Imp In The Rib. Why Some Adult Men Cannot Avoid A Revolution In Their Personal Lives

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Imp In The Rib. Why Some Adult Men Cannot Avoid A Revolution In Their Personal Lives
Imp In The Rib. Why Some Adult Men Cannot Avoid A Revolution In Their Personal Lives

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Imp in the rib. Why some adult men cannot avoid a revolution in their personal lives

Traditionally, it is believed that the age of activation of "rib demons" is 45-50 years. They say that life is drawing to a close, they write off their retirement from big sex, a ceiling has been reached in their careers, impudent youth are breathing down their heads, etc. A man wants to prove that he is still "oh-ho-ho!", And the best way is to have an affair with a young …

"Break all compasses and go astray, But only to escape from everyday life" …

Brothers Meladze

More recently, the domestic media space in every way relished the changes in the personal lives of the Meladze brothers. One by one, they left their wives, with whom they lived for more than a dozen years, to the Viagra singers. Valery in the new union even had two children … What was that?

The new hit of the family tandem, in which the brothers sing: “For half my life I got used to it, but I just had to leave,” in social networks they have already dubbed the anthem to male menopause. They say that Valery swore an oath to his ex-wife that this song had nothing to do with her. Here are just too recognizable motive of this song, in essence, as old as the world. How many of them were there, left their families, lost their way and tore all the compasses? How many?..

These are not only the aforementioned Meladze brothers, this is also Dmitry Peskov, taken away by the beauty Navka from his wife and three children, this is the head of Yeralash, Boris Grachevsky, who threw himself into a pool of new love after 35 years of marriage, this is director Sergei Ginzburg, who left his wife Yana Poplavskaya - "Little Red Riding Hood" of all times and peoples - 25 years after the wedding. And also Renat Ibragimov, who twice abandoned "old" wives in favor of young ones, the first time at 40, the second at 60. And more, and more, and more …

As fish go to spawn, as birds fly south, so men who have reached a certain age suddenly begin to make sudden movements. They rush in all seriousness, leave the family, leave their aged wives, exchanging, as the satirist said, “one“over forty”for two for twenty” … In general, this is the case when non-systemic psychologists delicately replace the old proverb about gray hair in a beard with neutral midlife crisis.

Rib Imps Victims

“It's hard to argue with the logic of life, And what are you not talking about there, Before you marry a young woman, Open your passport and look.

You will understand everything, you will see everything there …"

Song from the film" Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville …"

Traditionally, it is believed that the age of activation of "rib demons" is 45-50 years. They say that life is drawing to a close, they are writing off retirement from big sex, a ceiling has been reached in their careers, impudent youth are breathing down their heads, etc. A man wants to prove that he is still "oh-ho-ho!", And the best way is to have an affair with a young woman. The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan shows that this is partly true, perhaps, in relation to men with a skin vector, who are initially tuned in to numerous victories, to search for new impressions (read, relationships), to frequently change partners and to assert themselves due to the number and the age of the lovers. Casanova and women's collectors are, first of all, leather workers. If a demon starts in such a rib, then he does not wait for gray hair - this is the first thing. And secondly,novels and romances of skin men of any age rarely go beyond the "innocent" adultery - the destruction of the family is not included in their plans, even if the young mistress is sweet, charming and damn good in bed.

Those who run the risk of "plunging" into late love in a serious way are anal-visual men. Yes, yes, they are: born family men, monogamous people, faithful husbands, exemplary fathers and loving grandfathers. How so? What kind of attack is this? Let's understand with the help of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

The father of my classmate Nina has always been for us the standard of an ideal husband and father. He worked in a factory large-circulation newspaper with a funny name "For Cast Iron", and twice a month, after work, led a circle of juniors at school. He was not a tough journalist, he just wrote notes very professionally based on materials provided by correspondents. As they would say now, he was an excellent copywriter and editor.

At that time there were no cell phones in the project either, but in the pioneer leader's room, where we studied, there was a landline telephone with a round dial for dialing numbers. Remember this one? Every time after taking a circle, the man twisted the dial of his phone and spoke into the receiver with tenderness in his voice: “Lilechka, I'm free, I'm going home. I'm racing! Anything to buy, honey? " We, still very snotty schoolchildren, deliberately lingered at the door of the office to listen to him talking to his wife. “Sweetheart, sweetheart, little fish, Lilechka, little gold, sweetheart” poured into the telephone receiver as in some movie about love. By that time, they had lived together for over fifteen years.

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We were "children of the working-class suburbs" and most of us parents were stingy with gentle words. For many, fathers "put them by the collar" and called their wives well, if by name, or even a simple Russian word "mother" - "Well, mother, what is there to eat today?"

In general, the editor of the newspaper Za Chugun was a teacher for us not only the basics of journalism …

A couple of years ago, accidentally bumping into Nina on the street, I asked how her father was doing. In response, Nina cried: "Dad died … So stupid, so ridiculous!" We went to a cafe to talk. It turned out that after the parents celebrated the silver wedding, Ninya's father suddenly announced that he was leaving the family. By that time, he was already working as an editor for the regional edition of the most popular weekly in the Russian Federation, received good money, and became a member of the city administration. It was there that he met some secretary, two times his age, with whom he had an affair for life and death. It is not known how she conquered him, but the man lost his head and for more than a year rushed between his family and his young mistress. Later he confessed to his daughter: "I was terribly afraid of upsetting Lilechka."

