How To Cure A Drug Addict

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How To Cure A Drug Addict
How To Cure A Drug Addict
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How to cure a drug addict

Why money? Why relationship? Why children? Why travel? Why knowledge? Why the world? If I don't understand why I am. What is the substance user really striving for? The answers to these questions are the key to how to cure the addict …

If rats in empty, isolated cages are given a choice of plain tap water or heroin-laden water, they will opt for a drug-laden drink. And they will drink poison until they die. And in the "rat park" (1), where there is an abundance of cheese, colorful balls, tunnels, a lot of space and partners for mating, rodents will prefer water without admixture of dope. People have much the same. Only there are those who are not filled with food, entertainment, or sex.

How to saturate the corrosive inside "I want nothing"? Why does a person feel cramped in his own head? What is the substance user really striving for? The answers to these questions are the key to curing an addict. Not a vein is his erogenous zone, but consciousness.

Let's talk about this with those who know about the problem firsthand and managed to cope with drug addiction.

The root causes of drug addiction

- Why do you think your son started using drugs?

Natalia: To the question "why?" he replied that he did not want to live. Then I told him that there is a shorter way - the roof. He quietly answered me that he was on the roof, but he didn't have the strength to step into the void …

When we feel bad, we don't hold on to life. Modern psychoanalysis identifies eight types of unconscious desires, filling which we get an inner feeling of satisfaction, the value of life. The most difficult thing is to fulfill their desire for the owners of the sound vector. They are looking for a way to drown out their huge lack of drug pleasure. So what do they need to be happy?

Some desires are replicated so that it seems as if all people on earth want the same thing. More new impressions, shocking bows, subscribers, higher income, more gorgeous view from the window. But someone's window is tightly curtained with dense fabric, and everything that is outside the space of one's own thoughts does not bother. Why money? Why relationship? Why children? Why travel? Why knowledge? Why the world? If I don't understand why I am.

When there is at least some kind of filling of the internal desires of the sound engineer, for the time being, the question of the meaning of life does not arise. It's just nice to be here and now, when you manage to do what no one else can: perform an ultra-precise surgical operation and save a person, create a soundtrack that builds the entire space of the film around itself, prove a hypothesis that changes the whole idea of ​​the physical structure of the Universe. write a novel that will give the reader and the author himself the strength to seek the truth and move on.

Not everyone succeeds in getting such development and such conditions for realization that life in their own feelings is justified. Then the huge potential is trapped in a cage, nailed to the ground, to the bed, to the monitor. He breaks out, but as if he is not needed here, in this flat world of carnal pleasures.

Sound desire in the modern generation of people has grown so much that some actions in the physical world are not enough to fill it. Music, poetry, physics, psychiatry, literature, foreign languages, IT technologies, neurosciences - all these are attempts to figure out what a person is, where are the boundaries of what he can, and why, in the end, does he need all this?

Thought, viscous, sick, tearing, fills all the inner space. Life feels meaningless. Drugs come when the answers to unasked internal questions are nowhere to be found. And there is no hope of finding them in this world.

How to cure a photo addict
How to cure a photo addict

- How did you then determine for yourself what you lacked in life?

Daniyar: The first time I tried it when I was still a schoolboy, my friends suggested. Of course, all this was condemned, but curiosity prevailed. It was boring, and the guys decided to diversify the evening. It was funny and pleasant for us. This went on for several days. Then we started trying it at the university. I was missing some sensations. Hashish and grass helped to liberate myself, I became more cheeky in my speeches, bolder, smarter. Fears receded into the background. I found the same friends, and we had something to talk about. I was in pain, and drugs helped me at that time to numb the pain. They helped me to think, it seemed to me. Everything slowed down, became fearless and somehow comfortable. I lacked communication and people who would understand me.

Desires push us out into the outside world, because without interaction we cannot get what we want. I want love - I have to contact people to find a soul mate. I want respect - I have to earn it in the team. I want money - again to people, so that someone can buy my product or services. To get what you want, you need others. We go to them to get the best for ourselves. We have developed social, family and emotional ties. And we enjoy when we manage to integrate into them. Only the sound engineer is different. He a priori does not feel interested in other people. When it is bad, nothing from the material world, including love relationships, interests him. All his aspirations are connected only with his own inner states.

