Life-long Black Streak, Or How To Overcome A Scenario Of Failure

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Life-long Black Streak, Or How To Overcome A Scenario Of Failure
Life-long Black Streak, Or How To Overcome A Scenario Of Failure

Video: Life-long Black Streak, Or How To Overcome A Scenario Of Failure

Video: Life-long Black Streak, Or How To Overcome A Scenario Of Failure
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Life-long black streak, or How to overcome a scenario of failure

Superstitious people may argue that a person was talked or jinxed, they say, karma is such that nothing comes of it. Not at all: the real problem of failure is hidden in the psyche …

Everything is learned through comparisons. For example, to know the true meaning of light, you need to be in darkness. The greater the contrast, the greater the impression of the cognized phenomena. This statement is also true for humans. The difference in human actions is especially striking. Yesterday he was a good boy, and today he turned into a wild beast.

Probably, each of us has illustrative life examples. At school age, there was a promising student: he studied well, won prizes in competitions, was strong in mathematics. But the attempt to enter adulthood turned out to be unsuccessful - they were kicked out of the institute, there is no permanent job, a lot of debts, personal life does not add up. Whatever such a person starts, everything has the same end - everything falls apart with a bang.

For others, such a picture is always a shock. The question involuntarily arises as to how two so opposite life scenarios can manifest themselves in one person. Superstitious people may argue that a person was talked or jinxed, they say, karma is such that nothing comes of it. Not at all: the real problem of failure is in the psyche. Let's try to explain the constantly occurring failures using the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Different people - different desires

Our nature is determined by two main components - the physical body and the psyche. All people are different, both on the physical level - according to bodily characteristics, and on the mental level - according to desires, way of thinking.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that there are eight sets of mental desires (vectors) that completely determine thinking and behavior, as well as bodily features of a person. Our body and psyche are connected - the presence of certain specific desires determines the presence of a specific sensitivity of the body.

So, representatives of the skin vector have a particularly sensitive skin surface. At the physical level, they have a slender, mobile, plastic body. On the mental side - flexible thinking, capable of quickly adapting and adjusting to the rapidly changing conditions of the external environment.

The main desire in the skin vector is the desire for social and property superiority. Since the skin has a relatively weak libido, they are less attractive to women sexually than representatives of other vectors, for example, urethral or anal men.

In order to compensate for a low libido, men with a cutaneous vector increase their social status. They are ambitious, so they always rush up the social ladder. It is people with a skin vector that become businessmen, heads of departments and companies, famous athletes and famous actors (the latter happens if, in addition to the skin vector, a person also has a visual vector).

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Proper parenting is the key to the successful development of children with a skin vector. The main elements of raising such children should be: moderate restriction, discipline, the development of logic, a system of bonuses and rewards for good behavior. As a punishment, you can use restrictions in means, space, time (for example, reduce the time of a computer game, cancel a walk or postpone the purchase of a bicycle).

Broken children - a murdered future

Sometimes parents resort to physical methods of punishing children for misconduct: beating with a belt, a vine, or a hand. This is in any case completely unacceptable for the modern world. And in the case of a skin child, this can lead to irreparable consequences.

The thing is that skin people have very sensitive skin. Light strokes, touches are very pleasant and bring them considerable pleasure. Conversely, the blows cause severe, unbearable pain.

If a child with a skin vector is beaten, his body develops its own mechanism of adaptation to pain. In order to relieve the unbearable suffering from physical pain, the neurons of the brain produce natural pain relievers - endorphins, natural opiates. Also, these substances are considered to be "hormones of happiness", since an increase in their concentration leads to side effects, which causes euphoria in a person.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that under the influence of regular beating, a child with a skin vector develops masochism, that is, getting pleasure from pain. Masochistic tendencies negatively affect his entire subsequent life.

Verbal humiliation = physical

Children with a skin vector have been striving for leadership and success from childhood. With the help of their social activity, they try to take a high position in the team. It is very important for parents to find the right approach to develop these properties. Discipline, reward system, competitiveness are integral elements of the upbringing of skin children.

Living life is not a field to cross. It often happens that parents do not have everything in life, and they take out the failures on their children by verbal abuse. Constant verbal sadism in the case of a skin child causes colossal damage to his psyche.

A child has not yet developed critical thinking in childhood, so he evaluates himself and the world around him through the opinion of his parents. If the parents say: "You are a stupid moron, nothing worthwhile will grow out of you, you will become a janitor, why did I give birth to you at all," then he will really believe in these words.

These words knock out the ground in any child, cause a loss of a sense of security and safety, and stunt development. In the case of skin children, verbal sadism strikes at their natural mental attitude to be the first, successful and successful in everything. To mitigate the suffering from these extremely unpleasant words, the body's natural anesthesia mechanism is activated to adapt pain. And the child, as in the case of physical violence, gets used to taking pleasure in pain, masochism is formed.

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Scenario for failure

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that the main reason for the scenario for failure is the desire for masochism formed under the influence of physical violence or verbal humiliation. Masochism is a developed desire to receive pleasure through the suffering of body and soul.

The masochistic tendencies displaced into the subconscious lead to the formation of a scenario for failure. A person unconsciously adjusts everything so that he gets hurt. Everything turns out exactly the opposite from a given potential: a person seems to be consciously striving for success, but in reality he receives only suffering.

He wants status and social superiority, and instead fails. At the same time, failure is the only thing in life that brings pleasure, pleasant sensations, and evens out the mood. Unconsciously, it all boils down to failing and experiencing happiness even for a short period.

How to get rid of the failure scenario

Man is created according to the principle of pleasure. We strive for what brings us the highest pleasure. This is possible only through the realization of our desires.

A person who has a script for failure from childhood creates most of the problems on his own. As a rule, the intention to start a new business is good, but unconsciously it always provokes the same ending - another failure. I entered the university - failed the session, expelled; got a job - screwed up, fired; bought a car - got behind the wheel drunk and smashed to smithereens.

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that it is possible to get out of the script for failure: for this you need to realize your masochistic desires, the essence of the skin vector, its role, all your psychological characteristics, in order to learn to consciously direct them in the right direction. Indeed, there is much more pleasure in realization!

A temporary solution may be to fill your masochistic desires through sexual relations, role playing, imitation of humiliation and rudeness. This will relieve stress and get the dose of endorphins necessary for the body. As a result, the unconscious need for failures in social life will disappear.

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In our society, unlike in Western countries, the manifestation of masochistic desires for a man is unacceptable - in the patriarchal mentality it is not customary for a man to ask “hit me”. Desires for masochism are carried deep into the unconscious, a person is absolutely not aware of what is happening to him. It is difficult for our man to go for the domination of a woman, but this is a false shame. The main thing is that it is safe and satisfactory for both partners.

You can get an understanding of your mental characteristics and information about getting rid of a scenario of failure already at Yuri Burlan's free online lectures on the skin vector. You can sign up for a free online training using this link.

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