Depression And Drowsiness - Learn How To Get Rid Of Them And Experience The Joy Of Life

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Depression And Drowsiness - Learn How To Get Rid Of Them And Experience The Joy Of Life
Depression And Drowsiness - Learn How To Get Rid Of Them And Experience The Joy Of Life
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Depression and sleepiness are the everyday life of a sound engineer

How to stop sleeping forever, knowing that life is not worth the extra effort? What if you don't want to live your life?

Even if a whole brass band wakes me up in the morning, I won't wake up. I'm tired of it. The new day has nothing worthwhile for me. Tyagomotina, stupidity and meaninglessness - only this prepares an awakening for me. Everyone says: this is depression and drowsiness. I say: leave me alone.

You can have your own opinion on this issue, try to use folk remedies for depression, or you can find out the exact solution to the problem of depression, chronic fatigue and drowsiness using Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

What manifests itself on the outside as depression, unwillingness to make contact with people, lethargy, constant sleepiness, loss of strength, has precise psychological reasons inside a person.

Causes of sleepiness in depression:

The desire to hide from suffering in a dream:

  1. strong pain of the soul inside - from not understanding the meaning of life;
  2. pain outside - from misunderstanding on the part of the environment.
  • Saving resources, forces.
  • The inability to receive pleasure according to their peculiarities of the psyche.

Let's see how severe sleepiness in depression manifests itself and how to cope with this misfortune with the exact advice of systemic vector psychology.

Depression, fatigue, drowsiness - who gets caught in the grip?

Why do you sleep until dinner, you bum ?! Look at my sister, she got up at 7 in the morning, ran to the store, took a walk with the dog, finished drawing! And you should all sleep, lazy bum! He has depression, you see - in my childhood, such fatigue and sleepiness was successfully treated with a belt!

This is how a hostile world, understanding nothing, meets the awakened sound engineer. Everyone thinks his many hours of sleep are useless, the psychological motives of his seemingly unreasonable fatigue are incomprehensible. And it seems to him unbearable their petty chatter about neighbors, discounts, bosses, TV shows.

The soundman is corked in his thoughts, and shouts, insults and idle chatter are hammered into his thinking box. With his whole being, he wants to focus on his own internal states, to deduce patterns, to track the cause-and-effect relationships of everything that happens in his head.

To do this, he would simply be silent, but he is constantly teased, trying to involve him in a conversation or already an angry skirmish. Relatives are forced to think about the need for psychological treatment of the unfortunate person from depression and drowsiness. And he - to hide deeper and deeper from unpleasant, painful for the psyche sounds, words, meanings in a dream.

Apathy, drowsiness, weakness are signs of severe depression

Please don’t shout! Be quiet for at least three minutes, I don't need your tips on how to live right! They need me not only to listen - I have not done this for a long time, I just turn off their sound in my head. They want me to certainly participate in this booth. You can snatch at least some piece of time when no one is drilling my brain at night. But consciousness begins to drill itself.

Forgetting sleep is like a pause button for an endless stream of unanswered audio questions. The environment does not know why this white crow does not have a single point of contact with them. Their concerns and aspirations seem to be in different worlds.

Everyone thinks about the material, tangible side of life, and he is directed with all neural connections to the knowledge of the unknown, hidden from everyone - his soul. Without understanding the meaning, his life loses its support. Like a rag doll without a frame, the sound engineer, not realizing the cause of his torment, languishes, experiences a severe breakdown, sinks into depression, and constant sleepiness does not allow him to get out from under the blanket.

A phone without a battery doesn’t just turn on, it’s like it’s dead. So the sound engineer, without understanding the meaning of being on this earth, wanders in painful labyrinths of depression, apathy, weakness and drowsiness. He strives into nothingness if he does not find the essence of his destiny. Sleep helps him forget and get as close as possible to the static state of death at least for a while.

depression and drowsiness
depression and drowsiness

"I will save" or the roots of the psychology of fatigue

Who am I? Where did it come from? And what happened when there was nothing? Why did it appear? What is the point if life is finite anyway? Why should I go through this unbearable suffering?

