Making A Gift Special: A New Approach To How To Make A Gift

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Making A Gift Special: A New Approach To How To Make A Gift
Making A Gift Special: A New Approach To How To Make A Gift
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How to make the best gift

How to make a birthday present taking into account the psychological characteristics of a person? How to create the most expressive and enjoyable greeting?

“We stopped climbing through the windows to our beloved women” … We forgot how to make gifts. More and more often we give and receive an envelope with money, but we are thinking less and less how to make a gift that will be truly personal and pleasant. Let's try to do this now, to understand how you can really please a dear person.

Indeed, among the carelessly outstretched envelopes, the feeling of a holiday and expectation of a miracle is lost, which hold the hearts of many who celebrate the holiday. When you open the door to a new guest, something inside shrinks for a brief moment in joyful anticipation.

Therefore, I have always adored giving gifts, because there is nothing more pleasant than the joyful smile of a dear person. For every birthday of numerous relatives and friends, I studied how to make a gift with my own hands, wrote touching wishes on a postcard and basked in the rays of praise and gratitude.

But one day, with a sigh, unwrapping my gift, my mother muttered something about the next trash. At first I was mortally offended, and then I thought. She didn’t like the gift, and, therefore, on the last birthday too, and maybe on the year before last. I saw myself, with my home-made figurines, not a ray of the sun, but a stupid fool who sniffs unnecessary things.

From that moment on, I began to analyze my presentations in order to understand what is desirable and bringing joy not only to the giver, but also to the gifted one.

Take off the mask of politeness and see the inner desires

This was not so easy to do. Everyone, accepting the gift, smiles and thanks in the same way, so it was simply unrealistic to find out exactly who liked what.

The System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan came to the rescue in this matter, because even such a trifle as the pleasure of receiving congratulations is determined by our innate properties.

Since we often look at other people through ourselves, imagining ourselves in the place of the birthday boy, we unconsciously choose a gift that we would like.

For example, for people with a visual vector, any holiday, unexpected birthday present, New Year is just a huge delight. Their eyes enjoy the abundance of bright colors and the general emotional, positively colored atmosphere of the holiday. These people are endowed with a craving for beauty from birth, and a beautifully designed gift, and even if it is a cute, albeit absolutely unnecessary trinket, causes great joy and good mood for the whole day.

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A completely different gift awaits a person with a skin vector for his birthday. Practical, rational, knowing the value of time, the leatherworker strives for laconism and "status". These little frills and bows only irritate him. For him, it is better not to spend money at all on celebrating the holiday than to receive an unnecessary gift, the birthday is then automatically unsuccessful. But you can find your own approach to such a pragmatist. Branded watches are a sign of status - their weakness. (And, by the way, an envelope with money is acceptable for them).

But for a person with an anal vector, a gift that you made yourself, for him personally, will be very valuable. Thus, you emphasize his authority for you, and if this gift is useful for his family or complements his home, then you will undoubtedly strengthen your friendship many times over. And if you want to completely melt his distrustful, resentful heart, then present home slippers as a gift. Warm, cozy, soft. After all, it is a symbol of home, tranquility and inner comfort for a person with an anal vector.

The distant icy gaze of a person with a sound vector will make you shiver and seriously think about the meaning of giving. What can you give to a person whose desires lie outside the material world? Only the stars, the Moon and the secrets of the Universe, because he will not notice the slippers, and will indifferently put aside the super-expensive watch. The sensual filling of the sound vector occurs with the help of classical music written by great sound specialists, so you can please him by giving a disc or something accompanying, for example, headphones. Various gadgets will also be a good present, because the Internet is the second reality of a sound engineer.

The book has always been and remains the best gift

But only for “reading” vectors - visual, anal and sound. Moreover, the subject matter of the books should be completely different.

How to make a birthday present for a spectator full of emotions and capable of a deep feeling of love and empathy? Such a person will like adventure novels with a dramatic plot or books about beautiful, romantic, fabulous love, or works of great classics that raise feelings to a new level. Having worried and cried over the fate of the heroes, taking full advantage of his rich imagination, the spectator will receive emotional content.

And a person with an anal vector, whose psyche is naturally directed to the past, will be more interested in historical stories and stories. With great pleasure he will read a thick historical work, with incomprehensible adverbs, written by a person of the same mental properties.

The biggest consumers and producers of science fiction are sound people. They themselves were born to carry the written word into the world. And the endless search for answers to questions about the meaning of life makes them poets and philosophers. And the volume of verses, incomprehensible to you in meaning, about emptiness, silence and eternity with infinity, will be received very favorably.

The great power of knowledge changes the world

With the help of Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, one can learn to understand the inner, hidden desires of each person. Unmistakably to determine preferences and inclinations, and it will be easier to choose exceptional, pleasant, unforgettable gifts.

This is the least that systems thinking can give. Recognizing others, at the same time there is an awareness of oneself, one's own, nature-assigned qualities. And knowing yourself, your way in this world and deeply understanding the people around you, you can become truly happy.

Eighteen thousand reviews from people who have completed the training seem like a fairy tale, but these are real results that can be viewed here.

P.S. I hold out to my mother a bundle, elegantly tied with a narrow ribbon. With her usual polite forced smile, she dismisses the bow. With a strange feeling, I understand her thoughts and empathize with her with all my heart.

- Again I brought a dust collector of some kind and what to do with it. What kind of unlucky daughter has grown up, wasting money on all sorts of nonsense. And why did I start this birthday again, it would be better if I bought that multifunctional mixer, which was at a super discount.

I had never seen such a face on her when, under a rustling, modest wrapper, a multifunctional mixer was discovered with the modest mark "sale" (a disgusting product of a dull gray color, which I would not even have looked at before). Mistrust, amazement and joy, pure and sincere, showered me with emerald spray.

- Daughter, at last you have grown up and made your mother happy. And she saved, and took the right thing.

This evening was special, my mother was radiant with happiness, and I basked in the rays of well-deserved praise. And our relationship moved on to a new stage, without offense, misunderstanding and irritation.

Everyone can learn the secrets of donation individually for each friend and relative. Learn how to make a gift special, and a holiday unforgettable and, most importantly, the peculiarities of the human psyche, already at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. To participate, register here.

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