Some About Sex, Some About God - An Oral And A Sound Word

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Some About Sex, Some About God - An Oral And A Sound Word
Some About Sex, Some About God - An Oral And A Sound Word
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Some about sex, some about God - an oral and a sound word

Today, with the advent of the Internet, any boundaries have disappeared, and people have received freedom of speech, complete, absolute. We seem to understand the meaning of each separate word, but about each other we can be very wrong. This article is about His Majesty the Word.

Object of study

"Progress is coming by leaps and bounds"

Progress is going on - humanity has never known such a breakneck speed. It is incredibly difficult to keep abreast of all innovations, even within a single area. Every day engineers show the world some crazy in their complexity technologies … And of course, this entails an increase in the total volume of information to such a size that an individual person simply drowns in it.


With the advent of the Internet, any borders have disappeared, a single information space is available to the vast majority of people. The time of loners has sunk you know where, today development is possible only through cooperation, cooperation. All information in the world, all technologies, all human achievements over the past millennia are possible due to the fact that a person is a speaker. It is the word that enables people to interact with each other not only with the body, but also with the mind and heart. Our thoughts are made of words, without words there is no consciousness.

We speak, exchange words so familiar that even if the question “what is a word?” Comes to mind, it is only for a short period of time. And then we again merge into the seething stream of life and talk, talk, talk … What is a word, why is it so rushing from within us, to a greater or lesser extent? Why does it sometimes feel like the interlocutor has fallen from the moon, as if we speak different languages?

There are many questions. I must say right away that the word can be divided into two types - oral and sound. This article is about how these two kinds of words intertwine with each other in our lives and the difference between them. This article is about His Majesty the Word.

Your ears in my mouth

Just look at this oral guy - joking all the time! Well, funny! Giggles!

No, not funny. An even inner state, no mood swings. There is no mood itself, it only seems from the outside that this person is always having fun. He speaks all the time, his mouth does not close. And his articulation is very pronounced, and giggles.

People, especially simple ones, those without upper vectors, us oralists, simply adore! We are the only ones who enter the personal space of any person. We are absolute extroverts! All the time where people are! We are bringing a holiday! And we know how to give you what you really want: free the beast, remove all cultural restrictions from yourself - laugh. How do you feel when you laugh? Relief. It is difficult to limit yourself, to keep yourself in constant tension. And here it is!

Just look: the analnik is sitting, frowning, frowning - offended. Not given enough. Cheated. The oral jester came, said three words - the analnik had already forgotten all his grievances, he was laughing. Relieves stress, tension. Unleash the beast! They opened the cage, gave oxygen! Well this is real psychotherapy for the people! How can you not love such a wonderful person ?! Everyone loves us oral people, we bring you relief.

But not only relief. Who gives such nicknames that then you won't wash yourself off, you won't get out? Whose word hits right on target, in flaw? - We, too, oralists. And we ourselves are not laughing. We giggle, yes, but inside - a complete calm. We are always happy to chat with you. It doesn't matter what. We always have a few themes in stock that you like. We will also tell you a vulgar joke!

Illiterate people call us talkers. Speaking initiates our erogenous zone, but why? Why a chatterbox to society, a flock? The speaking of an oral person creates in the minds of people an exact understanding, an exact feeling of what is behind the sounds of speaking - we have inductive speech. We do not speak beautifully, correctly, we “speak the unconscious”, we speak out the general lack of bodily order. It's mostly sex.


The oral person speaks, and everyone repeats and understands what is behind each word. What did you think the word appeared?

Swearing and slander

The first words are about the animal. Mat. We, oralists, are the creators of the first words, we told you about your animal nature. Why is it not accepted in culture to use foul language? Culture is a secondary system of inhibitions created by the visual part of humanity. The visual vector is what limits the beast in a person, limits our mutual hostility.

So, the oralist does not swear, but speaks, and this is not a figure of speech, but a direct meaning. Moreover, in his speaking, the oralist is not limited either by culture or by anything, since by nature he speaks the truth about the unconscious. Pronouncing obscene (animal) words in kindergarten, an oral child produces a real natural sex education - children immediately understand what is behind each X, P and E. Each child in childhood will hear obscene words from an oralist at least once in childhood - and it's not scary. In humans, the "sexual instinct" is suppressed by layers of systems of prohibitions and restrictions, in everyone, except for the urethral leader. So, we, oralists, "reanimate" this instinct.

