SVP For Preschoolers. Part 1. To Be Happy Is To Be Yourself

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SVP For Preschoolers. Part 1. To Be Happy Is To Be Yourself
SVP For Preschoolers. Part 1. To Be Happy Is To Be Yourself
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SVP for preschoolers. Part 1. To be happy is to be yourself

These little people, strange generation Z born after 2000, feel life and themselves in a completely different way. For them, the very enjoyment of life comes into priority, pushing aside everything else - superficial, imposed or dictated from the outside - into the background …

- Mom, who is more - people or stars?

- And God knows how many stars there are in the sky?

- And when we die, how will God resurrect us?

- What is consciousness?

- What is the Universe?

- What is balance?

I hear similar questions every day from my eldest daughter, who is 5 years old … and I understand that her generation is radically different from mine.

These little people, strange generation Z born after 2000, feel life and themselves in a completely different way. For them, the very enjoyment of life comes into priority, pushing everything else - superficial, imposed or dictated from the outside - into the background. They want to live fulfilling their specific role! This is what becomes most important to them. They SHOULD receive joy and pleasure from their activities, otherwise … a temperament of such a high level will provide terrible suffering from lack, in some cases even with a threat to life.

Realizing this, seeing it on my own children, I have mixed feelings. People of such a high temperament are born for the first time in the entire history of human existence. They can become the happiest, inspired, filled and progressive generation in all respects, having a chance to live in a new phase of human development, but at the same time they also carry the risk of self-destruction, since few of them will be able to live their lives experiencing frustrations of such strength. …

Understanding yourself, the nature and mechanisms of your own psyche is becoming no less important for Generation Z than being able to walk and talk. Considering that answers in the style of “grow up - you will learn” or “they will teach you at school” do not suit them, I realized that the need for a systemic understanding of human nature had grown to a critical level, and tried to start this conversation.

How to tell a preschooler what "System-Vector Psychology" is?

How is a person different from the rest of the world? He knows how to walk, talk, feel and think, but the main thing that he knows is to feel desires or desire.

What is desire? There is a desire to drink or eat, a desire to sleep or walk, dance or read. Different people have different desires. Everyone never wants the same thing. Everyone has their own desires.

Where do they come from? Why do different people have such different desires? This is because we are all born different. Outside we are all alike - arms, legs, head, but inside we are very different from each other. And just as one can be born with blond curls, and the other with dark and straight hair, so people are born with different desires and dreams. And just as we cannot swap hair or eyes, we cannot swap our dreams, we can only fulfill them or not …


You are happy when you get something that you really wanted, but could not do for a long time. You feel good, good, good, fun. It is you who fulfill your desire. Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it doesn’t work right away, you need to spend time, make an effort, try very hard, or even practice several times at first, but when you get it, you feel pleasure. You get what you wanted, this is your little victory, little feat, a step forward. And the most pleasant thing is that you did it yourself.

This is happiness, your happiness! When you yourself carry out what you want more than anything else. This is the greatest joy and pleasure - to live at the behest of your soul, that is, to understand yourself, to know what you want, and to translate these desires into reality.

Previously, it was difficult for people, not everyone was able to understand themselves, but for you it is much easier, you have enough intelligence, desire and strength to understand what you really want and why. I believe in you and will try my best to help.

Any desire arises in our head for a reason, not a single desire is accidental, on the contrary, each of them is given to us from birth. Moreover, if you want something, strive for something, dream about something, it means that it is you who can fulfill this dream. She's yours! You were born with this dream in your head, and all your abilities and capabilities of body or mind are given to you to make your dream come true.

If you WANT, then you CAN. Every desire is always, ALWAYS supported by the ability to satisfy it only if this desire is really yours, and not your friend's, mother's or teacher's. How do you know if it's yours or not? Find out what they are, and listen to yourself, to your feelings at the moment when the desire comes true.

Truly YOUR achievement, deed, action brings you joy in itself, you like the process that happens when you embody your desire, you enjoy every moment.

Someone else's desires

When you do something not because you really want it, but because you are waiting to be praised or to achieve friendship with someone, or to receive as a reward what you really wanted, then this is not Your wish. This is a way to deceive oneself, a road to a dead end, which often ends not with expected joy, but quite the opposite - with disappointment and resentment. Then you feel bad, you understand that it was a mistake.

At such a moment, many people begin to look for excuses for themselves, they blame other people or the circumstances of life for everything, but do not want to understand that they themselves were mistaken, taking other people's desires for their own. They continue to suffer from their own mistakes, complaining about fate, instead of understanding themselves. At this time, their real desires remain unfulfilled, they continue to demand from their masters to come true, they continue to ask to realize them, they try to reach out to their owners. A desire that has not been fulfilled does not disappear anywhere.


When you don't get what you want, do you feel like? Poorly. When you can't do what you really want, what do you feel? You are angry, offended, upset, even crying. This is how our desires tell us that they need to be realized, they want to be realized, making us feel bad.

Our dreams are not just whims or inventions, they are not random sets of desires or fantasies, they are that special task that nature gives us from birth. Everyone, without exception! And to each - his own.

Fulfilling this task, each person invests his part in the common cause of all people, of all mankind, as if bringing one piece of the puzzle into the big picture of life.

With one, even at first glance, the smallest deed, each person makes the life of all people better, kinder, warmer, more comfortable, more beautiful. In the same way, one droplet flying from the sky may be imperceptible, but when there are many of these drops, they are called rain and together they can water the forest and garden, water plants and animals, fill the stream and river.

When you live at the call of your heart, make your dreams come true, do what nature created you for, fulfill your role in this life, you feel happy. After all, you fulfill your desires, you are filled with your joy and pleasure. And at the same time, you bring benefit to all people, do an important job, create something that others need. Then your life, like a drop of rain, brings into our world a piece of good, kind, joyful.

But if a person tries to follow someone else's path, to live not his own life, tries to fulfill not his desires, he drives himself into a bad state in which he is able to bring only negative, anger, resentment and irritation into this world.

I am sure that you will be able to understand your desires, you will always understand what you really want. This means that you can fulfill all your dreams. After all, dreams, as you know, come to us for a reason, they are born only so that we can make ourselves happy! Otherwise it is simply impossible with system parents!

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