality, where any restrictions are simply not taken seriously. Where people live more with emotional impulses than cold calculation.

It is here that the next, urethral phase of human development will take its beginning, it is for us that it is much easier to build the society of the future than for the inhabitants of the skin West, where everything is based on compulsion to observe the law. In Russia, the attitude towards children is possible at the level of the same emotional impulse, natural altruism, urethral generosity, where “All mine is yours!”, Where all the children are ours.

It is this attitude towards the younger generation that underlies a more developed and realized future of the whole society. This is how - "all my children" - the urethral leader sees the offspring of the entire flock, whose specific role is to advance the flock into the future. Healthy offspring is the key to a healthy future. This refers not only to physical health, but also to the level of development of innate vector properties and the ability to realize them in the conditions of modern society.

You can change the world only by starting with yourself! - This is true, but is it worth stopping there?

deti zzaborom 7
deti zzaborom 7

The gods don't burn the pots, do they?

What if you don't prohibit making friends with poor student Vasya, but offer to work out together?

What if not turning away from the hysterical Tanya, but giving her a flower or a toy?

What if not to laugh at the hermit Kolya, but to offer to play chess or look at the stars?

What if … imagine that there are no other people's children? Perhaps, in this case, the generation of our children will live among “their own”?

Is a person an enemy or a friend? Who we really are - parasitic elements of the human body that live one day, or healthy cells that contribute to the vital activity of the whole organism?

The future of mankind is precisely these "not our" children, the happiness and fulfillment of our children depends on their place in life.

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