And these jokes? How do we know - that everyone will be funny? Sense of humor? And what is it? Where does it come from in us? Any desire of a person is equipped with a property for its realization. I want to speak and I can speak so that you all listen to me.

And in general, a developed and realized oral person is not a chatterbox. We know how to speak, we have a verbal mind, unique! We are speakers! And you talkers are fluttering, you don't know what you want. We teach you to know! Unlike everyone else, we are not talking about our shortcomings, but about yours. Our shortage is speaking itself, a process.


There is a skin-visual fool, underdeveloped, teasing men, a lovemaker. Distributes his pheromones left and right. What would you do without us oral jokes and accordionists? Who commits all slander and composes fables about the skin-visual "whore"? - We! The funny thing is that even when we stipulate, we speak the pure truth. Well, we can lie. Without batting an eye, out of the blue, just to initiate the erogenous zone for a longer time, to talk - when undeveloped.

But targeting disclaimer is another matter entirely. The "elder brother" is an oralist, an olfactory person, he senses who is superfluous in the pack, who is a threat to society. This tandem is unique, the king's advisor and his jester complement each other. So, when we make a reservation at the "order" of the olfactory person, we are not lying. The meaning of such a clause is simple - collectively survive at all costs.

We oral people do not say what you want to hear for a reason. Our word is unconscious, we speak the truth about the unconscious, which is why we are not limited in speaking. We do not lie, we generally do not internally share the truth and lies in the generally accepted understanding. And we don't need it, we don't have such a demand.

Why do they trust us? We know what to say to you so that you all listen. Well, people are willing to listen to a lot. Give someone tons of obscene anecdotes, someone gossip and rumors … We are ready to satisfy your demand, but still the most developed and realized oral does not deal with such nonsense. Compared to the satisfaction that the speaker gets from a good long-term monologue, gossip is just some crumbs, drops of pleasure, but a person always chooses more.

Of course, there is always a suitable job for a person with such abilities. By nature, we serve the authorities with our talent for speaking. And the “elder brother” - the olfactory person - “suits” us for service. To the service of the urethral king-father.

“In the name of the king! Pay tithing to everyone! Who will not pay tithing - we will hang on the nearest bitch!"

We, oralists, serve the authorities with our talent to speak inductively, so that everyone understands what needs to be done and what will happen if this is not done. We shake your hearts with our burning speeches, we consolidate you into a single organism. We convey ideas to the common people in simple words. We are working so that you can become one, with synchronized gait horrifying the enemy army when it comes time to die.

Eternal silence of the night. Scribbler

“Under the starry sky - the string is taut.

She is inside, inside me.

Stretched, thin, Ringing, It keeps me awake.

Today my little sister

On the stone, she drew a portrait of an eagle.

And black coal on the wall

I draw the line of the string.

And this is I"

- Katya, tell me, what do you think about Petya?

- Peter? What to think about him? Strange, a little withdrawn. Insensitive. No, I want my future husband to love me, and not like this … Petya.

You know, I'm a sound engineer. Even when with a girl in a cafe at the same table, it is difficult for me to squeeze the word out of myself. I don’t really like to talk, so to be silent for hours is please! And also my face is motionless, full of amimia. Look at one point. And outwardly I do not show any emotions at all.

And you know, the most important thing in a person is his inner world! In the same place! What storms overcome me when I listen to Beethoven! And Tchaikovsky! And Mozart! I like to put on a record - and so that it is barely audible, literally on the verge of audibility … Oh!


People are often more or less indifferent to me. What? I sit quietly, in mating games, I don't participate in all this running around. And I don't care about people myself. They only interfere. They are running around, making noise, laughing, shouting … Yes, it's easy to go crazy. And laughing is bad for me, laughter knocks off all my concentration.