And after the anniversary I decided. As it turned out later, the young passion delivered an ultimatum. On his knees he asked his wife to forgive and let go, they say, he met the love of his life, he cannot live without her. Nina's mother turned to stone with grief and resentment, but did not scandal, let go. And he healed with his secretary in a rented nest, flying with love. Surely now he was already speaking to her into the phone “fish, gold, honey” … Only new happiness lasted only two years. He found his secretary with a young lover. And right from the corridor of their rented apartment, an ambulance took him to the hospital with a heart attack.

The young wife never visited. Aged, but forgiving the traitor, Lilechka went out and took her home. Only the person has died out, has lost interest in life. They say he was seen several times under the windows of the secretary. And six months later, there was a second heart attack, which put an end to both his late novel and in life.

Obviously, the main vector that is “guilty” of the destructive late love bursting into the life of a man “for …” is a visual vector that can be combined with almost any other vectors. But still, the main victims of the "demon in the ribs" are the anal-visual men. And twice.

The first time is when they are carried away by a new feeling, lose their heads from love and break long-term family ties, destroying what has been built over the years, breaking with the past, which is vitally important for them. But, as you know from the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, it is incredibly difficult for an analyst to decide on serious changes. New love inspires, gives a feeling of second youth, fills the visual vector, forcing them to soar over the sinful earth with a feeling of happiness. But the more euphoria from a new feeling, the more guilt torments his wife, who went with him through “fire and water”, through disorder, problems, trials. A man with an anal vector can rush between his wife and his mistress for years, exhausting himself and his women, wearing out his heart, which is far from young. Famous brotherswith the mention of which this article begins, they led a double life for several years, giving rise to rumors and gossip in the music scene and in the yellow press. And are they the only one?

The second blow of the "demon in the rib" overtakes the anal, when his new love cracks, sobering and showing what ruins the once established life has turned into. This is where the real torment begins. On the one hand, the anal resentment of an abandoned lover and an ongoing feeling of guilt towards the family. On the other hand, the pain of offended feelings, visual longing for love, which gave incredible happiness, the abyss of a sudden lack, the emptiness that remained where there was just an exchange of emotions and feelings. Resentment, pain, guilt, emptiness - it is incredibly difficult to survive when there is no reliable rear and emotional support behind.

Alas, young women rarely remain faithful to their older husbands. And there are many examples of this among public figures. Whether Barykin or Grachevsky. Even a young wife left the aging handsome Andrei Sokolov … Only Ivan Krasko can be called a happy, but rather a curious exception. When, after 10 years of marriage, his third wife, who is 47 years younger than the actor, left him, he, of course, felt a little sad. And then he took it, and married a girl who is 60 years younger than him! Well, what is not an example to follow for skin lovers? Just that the skinner is good, then the anal is dead.

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They say that frequent clients of any psychic charlatans are men with "gray hair in the beard" and their ex-wives. Including from very famous people. And if the latter ask to return the husband to the family, then the former come exclusively for the sake of young mistresses and wives! We are ready to pay any amount, just to prolong the love of the new darling at least a little.

However, while gray-haired lovers die of love (sometimes literally), their young halves experience completely different feelings. Mainly because if for a man over fifty a new love is the romance of his entire (remaining) life, then for a young participant in a relationship they are just an episode, a chapter with another love story, which may well be followed by a new one.

Why is that? Is it only youth that is to blame?

Beauties, clever girls, predators

"… And the dress crawls from the shoulders by itself, And a brand is burning on the shoulder."

"The Ballad of Athos", c / f "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers"

We put in a row the new darlings of the previously mentioned media persons. Vera Brezhneva, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Anna Panasenko, Tatiana Navka, Nelly Vlasova … Everything is as if the selection of a beauty and a clever girl, slender, fit, spectacular, successful, with big plans for life. The leading vector bundle of each of them is obvious, like the mark on the shoulder of the Countess de la Fer!

Armed with the knowledge of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, we can see that the skin vector is burned on their foreheads, and their eyes hint at the presence of vision. Developed enough to give a bored gray-bearded a palette of emotions tempting for him. Most of them are not just skin-visual, but skin-visual in a state of "war", skin-visual with powerful skin eager to consume, which, in fact, rules vision. It is just such a rumor, without ceremony, calls "predatory bastards." Some to a greater extent, some to a lesser extent, but in essence they are predators, born hunters for men.

Something imperceptibly similar to these new wives. They seem to be different, but like sisters. And the similarity here is that all these skin and skin-visual beauties were taken away from families not by plumbers with golden hands, not by car mechanics who work hard from morning to night, not machine operators who drank only on holidays. Surely these guys have their own hunters, but girls with well-developed aggressive skin usually do not waste time on trifles. Everyone we are considering in this article is successful, successful and wealthy people. And this is no coincidence.