Not finding a hint of joy in the emptiness of everyday life, he closes himself off from reality, avoids contact with the crowd, unable to understand him. At some point, a common language can be found only with those who are in pain as much as he himself. With them it turns out for a while to drown out the pain of loneliness. Escape from reality to "psychedelic paradise".

The sound vector is dominant in the human psyche. And if it is not possible to fulfill his "instructions", all other aspects of the personality suffer. So, for example, if there is a visual vector, it manifests itself with fears, tantrums, emotional blackmail, inability to sympathize. There is only me and my pain. Everything that can somehow muffle it is used.

Signs and symptoms of drug addiction

- On what grounds did it become clear that your son became addicted to drugs?

Natalia: There were signs. But I didn't want to see them. Or understand. Although she grew up in a city where only a saint did not take drugs.

The son was one of the best students always and everywhere: in studies, in sports, he was a champion, in foreign languages. He graduated from computer courses at the age of 10, everywhere he was the best without much stress.

It probably all started with me, not with him. There is a crisis in the country, and I fell into a kind of stupor. Then malfunctions began. I sat in front of the TV for days, just staring at the screen and not seeing or hearing anything.

The son began to skip workouts, school, sleep for many hours, rarely wash. I was surprised at such a change - he used to be like a duck. But she didn't press on him. Then he slept for days, did not eat, did not drink. One day he did not return from school. Lost. During these days I turned the whole house over and found ecstasy pills. Then the thunder struck. All the puzzles were completed.

We found him on the 10th day. In a terrible state. He took a cheap-produced "crisis drug". Burns all organs. The body stops working. Two weeks and no return. But we got it back.

- Did you realize that you are drug addicts? Describe your conditions at that time.

Daniyar: I hardly realized this. I thought it helps me to be different. Not sad me, but completely different. I threw and returned to them again. I felt like a coward without them, I was scared all the time to look at reality. Once I was "carried away" very badly, and I ended up in drug treatment. The states were different - from paranoia to megalomania. Then I was very scared, as if the apocalypse was coming and I had to save humanity from this. The whole world is on my shoulders. I tried to throw, but I was always missing something, and I came back to it again. I even greeted myself at such moments, with the feeling that the "real me" had returned. There were days when I smoked all the time, I kept myself intoxicated as soon as I woke up and until sleep. So I spent several weeks. How would I get rid of my cowardice, then,if something didn't work out, he blamed others and moved on. In those days I offended many people with my recklessness.

The soundman has a powerful intellect. If the conditions of development did not ruin him in the bud with shouts, thundering, traumatic meanings, he easily masters the school curriculum, goes ahead with leaps and bounds towards his interest in sciences, languages, music, knowledge of the depths of all things. He not out of nowhere feels his potential to save humanity. Those who are initially disgusted and alien to the rest have an intellectual resource and abstract thinking in order to realize and feel within themselves all the harmonious integrity of the world. It depends on the evolution of the perception of sound specialists whether the human species can preserve itself.

But we do not know what conditions a sound engineer needs in order for him to develop, concentrate, think and realize his potential. We yell, sort things out, accuse him of aloofness, try to teach him to live like "normal" people. The people around him become a burden to him. He loses all interest in directing his cognitive interest to society. This means that he loses the chance to gain a deep understanding of himself.

To prevent the modern sound engineer from having a desire for drugs, he needs to "connect to the network." The network he needs.

What should a drug addict and his family do?

- What helped you to make your son hear you? How did you manage to reconnect with him and get him out?

Natalia: The doctors told me that everything is useless. First, he doesn't want to live. Secondly, an irreversible process has begun. Said, “Don't waste your money. They will be useful to you. He will live a couple of months."

Then I wanted to die myself. I lay unwashed for days on a bare mattress. There was no strength to make the bedding. It was too lazy to think, move, live. I knew what awaited me. I began to calculate how much money would be needed for my son's funeral and for mine, so as not to burden anyone. And at night it was as if someone picked me up and put me at the computer. Usually I am with books. I was pointing my finger at the search engine: "Psychology of a drug addict." And I followed the link to the live broadcast of the lecture on Systemic Vector Psychology. Something clicked in me. Then I read articles about the sound vector. It was all about the son.

