SVP For Preschoolers. Part 2 Inborn Talents

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SVP For Preschoolers. Part 2 Inborn Talents
SVP For Preschoolers. Part 2 Inborn Talents

Video: SVP For Preschoolers. Part 2 Inborn Talents

Video: SVP For Preschoolers. Part 2 Inborn Talents
Video: I am Capable Kids Moral Story | Everyone has a unique talent of its own! Aadi and Friends 2023, March

SVP for preschoolers. Part 2 Inborn talents

Our desires are different so that each of us does exactly the work that he wants to do, which means that he does the best. One person can't do everything, right? And he can't live all alone, right? Even if someone does not have a family or relatives, he is still not alone, because he lives among people, in a society where all people are different …

Part 1. To be happy is to be yourself

- Mom, why are our desires so different from each other?

- Why don't others want what I want, it's cool?

- How do you know the desires of another person?

- Can you read my mind?

- And what does God want?

When I hear such questions from my sonic daughter, thrown as if by accident while drawing, folding puzzles or in the car on the way to kindergarten, I understand that our sincere conversations with her still do not fly past my ears. Even though it seems to me that I speak more to myself than to her.

Even if she forgets a lot, cannot yet formulate a clear question, interrupts and switches to candy / cartoons / toys, but she clearly understands more than I think.

Trying to talk to her on equal terms, but in simple and understandable words for a five-year-old child, I give her food for thought and my own conclusions, which sometimes just knock me off my feet. Then I honestly admit that I do not know the answer and propose to look for it together.

Our desires are different so that each of us does exactly the work that he wants to do, which means that he does the best. One person can't do everything, right? And he can't live all alone, right? Even if someone does not have a family or relatives, he is still not alone, because he lives among people, in a society where all people are different.

Therefore, our world is so diverse and beautiful, so we manage to live and develop, learn and invent new things, take care of each other so that all people feel good.

The most obedient kids

Look, if people lived and did not preserve the past, didn’t preserve memories, don’t preserve knowledge, and everyone forgot what would have happened? You and I could not learn to read and count, because the letters and numbers were not invented by us, but by those people who lived long before us, and this knowledge was passed on from generation to generation.

Due to the fact that there are people who are able to store and transfer knowledge, children can learn what adults know, so that later they can come up with something of their own and add something new to the baggage of knowledge that already exists, which did not exist before.

In order for a person to store a lot of knowledge, he must have an interest in them, right? That is why there are people who love to learn very much, they are calm and thoughtful. In order to remember something, they must understand it to the end, sort it out, ask again. All in order to immediately arrange information on the appropriate shelves in your head. This is such a special type of thinking, these people have an anal vector.

They think and do everything slowly and gradually. If they are urged on, they lose their mind and cannot continue, they have to start all over again. But if such a person takes on some kind of work, he will definitely finish his job and will strive to do it better than anyone else.

Do you know such people? Who in your kindergarten always performs all the tasks of the educators, who always cleans up the toys after themselves, but does it slowly and with concentration, who got used to the kindergarten for the longest time, to new children or a new teacher?

Such a kid is happy when he is praised, especially if it is his mother. He is pleased when he put all the pieces of the puzzle in place, only when he has completed one work, he can start another.


The worst thing for him is when he is urged on, rushed, interrupted halfway through words, deeds, classes. It couldn't be worse, then he feels bad, gets upset and takes offense at everyone, maybe even in revenge to offend another child. Not because he is so angry, but because he feels bad, because he was offended, and he seeks to share everything equally: both offense and joy.

So he finished all his business, finished reading the book, made the bed, received praise from his parents or educators, and he is satisfied, he feels good. It is pleasant to be with him, he is an honest and reliable comrade, obedient and diligent student, he will always help or explain the incomprehensible, teach something.

But if he is constantly interrupted, urged on, he did not manage to finish his job, did not finish the story, did not complete the task to the end, he was not praised, did not appreciate his work, it turns out that he tried in vain, so he is offended, upset, does not want to with whom to play, nothing to do. He is stubborn and disobedient, does spiteful things, offends kids, breaks plants, and maybe even kicks dogs or cats. He feels bad, and he tries to do badly to everyone around, but not because he hates everyone, but because he himself feels bad.

