Altered States Of Consciousness - Find Out The Truth Hidden In The Unconscious

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Altered States Of Consciousness - Find Out The Truth Hidden In The Unconscious
Altered States Of Consciousness - Find Out The Truth Hidden In The Unconscious
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Altered states of consciousness: the goal of the search in the ocean of the unconscious

Why are we looking for altered states of consciousness? Why don't we think "brightly"? Is a clear consciousness not enough to comprehend our deepest questions?

Our search lasts several millennia. From shamans with tambourines and ancient collectors of special mushrooms, we have come to hypnosis and meditation. And the demand for altered states of consciousness among humanity is only growing. What is the reason? What are these people really looking for, and why does not everyone have an aspiration to change their state of mind?

If, in your search for altered states of consciousness, you stumbled upon this article, then I bet that you have a number of more questions:

  • Where did we all come from and where are we going? What is the purpose of human existence?
  • What is my purpose in this world, and why am I not like everyone else? Why am I asking questions that are foreign to most people?
  • Why do the rest not care about the state of humanity? Why does their mind seem to be asleep, and they, like biorobots, are occupied only with consuming and reproducing themselves?

Welcome to our close circle of people "out of this world"! No, we are not clients of a psychiatric clinic. We're just people with a sound vector.

There are about 5% of people like us. And suspicions of our own sanity are not accidental for us. The natural fear of the owner of the sound vector is precisely the fear of going crazy. Our mind is the main instrument given to sound specialists by nature to understand the purpose of human existence. And the state of this instrument concerns us quite justifiably.

The sound engineer was assigned a powerful abstract intellect capable of generating brilliant ideas that propel humanity into the future with leaps and bounds. Such owners of the sound vector as Einstein or Poincaré changed our reality forever.

Why are we looking for altered states of consciousness? Why don't we think "brightly"? Is a clear consciousness not enough to comprehend our deepest questions?

Yes, not enough. We are being pushed forward by the rapidly growing desire of mankind to know ourselves (which is still often completely unconscious). The modern sound engineer is no longer able to fill this desire with the help of sublimates - literature, philosophy, religion, music or poetry, as it was before. Even science is exhausting its ability to fill this interest. We build colliders and send satellites to Mars, but "things are still there." The answer to the question, what is the plan of existence, is not found even in space.

In search of a change in consciousness, we strive beyond the edge of this world, into the unconscious. Our gut instinct unmistakably tells us that all the answers are there. We are looking for a change in the state of consciousness, resorting to available means - meditation, holotropic breathing and even drugs. An illusion is created that a different state of consciousness will allow you to get out of the captivity of your own head, your limited perception, to find a secret door to other worlds, to comprehend what is hidden beyond the bounds of the physical world in order to finally find what you want. Complete and limitless awareness.

Not knowing how to achieve this for sure, sometimes not even fully understanding what he is actually looking for, the sound engineer chooses the easiest way - he tries to bypass his consciousness. Turn it off. The hunger for comprehension pushes him into the very depths of himself, plunges him into chaos, consisting of images, sensations and scraps of thoughts that he is trying to put together.

I hope that a different state of consciousness will allow me, at last, to comprehend what is hidden from me. I hope that I will find a secret door to other worlds, go beyond reality and finally find what I desire. Full and limitless awareness.

And how are you doing? Is the meaning of life found?

If you have nothing to brag about, then, apparently, something is going wrong. Has the altered state of consciousness still not brought you the answer to the deepest innermost questions? Then let's figure it out:

Why don't these methods work?

To begin with, it is worth looking at what paths-paths our predecessors-sound specialists managed to trample on this thorny path in their attempts to achieve a special state, go beyond the limits of their mind, achieve an expanded consciousness.

altered states of consciousness
altered states of consciousness

Ways to achieve a special state can be roughly divided into 2 groups.

In the first case, hyperstimulation of our natural sensors (sense organs) is used.

That is, with the help of artificial influence (for example, on a particularly sensitive ear of a sound engineer - with the help of a shaman tambourine), a person enters a special state.

This also includes all kinds of ritual "dancing until you drop", chants, temperature effects, bloodletting and infliction of physical pain, methods of overcoming sleep (vigil), as well as sexual orgies. The use of various psychedelic substances that are contained in poisonous mushrooms or plants gives a special "zest" to the fun. With the help of all these means, a person tries to achieve a special state of consciousness.

In the second case, hyperstimulation of the sense organs is used.

In order to achieve a special state, a person in this case does not strengthen, but on the contrary, completely limits the impact on his own sensors. For example, he sits for days in a closed room in absolute darkness and silence. Or, at worst, focuses its attention on a single snag, flower, pebble.

As a result, he also experiences a special state of consciousness.

Modern methods offer a whole palette of methods of hypnosis and self-hypnosis, meditation. Do they bring a state of altered consciousness to the sound person? In a way, yes. Do they bring him happiness and meaning in life? Not.

And no wonder. After being in “blissful Nothing”, you have to return from this state back to the real world. And we are returning, alas, not at all enriched with any revelations.

Why? No matter how hard we make, no matter what methods we use, we will not be able to find answers to eternal questions within ourselves. It is impossible to comprehend the general, being closed in a particle.

It often seems that by changing your consciousness, you can go beyond your body, through yourself "penetrate" into this general and become aware of it. But this is the entrance to the unconscious through the back door. At best, it does not work, at worst, we get serious damage.

The desire to change consciousness in the sound vector is innate. But its incorrect implementation can cause severe suffering to the sound engineer. From this, the owners of this vector suffer from insomnia and headaches, are prone to depression and suicidal thoughts. And then the use of narcotic substances becomes a way of escape from reality and an opportunity for a while to dull the unbearable pain of the soul with the help of a different state of consciousness.

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan finds a way out of the sound impasse, for the first time accurately defining the role and purpose of a person with a sound vector:


Yes, yes, to realize it. The state of human consciousness must be absolutely adequate in order to analyze our unconscious, study it and then bring to the world an understanding of the life of the human species. How is this possible? Isn't the separateness of my consciousness a hindrance? How can I, while experiencing a state of separation, comprehend something immeasurably greater than myself?

This becomes possible through the study of the mathematically precise structure of our psyche, our collective unconscious, revealed in the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. This science describes the structure of the human psyche and the entire Universe through eight basic elements or eight vectors that make up a single unconscious of our species.

Does this bring some kind of change to my individual or our collective state of consciousness?

Yes. The concentration of sound specialists on the structure of the human psyche unites our individual islands of consciousness into a single collective consciousness. This change makes it possible to penetrate into the innermost depths of the concept of the existence of the human species. I am not able to do it alone. But the collective mind is capable of this.

We get the opportunity to do this while maintaining a healthy and sober state of consciousness, through the prism of a critical mind, using our brilliant abstract intellect.

This brings a state of joy, happiness and maximum pleasure to a person with a sound vector. Indeed, in this way he becomes able to fulfill the role assigned to him by nature itself. Realize the unconscious. Comprehend the purpose of the existence of the human species and their individual tasks in it. And make your positive contribution to changing the life scenario of humanity as a whole.

Do you want to find a state of new perception of reality without bullying your own body and get answers to the most intimate questions? This result has already become the property of thousands of sound engineers:

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