I realized that this is what will save him. But he disappeared again, and I did the training alone. Then his friend died, and it was again a flight into the abyss.

The changes began with me, and with him through me. I insulted and reproached my son. From the horror of what was happening, she simply fell into a stupor, thereby aggravating the situation. But after the first lectures my behavior changed. The first thing I stopped doing was calling him. Usually there were at least 100 calls per night, to which he simply did not respond in any way. But I found calmness and confidence. I just sometimes wrote short messages, how I was doing at work, what news in the family, what I love and miss. If he came home, and he lived on the street for almost three years, then she simply asked for a swim and fed. No reproaches or questions. I bought books that matched the interests of the sound engineer and left them in a prominent place. When I was at home in a drug coma, she included training and listened in his room.Systems thinking allowed us to concentrate our attention on his states. Sound engineers read it. Today my son is undergoing training! At your own request.

Irina: I began to tell my brother about the SVP. He was hooked on short videos from the training. I felt it. He was inspired at that moment.

In this video, Pavel, Irina's brother, talks about the cardinal changes in his life after the training:

Our desires are dynamic, they grow in the same way as the holes from their non-fulfillment. The soundman's request is an altered consciousness, an increased ability to perceive and comprehend. To accommodate and realize the full depth of the multifaceted human soul. Knowing the outside world no longer satisfies the sound engineer. He needs to understand what is inside, what gives rise to thoughts, leads through life or stops it. It is unbearable for him to be a puppet. He must know the plan, he feels that he is able to influence it.

Feeling that he lacks something burningly, the sound engineer demands: "Give me more consciousness!" How can this be achieved if our thinking resource is limited by the size of the skull? At the technological level, the answer has long been found - it is the unification of millions of machines in the network. A person who is aware of the unconscious gets the opportunity to understand, interact, and think in harmony with others. Opening up others, finally, be aware of yourself. The same one. Present.

- How did your relatives try to help you to stop using drugs? What effect did this have?

Daniyar: Relatives did not know anything except my brother. We sometimes smoked together. I confessed to them myself, when I once again made excuses for the smoky man. They forced me to go to a narcology clinic. But that didn't help me either. Years later, I started smoking again, not finding a way out of another depression. My parents took me to psychologists, I went through various trainings, esotericism, numerology and much more. But nothing helped. This gave temporary results, and some did not give anything at all. My brother scared me that if I returned to the grass, he would beat me up, as this reflected on the condition of my parents. And yet nothing helped me: no threats, no trainings, no esotericism, no occultism, no shamans, no talk. NOTHING! My relatives did a lot for me. They suffered the same with me, sometimes, I think, even more. Mom often worriedfather became not himself. The days when I got into drug treatment had a very strong impact on my family. They just couldn't help me. They did not understand what was wrong with me. I myself could not understand what I want. These were really very difficult times for me and my family.

The effectiveness of drug addiction treatment at the present stage

- Now, when your son is undergoing training, is there any confidence that he will never return to drugs? Why?

Natalia: THERE IS !!! Why…?? Because he found what he was looking for, but could not understand. He was in the system. And went out of it. Having listened to the SOUND for the first time, sitting still, he wrote: “THANKS, NOW I CAN BREATH. AND LIVE !!!”

He was reborn from the ashes. He was already beyond the line of no return. Instead of brains, there was mashed potatoes. And now he is a thinking, thinking person who wants to live !!! And all this thanks to systemic understanding.

Daniyar: I am sure that I will not return to such states, since I already know what I need. I understand the reasons for my depression and why I needed drugs. Without an SVP, I know for sure that I would return to drugs sooner or later. I am very glad that I got to the training, and I am immensely grateful to Yuri Ilyich and the whole team. I finally got out of this swamp!

Can a drug addict be cured with bans, reproaches and violent restraints? The world has long understood that this is ineffective. Many countries legalize drugs, but this does not remove the issue from the agenda.

With systemic knowledge, it becomes obvious what kind of connection sound specialists need in order for the desire for drugs to disappear irrevocably.

Thanks for the personal stories to Natalia Khalilova, Daniyar Zhanybaeva and Irina Malinkina.

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