I like to think about the eternal. Or with a good book … about space, about magical worlds … The farther from the gray reality - the better. I can also play computer games. And more than anything else, I love the silence and the starry sky. If only no one pulled, if only no one distracted me from my concentration!

Today I realize my genius in mathematics, engineering, physics, programming, sometimes in medicine. I am especially attracted to surgery and genetic engineering. Some reproach me for not being able to hammer a nail into the wall. Fools! I have a specific role - the night guard of the pack. I don't hammer in nails, it's so noisy! Joke. But still, I prefer to work with my mind rather than hammering in nails. I like science granite more than all those nails and hammers.

What? You say I'm absent-minded? "Scattered from Basseinaya Street"? Well, that's right, it is: I, a sound engineer, have no desires for material things, I enjoy differently. I am focused more than anyone else, only not outside, but inside myself.

And thousands of years ago I was the only one who does not sleep at night … Grace! Silence!

I listen to the silence to hear the slightest rustle, the slightest sign of danger. My psyche is so structured that I am focused on internal states, I am egocentric. When I am focused on the outside, the power of egocentrism focuses me along with this inside. And in this concentration I strive to understand my state, to realize it, to call it a word.

Sound word

What is a word? Designation of desires, lacks. Deficiencies of the animal nature are in the oral vector. And the sound word denotes states in the mental.

I, a sound engineer, have an abstract mind. With my word I denote states, those that I feel inside myself. I'm asexual. For all "normal" people, over the millennia, development has taken place in pursuit of orgasms. He brought a mammoth, fed a woman and a child, got an orgasm with a woman - the strongest pleasure that the body can only give.

And I, sonic, not with orgasm - with concentration. Concentrating on the silence of the night, listening to it, I developed a conscious thought, word, awareness. This is my orgasm, my lack of sound. I am asexual, and my word is asexual, it is not just “not animal”, it is opposite to “animal”, oral word. When I am well developed, it is painfully unpleasant for me to hear mate, it incredibly cuts my hearing.

When I penetrate into the unconscious, I receive a thought, a word, I carry it out for the flock. I compose the language everyone speaks, collecting the composition of words in sentences in order to express the idea more accurately, voluminously. That is, my sound word is the territory conquered from the unconscious. My word, my kingdom is consciousness.


My younger sister, a skin-visual girl, came up with a drawing. She draws what she sees: landscapes, portraits … I also took a writing coal in my hands and drew my thought. I came up with writing - I drew a word. Visual girls love me very much, they like it when I talk about eternity. I have no direct contact with the urethral leader, but that girl, the most beautiful, the most sensual - the skin-visual woman of the king - whispers my ideas in his ear.

The upper vectors work for unification: I first created, made up of separate words the language in which we all speak, and then the idea. The idea carries such a supervalue that in comparison with it, everything else (even one's own life) is a bargaining chip. And we are uniting, we are moving in this direction, the whole flock. To the future, a bright future.

But not every word I say is a storehouse of wisdom. I am also wrong. This happens when I lose to my egocentrism and completely withdraw into my empty self. Then the olfactory advisor of the leader makes me shut up until my ideas lead the whole flock to death. After all, I do not reckon with the material, for me the body is akin to a nightgown, I am ready to throw it off, give my life for my own great goal. I am ready to die myself, as well as to put any number of human lives in its path. For an idea!

"Love thy neighbour"

Oh! Night! Finally, all these dogs fell asleep, do not interfere with my concentration in silence.

The state of comfort for the sound engineer is silence, when nothing disturbs our erogenous hearing. And also the darkness, dim lighting, we even cover our eyes in moments of concentration. We don't need to see, we want to hear …

School, favorite school.

“Children are so good, they are like angels, not yet spoiled by the vulgarity of adults,” the visual teacher will tell you. We, spectators, even feel sorry for predators and villains. "Teddy Bear, look - how cute!" It doesn’t even occur to me that a real bear with fangs stinks and is not averse to trying human flesh.

School, favorite school.

Animal house. Little animals run, jump, run, yell, spit, fight, pull their pigtails, scratch and bite. Doubt? Ask a sound engineer.

