Where To Get Strength And Energy For Life? Let's Analyze Systematically

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Where To Get Strength And Energy For Life? Let's Analyze Systematically
Where To Get Strength And Energy For Life? Let's Analyze Systematically

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Where to get strength when life energy is at zero

When there is a feeling of emptiness, when hands give up and there is no more strength, this is a signal that we have not realized the sincere desires of our heart for a long, long time. And then there is dissatisfaction, apathy and despondency, longing and self-pity …

Difficulty waking up in the morning. You feel exhausted, squeezed out like a lemon. I don't have the strength to go to work and do everyday things. "Yes, it failed!" - you think in your hearts. But you don't have to choose. You do everything from under the stick, literally stepping over yourself. You spend your last strength to force yourself to move somehow.

One question revolves in my head: where to get the strength to live?

When the battery is almost zero, the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan comes to the rescue.

Why don't you want to do anything?

Vector systems psychology explains that everyone is naturally lazy. He will not make efforts if he does not hang a sufficiently appetizing carrot in front of him - that is, he will not do something if the performance of these affairs does not promise him strong enough pleasure, which he will eventually receive.

Man is the pleasure principle. And he can get pleasure from the realization of his inner desires. These desires are given to us by nature, they are innate.

When a person realizes his desires, he experiences the joy of life, truly happy. And then, waking up in the morning, he literally gushes with vitality and energy and charges everyone around with his good mood!

And when there is a feeling of emptiness, when hands give up and there is no more strength, this is a signal that we have not realized the sincere desires of our heart for a long, long time. And then there is dissatisfaction, apathy and despondency, longing and self-pity. And some even have real depression.

Let's take a closer look.

Where to get strength and energy for life?

To easily get up in the morning and be full of energy, you need to … have a dream and with every beat of your heart to speed up its fulfillment! Well, for pragmatists - to have a clear goal in life and follow it.

And speaking even more simply - you need to understand your inner desires and put them into practice! After all, desires are always given to us along with all the necessary abilities and possibilities to realize these desires.

Each person has his own unconscious desires, which are determined by a set of his vectors. For example, a person with a skin vector has an inner desire for leadership and material superiority; he dreams of taking off on the career ladder and becoming a big boss. It is the realization of these aspirations that fills his life, makes it joyful. Such people are given an additional charge of vivacity by jogging in the morning or some other sport, they like to lead a healthy lifestyle, this is their life credo.

Photo where to get strength
Photo where to get strength

What can be an obstacle for a person with a skin vector to achieve ambitious goals? This may be a scenario for failure: consciously such a person will always strive for success, but unconsciously he is set up for failure and even gets some relief from another failure.

For a person with an anal vector, on the contrary, career is not the main thing, he can work for 40 years at one plant or enterprise, if only he is respected and appreciated by others. He dreams of a big family, about everyone getting together at the festive table, so that there are children, many children, so that everyone will get along with each other and not offend each other.

Resentment is the key problem of a person with an anal vector, it is she who most often is an obstacle for him to a fulfilled life. Very often, faced with difficulties, a person with an anal vector takes offense at people and loses the ability to move on to achieve their life goals.

Resentment in a person with an anal vector arises when he experiences an inner feeling of injustice towards himself. And when he is offended, he becomes stubborn, he may even begin to do the opposite of what he should, on the contrary, from what is expected of him, and thus take revenge on the offender. But the point is that because he does not realize his desires, he makes it worse only for himself, and not at all for the people around him.

You can realize unsuccessful life scenarios, work through resentment and fulfill your dreams at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Where to get strength when you don't find the point?

The sound specialist has the largest volume of desire, but it is the sound engineer who sometimes does not know at all what to do with his own life and does not understand his desires. After all, these desires are of a very special property and quality, they are non-material - desires to search for the spiritual, metaphysical, the desire to explain and reveal the unknown, the mysterious and hidden. The sound engineer has a huge abstract intellect, which makes it possible to become a scientist, researcher, and makes it possible to create and develop high technologies.

But often the sound engineer has absolutely no taste for all this. He feels a tremendous emptiness, as if someone has sucked all his life force. He suffers from insomnia and finds it difficult to wake up in the morning. And sometimes it seems that it would be better not to wake up at all. He doesn't want to live when he doesn't see the point in everything. Meaning is what he is looking for. The meaning of a separate human life and of humanity as a whole. The soundman is often left alone, it seems to him that he does not need anyone. But alone, he suffers even more.

System-vector psychology helps the sound engineer to understand that the meaning of life is revealed in connections with other people: you can understand yourself and the meaning of your life only by differences with other people, finding in them what drives them - their unconscious desires and aspirations, and by differences realizing their own. Moreover, there is no meaning to a separate life, in the modern world it is important to understand that we are a single species, which has a common unconscious. It lives by us, it develops through the efforts of each of us. And all we can do is to maximize our potential for the benefit of Weed.

Filling his inner shortages with realizations at the training of Yuri Burlan, the sound engineer gets rid of depression and sleep problems and gets an incredible boost of energy. Finally, he feels the taste of life and wants everything that until recently did not cause in him any enthusiasm and desire to act. It is in him that the desires of other vectors wake up, which were suppressed by the unfulfilled desires of the dominant sound vector.

This is evidenced by the results of the people who underwent the training.

Where to get energy when there is no mood?

A person with a visual vector has completely different problems. Such a person lives by his emotions, and it is absolutely necessary for him to receive an emotional response from others. This gives him a boost of vivacity. A person with a visual vector dreams of love more than anything else. And a bad mood, and sometimes even melancholy and despondency, arise in such a person when his life lacks the main thing - a loving and beloved man (or woman) nearby.

Meeting friends, going to the theater or cinema will help cheer up a person with a visual vector. Also, for such a person, reading fiction is of great importance, which helps to develop feelings for children and adolescents, as well as deepen sensuality and prevent the freshness of feelings from dulling at any age.

Reading good fiction gives a person a powerful moral core that helps to withstand any life situation and cope with any difficulties.

But the main charge of vitality appears with the maximum realization of its huge sensory amplitude among other people.

What to do when you lose heart?

The training "System-vector psychology" will help you to independently analyze your difficult life situation and determine why you do not have the strength and what you need to do in order to realize yourself in life. It must be remembered that there is always a way out.

The training "System-vector psychology" helped many people see the light at the end of the tunnel and find a solution to their problems:

Come to Yuri Burlan's free online training "System Vector Psychology" and discover a source of fresh strength and incredible energy.

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