Eyes droop at work, when reading a book, at a family holiday, even on a date. The brain decides not to strain anymore, because the pattern of the futility of its efforts has developed. His work still does not give enough pleasure. Doesn't give answers. Does not fill with meaning.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan shows the general law of life - the principle of pleasure. When a person knows how to get pleasure, he is active, initiative, active. He knows that stress now will bring many times greater pleasure in the future. Anticipating a sweet result, a person moves mountains.

It's more difficult for a sound engineer. He very often does not know where this notorious joy can be hidden for him. Having tried different methods, he is convinced that in this life there is no happiness for him, there is only depression with his eternal companions apathy, weakness and drowsiness.

We unconsciously recalculate the amount of effort expended and expected pleasure. And if there is definitely no pleasure, then we decide not to waste resources. Sleep or always want to sleep. We were tired in advance.

Let us outline a sequential algorithm for the onset of drowsiness in depression:

Depression, apathy, weakness and drowsiness are the reaction of the owner of the sound vector to the lack of pleasure in life.

  • There is no pleasure - there is no strength to do something.
  • Rather than trying to do something and getting only suffering from interaction with the external environment, it is easier to go to bed and sleep.
  • Even if you get up, you walk in a protective haze of constant drowsiness with depression
  • The people around them form an unspoken attitude: “What can you take from him? All the time as a somnambulist. It's easier not to touch this alien."

    And this is what the "alien" needs, but it doesn't get any easier inside.

How can you get rid of the hated depression, weakness and drowsiness?

A happy person is capable of creative realization,

and an unhappy person is not very

Yu Burlan

Three tips to treat the signs of depression, sleepiness, and fatigue:

  1. Realize the causes of their bad states and the nature of desires.
  2. To pave the way that leads to the awareness of existence.
  3. Move in this direction with an installed system thinking navigator in your head.

You don't have to suffer! Proven by thousands of happy people to cope with depression and sleepiness:

Sleepiness with depression during the day and thinking at night

It so happens that depression is attributed to someone who just looks like a sleepy day. Let's unwind the tangle of stereotypes.

Night is a natural sound time for two reasons:

  • In ancient times, the mind needed someone to escape the danger of the night. It was the sound people who were able to stay awake at night and listen intently to every rustle in order to save the sleeping flock from the impending predatory disaster.
  • A habit has developed, and until now, when everyone calms down, the sound engineer finally feels a surge of strength, can concentrate on his thoughts and enjoy the thought process.

Therefore, it often happens that the sound engineer simply does not sleep at night, but during the day, due to the need, he goes to work and feels sleepy, to which "knowledgeable" people immediately attribute depression.

Mood swings, tearfulness, tantrums, phobias are also often confused with depression. But these symptoms signal rather a painful state of the visual vector. Although depression and fear can swoop down together on the sound-visual person. But the dominant of the psyche is still the sound vector. It affects the state of all other vectors. And in a sound-visual person, negative states will still more often manifest themselves not by tearfulness and fear, but by depression, weakness and severe drowsiness.

What is it, sound enjoyment from life?

If you are so smart, why are you so unhappy?

Yu Burlan

The main desire of the sound engineer is to understand himself, to find his “parking place” in the general chaos of particle movement in the world. With the system-vector psychology navigator, this is possible. A person who has mastered systemic thinking is not threatened with depression, weakness or drowsiness.

Systemic thinking paves the way, places traffic signs in the wilds of the human psyche, makes markings on the paths of our interaction with other people, and most importantly - leads our thinking motor to work smoothly.

The machine of sound thought sets off on a fascinating journey, illuminating the path with the headlights of understanding oneself and others, knowing the points of interest on the route and setting the direction of movement on its own and consciously. The only thing left for the soundman is to get behind the wheel of his new vehicle for a happy life.

depression with sleepiness
depression with sleepiness

Order an accurate navigator to move through life, forgetting about depression and drowsiness, without traffic jams of misunderstanding and dead ends of meaninglessness. Register for free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan using the link.

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