Can you imagine how this din is hitting our ears? Disgusting! It's like hitting a leather man on the hands, and pulling an anal guy off the toilet ahead of time. Such stress for us! We, sound specialists, are in general night guards of the pack by nature, this is our specific role. Night is the time when we feel our best, when everyone is sleeping without hind legs, in silence.


7 o'clock in the morning, the alarm clock yells, the first lesson is the control. I haven't woken up yet! As soon as he entered the school, this freak, the oral favorite of the public, without conscience, without culture, flew up and - slapped his palms on the ears! And everyone laughs, they find it funny, do you understand, from the fact that "you guys saw how funny he jerked?" You can fool you!

School, favorite school!

I, an oral person, desperately need ears. I’m not a half-dumb sound engineer, I don’t talk to myself. My specific role has to do with creating shared thoughts among groups of people. This means that everyone should concentrate on my words! Everyone should listen to me, otherwise I cannot cope with my task and do not get my satisfaction from life.

I'm telling an anecdote here, an obscene one, the soundman passed by - he didn't even deign to look. Arrogant, thinks he is the smartest. And not only he thinks so, there the visual girl followed the sound engineer! She said that I was vulgar! Yes, he sets an example for everyone, so that they don't listen to me! Well, never mind, I’ll tell the girl, I’ll call her a whore, and I’ll shout to the soundman in the ear: "You moron!"

Our unconscious knows what to call it, so that it hurts! How would you make children, if we, oralists, with our obscene anecdotes did not awaken sexual shortages in you?

And this is not only the case at school.

The sound and oral vectors are very contradictory, opposite. Oral is a “fighter” of a sound specialist, a destroyer of asexual thought, a sound word. He just strives to pull the soundman out of his concentration, to where he is completely helpless. The word as awareness, the conscious word. And the unconscious, "animal" word. Sonic, an absolute introvert, immersed in himself - "I don't care about you, little animals!" … And the oral jester or orator is always where the ears are.

Two in one

Real opera singers such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Dmitry Hvorostovsky are oral sound specialists. For a sound person only, classical music can be a lifelong passion. When we are also with orality, we are able to sing in a way that no one else can. And yet the singer is far from the highest form of realization of orality, just like music for a sound engineer.

The mind in the oral vector is verbal. I, an oralist, learn to concentrate people on their words, to form thoughts and desires in your minds. I am the only one who speaks out your shortcomings, so that you know, so that you understand. I create thoughts in your heads, I create ready-made, precise formulations of your desires, in which you begin to be aware of it thanks to me.

Intelligence in sound is abstract. I, a sound engineer, gradually expand my consciousness, gaining thoughts, learning to master the word, always trying to unravel the structure of the universe, in search of questions that have no answer. I create a thought within myself.


Unity of opposites

Let's take a quick look at Mikhail Iosifovich Weller, an anal-cutaneous sound specialist with orality. He often speaks on radio and television, many people appreciate him for his straightforwardness of speeches, recently there have been many disputes and discussions with his participation about the political situation in Russia and the current elections.

Look at how he speaks. The sound engineer is the only one who differentiates his Self from the body. Here it is, the body, and here it is - I. Him, Mikhail Iosifovich, the consciousness is completely concentrated inside, the look, immersed in itself (sound). And a mouth that speaks as if separately, as if by itself, speaking the unconscious (orality).

Sometimes you can see how Mikhail Weller comes in to shut up an opponent who tried to express the opposite point of view - to the applause of the audience. This outcome is a foregone conclusion, the sound engineer has no chance in the verbal struggle against the oral. A sound specialist needs peace, concentration to form a thought and express it, while an oral person thinks by speaking, he does not need to think over speech, this is his uniqueness. Just look at these unfortunate sound people, just one word from oral Weller puts them in a pre-infarction state.

A writer is always an anal sound specialist. Mikhail Iosifovich has been writing for about thirty years. His stories are funny or serious, philosophical. There is no need to poison jokes and clown when there is a higher realization of the desire to speak.

Mikhail Iosifovich's oral speeches take on a completely new character - two types of words merge together, consciousness and the unconscious, oral, which you want to hear, and sound, which will make you think.