Media stories are easier to dissect, since the details of their personal lives are widely known. However, this does not mean at all that "the devil in the ribs" in the form of a spectacular young woman knocks on the doors of only a narrow circle of people occupying top positions on the social ladders. At any level of human society, phenomena that are essentially the same occur, due to the vector basis of the characters and the degree of development of their vectors. As soon as a man succeeds in any way - to build a house, plant a tree, buy an expensive foreign car, he immediately falls into the circle of interests of skin or skin-visual girls who want to give birth to a son from him, or at least take a passenger seat in his foreign car for a long time … Until another wealthy man meets. For example, as in Chekhov's story "Mysterious Nature".

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From the more recent classics, one can recall the heroine of Irina Muravyova from the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", who dreamed of finding a profitable accommodation. Today her dream of marrying a general seems ridiculous and naive, since the girls now have a different target audience. And the type of Muravyova is not skin-visual, so, probably, you don't fully believe her in this role. Nevertheless, Menshov's message as a director is quite clear. A woman's desire to profitably “sell” her youth and beauty is relevant outside of time and fashion …

It is obvious that bright skin-visual females in such relationships are attracted not by the personality of a man, but by his social status, not by a man, but by the level of comfort surrounding him. In the skin vector there is something that is partly conveyed by the words self-interest, commercialism, prudence, thoughtfulness, ambition. The notorious thirst for easy money is also on this list. It is this moment that I would like to convey to adult men who are in such a relationship. And it is about this that wise wives should delicately hint to enraged husbands. After all, any man wants to be loved and interested in himself, and not in his bank account or connections in show business. But this is a topic for a separate conversation.

Old love doesn't die?

“Why does love die? After all, it seemed that it would be forever …"

From the song of Natasha Koroleva

Of course, I want good, smart, devoted wives to keep their husbands with them. To be able to pull them out safe and sound from the corkscrew, which attracts predatory beauties to the insidiously spaced nets. So that the husbands who are a little wiggled in something here and there, at least in short periods of time after random crazy sex, when interest in a woman is briefly lost, think about how capacious the plans of their casual partners are … Or are they not casual?

If you start all over again, then you must admit that when a talented man tries to succeed and monetize his talent, the result largely depends on whether the man has the time and energy for this. Or rather, on the extent to which those who are nearby - and specifically his woman - support him, help, or at least do not interfere. In other words, the degree of realization of a man's potential in society depends on the relationship with his life partner, on the situation in the family, no matter what vectors lie at the basis of his personality.

Yuri Burlan's training in systemic vector psychology shows that a woman with an anal vector is considered one of the best hearth keepers. She is a good housewife, an exemplary mother, a decent wife. Reliable rear, in general. A wife with a skin vector is also a great option - active, punchy, purposeful; this can become a motor that propels a man to such a height where he would never have climbed himself. Companion wife, strategist and personal PR manager.

However, neither borscht, nor coziness, nor habit, nor comfort are able to keep a man who has a devil in his rib. Because the name of this demon is emotional hunger. Only visual men fall into his network. They do not just have a mistress, they do not just secretly cheat, they do not just have fun on the side, do not just indulge their pride. They are addicted to new relationships. They create an emotional bond with another woman. They fall in love so much that they are ready to destroy everything that has been built over the years and create a new family. All this is impossible if a man lacks a visual vector. This is both the solution and the answer to the question of how to expel the demon from the rib …

I will allow myself to quote Sergei Ginzburg, who, as we know, broke up with his wife after 25 years of marriage: “When I met and fell in love with Yana, I did not expect this feeling. He was married, could not divorce for a long time. In a word, I got into a difficult situation. But I realized: love comes when another love leaves. When you idolize someone, it is impossible to love another."

image description
image description

What does this mean from the point of view of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan? That the devil knocks on the ribs of those men who do not have a deep emotional connection with their wife. Their family life has long turned from love into everyday life, from which one wants to escape. It is on this fertile soil that poisonous flowers of new passion, scattered by the hand of an insidious beauty, grow.

How to maintain a vivid emotional connection after 20 years of marriage? The question is not simple. But Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology has an answer to it.

Yes, it is not easy for a woman who has been building a cozy family nest for many years to maintain her sanity. The tricks of an immoral demon are perceived as a betrayal of the closest person. Of course emotions, of course tears, of course disappointment and chaos in thoughts. It is quite understandable the desire to leave everything on its own, and he was lost to this dog, who coveted a young body in exchange for HER dedication and seven years! A reptile and a traitor! Although…

Is it worth it to indifferently watch how your own family is being destroyed, and your own and beloved husband, in a frenzy of emotional intoxication, is led to the bait of some hunter for other people's goods? Does she need a deep relationship? Does she need this particular person with all his weaknesses and shortcomings? With his shortness of breath, gastritis and prostatitis? A balding father of other people's children?

A worthy answer to the saying "gray hair in a beard - a devil in a rib" could be the saying "gray hair in a braid - wisdom in the head." But there is no such saying. But wisdom can be added to your head by taking a course of lectures on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Come - here they teach not a bare theory, but give practical knowledge that can drive out any demon - from a rib, head or heart. Register for free online lectures at the link:

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