Do you understand now why it is better to entrust the most detailed, painstaking and demanding work to such special people?

All their abilities and features of the mind and body were created by nature precisely for such activities - to store information, teach children, do science, and so on. In this case, this person also feels good and benefits all people in the form of his work. Otherwise, he feels bad, and everyone around him is unpleasant, and there is no benefit from him for other people.

What do you think such a person desires? What does he want, what does he love?

Correctly! To bring your business to the end, any business, to put things in order everywhere, to put everything on the shelves (toys in the closet, knowledge in your head). He wants to do everything better than everyone else, it is easy and pleasant for him to be obedient and diligent, to show diligence and patience in order to receive the praise of elders and the recognition of friends. This is important for him, this is what brings him joy, these are his real desires.

Other things, such as, for example, how long his work will take, whether he will do it first, whether he will receive some kind oft or prize for it, whether he will become a winner - it is not so important for him, he does not think about it. These are already other people's desires, desires of a completely different type, manifestations of another natural gift, a talent of a different kind.

As in a cartoon, remember, in Fairy Valley there are fairies of water, fairies of light, fairies of flowers, animals and others. Each has its own gift. Only we are people, we are much more complicated than fairies, because we can combine several gifts, several talents and be capable of different activities. The main thing is to determine what you like best in order to choose the main thing.

Other talents

Now think, if we lived only in the past and did nothing else, what would it be? Probably, we would not develop, would not move further, would not invent something new, which means that we would not make our life more convenient, faster, more diverse.

For this, there are people with another special gift - to benefit and benefit from everything in the world. Starting with the benefit for oneself and ending with the benefit for all mankind.

It was these people who always came up with something new. For example, how to make it warmer in winter. They always wanted to move faster, so they invented cars, airplanes, ships. Thinking about how to make our life safer and more convenient, they came up with laws that cannot be violated, otherwise you can be punished. Such people invented telephones and computers. And many other useful and convenient things in our world.

They are great inventors and inventors, organizers and commanders, they constantly do not sit still, the most active and mobile zimmers. They all the time want to run somewhere, jump, climb, they simply cannot sit still, because then they feel that they are wasting their time! They can easily assemble a team to play and organize some kind of competition, where they themselves want to win.


They do everything quickly, strive to be the first in everything (to run to the site, climb the hill, eat their portion, do the task). It is important for them to be winners, to get ahead, to intercept, to take something for themselves, to get their own benefit and benefit, their special thinking is called "logic". For them, every action must have a result, and the result is beneficial, otherwise the action is useless and should not be done.

Such guys very quickly join the company, make friends, remember what and where is, who and what is in charge here, who needs to be obeyed, and who can be ordered. They love to show off their achievements and skills, speed and flexibility, clothes and toys, novelties and adventures.

The feeling of a winner or benefit is most important for them, this is their joy, their true desire is to profitably invest their time, strength, mind and skills. At first, while these guys are small, they understand the benefits only for themselves, so they start games where they know for sure that they can win, they try to turn any situation only so that it is beneficial to them.

They can even take something without permission and at the same time deceive so that they are not punished. They do this not because they are bad, but because this is the easiest way for them, the most correct, in their understanding, decision. It is more important for them to acquire something than to follow the rules, obey or tell the truth. This very feeling of joy from superiority (more toys, sweets, won the game, did something faster) is much stronger than fears about violated rules.

But when they grow up, they begin to understand that much greater joy for them (and, of course, benefit and benefit) is obtained precisely when they bring this benefit to all people, engaging in inventions, laws, technology, sports or trade. Victory by increasing their own capabilities becomes more pleasant and desirable for them than by causing harm to an opponent.

You see what kind of people you need to call, when some work needs to be done very quickly, when you have to solve several cases at once, when you need to save something or find the most profitable solution for everyone. You understand this because you know their real desires - to win, to gain, to save, to gain benefits first for yourself, and later for everyone.

Do you know these guys? Who climbs the sports campus most often, jumps up before anyone else after a nap, or dresses the fastest outside?

Each talent is given to us from birth, so that we bring it to life, bringing something good, smart, kind or convenient to the life of everyone around. Only by realizing ourselves for others, by giving away our skills, properties and qualities, we are able to feel good, be happy, rejoice and carry warmth, kindness and pleasure from our lives.

To be continued…

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