We also know examples of people whose talent for mastering words allowed them to control the minds of millions. Yesterday the country had Vysotsky, the incomparable Vysotsky. Everything was in his songs, everyone listened to his songs. Such insane power, enclosed in one mortal human body! Many images of his songs are printed in modern Russian, and it does not even occur to us that we sometimes speak in his words.

Hitler, for all his crimes, managed to create his own "idea" and unite under his flag all of Germany at that time. The villain? - Undoubtedly. All the more dangerous, given his extraordinary ability to speak.

Despite the fact that the oral and sound vectors are contradictory and the person in whom these two groups of desires are manifested alternately experiences very contradictory states, in the case of good development and implementation, he is quite adequate and is in demand by society.


When some part of the whole (sound, anal or any other - it doesn't matter) does not develop for some reason, then the whole whole loses, loses. There are no vectors that are "more important", just as there is no extra organ in the human body: one thing starts to hurt - the whole organism suffers.

And each mix is ​​unique in its own way. Each person has his own innate (vector-conditioned) tasks, which only he can cope with - and no one else in the whole world.


Generally speaking, a word is an expression of lacks, desires. Each vector has its own desires. Key words denoting strictly defined meanings and desires follow from them. And from here a mutual misunderstanding arises: a leather man cannot understand an anal person, and an anal person cannot understand a leather person, for the reason that they have different properties and desires. We seem to understand the meaning of each individual word, but about each other, oh, how can we be wrong. The anal person does not understand what the skin man means by the word "logic", the skin person does not understand what the anal person means by the word "friendship." And only an oral person, when developed, speaks out other people's shortcomings. Everyone understands - so it seems to us, and everyone, except for the sound engineer, is pleasant.

Today man has received freedom of speech, complete, absolute. We are witnessing a total devaluation of the word, verbal filth, especially on the territory of the Russian Internet, where a distinctive feature is the complete absence of restrictions. They all say, vying, in spite of … who is in what is much. This indicates collective suffering, lack, unfulfilled desires. And further, if you do not interfere in this process, it will only get worse - more dirt, more suffering, more mutual hostility.

There is such a trait in anal people - to believe what is written. And now one close-minded one writes nonsense: you don't need a lot of intelligence - he climbed into the Internet, wrote what he wanted. And the second one reads and, due to his credulity, especially in the written word, believes, at least partially.

Today our body, our animal nature, which oral people tell us about, goes ahead of the mind, consciousness. We play with food, obeying the urges of our own belly, we are obese, we consider ourselves a person, we demand that we be reckoned with, we express our dislike to the right and to the left, they say, all fools, and I am d'Artagnan … And meanwhile, only a relatively small the percentage of people is something of themselves, corresponds to the complexity of the modern world. All others follow their animal nature, to a greater or lesser extent.

And the sound part of humanity does not lag behind others in the measure of moronism, underdevelopment, on the contrary - ahead of the entire planet. We hide in dark quiet corners, on the Internet - all night long, for days in computer games, forgetting about sleep and food, we muffle ourselves with heavy music, drugs, jump through windows, hang ourselves. We die from overdoses, in the end.


And this is the information age? This is our finest hour! We must be the most satisfied, the most developed, the most realized! Of course, there is some part of the sound players developing properly. Information, new words and categories are today emerging from sound. Development takes place in the quartet of information, on the territory of the sound and visual parts. We, sound scientists, must learn to express in words our soul, our states, not yet explored by anyone, to become aware of ourselves, to receive thought.

The oralist speaks with animal lacks, speaks of the unconscious, the animal. The quartel of energy - orality and smell - they own the unconscious, they are where the sound is to come. But they have other tasks, they do not possess consciousness, in contrast to the sound engineer.

Therefore, it is the sound specialists who must realize their animal nature, because there is no one else. We must correct the imbalance between the animal and the human, become a HUMAN, and the rest will follow us. It is precisely the sound desire to understand oneself, it is the sound engineer who enjoys this process. We are expanding consciousness! We create a word within ourselves, feeling what it reveals to us!

To give awareness of the sound part of humanity is the triumphal procession of the sound word. A feast of mind and spirit! Victory over their animal nature, over mutual hatred, victory over oneself.

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