What Is The Real Reason For Homosexuality And Bisexuality?

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What Is The Real Reason For Homosexuality And Bisexuality?
What Is The Real Reason For Homosexuality And Bisexuality?

What is the real reason for homosexuality and bisexuality?

The sexual revolution, which gave rights to gays, lesbians and bisexuals, was the beginning of major changes in society. Half a century has passed, and now all over the world gay marriage is allowed. Due to the lack of understanding of the cause of homosexuality, along with the freedom to express one's feelings, the protest of adherents of traditional families and homophobes is growing …

The sexual revolution, which gave rights to gays, lesbians and bisexuals, was the beginning of major changes in society. Half a century has passed, and now all over the world gay marriage is allowed. Due to the lack of understanding of the cause of homosexuality, along with the freedom to express one's feelings, the protest of adherents of traditional families and homophobes is growing. They call the legalization of same-sex love propaganda for depravity, believing that the younger generation will be mired in vices if the state approves of homosexual marriage. Is it realistic to impose attraction on men for each other? Is it possible to change your orientation at the behest of fashion? The answers to these questions will become apparent after the disclosure of the cause of homosexuality.


The main arguments of the opponents are the unnaturalness of such alliances. Nature divided people into men and women for a reason, but for procreation, which means that natural marriage is only heterosexual. And everything that is against nature is the fruit of an inflamed vicious consciousness, following fashion or imitating idols. They speak without understanding the reasons for homosexuality.

What really motivates men and women who choose partners among people of the same gender? Psychologists disagree. Someone thinks that gays and lesbians are born, someone is sure that this is the result of improper upbringing or lack of it. And Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology clearly identifies the reasons for the diversity of sexual orientation.

Causes of homosexuality: anal libido and frustration

First, let's understand what an undifferentiated libido is and how it causes homosexuality.

Its main characteristic is attraction to both women and men. But this attraction cannot be sexually satisfied simultaneously with both sexes. That is, undifferentiated libido allows a man to be either heterosexual or homosexual.

Normally, an anal man does not even have a shadow of attraction to a child or an adult man - his libido is completely satisfied with love and sex with a woman and strong, proven male friendship over the years. They treat children with trepidation and care.

But, under unfavorable conditions, the same non-differentiation becomes the cause of homosexuality. She constantly makes itself felt and anal sexes can experience tremendous internal stress. Needs are not met, desires are not realized. The mental is at the mercy of the strongest frustrations, which intensify over time. Stress becomes a constant companion. Until the emergence of conscious desires for sex with a man, it is still possible to return to the previous state and achieve harmony. But after the breakthrough, the libido becomes homosexual, becoming the cause of homosexuality.


What do frustrants do in the civilized world? In a society tolerant of same-sex love, it is easier for an anal man to recognize himself as a homosexual, to come to terms with inner protest and fear. And the fears of an anal person who has realized himself to be gay are great. After all, his erogenous zone, the anus, which so excites his imagination and worries his soul - from now on will be involved in sex! The anal opening is a source of feces, which means dirt. And dirt is the main enemy of the anal. All this struggle between principles rooted in consciousness and new desires, anal people go through alone. But it is easier and easier for them if they are sure that the environment will support them.

Thus, millions of frustrated people around the world come to terms with their orientation and arrange a new life. They are looking for a partner, equip their life, and finally find peace of mind and harmony. In such conditions, the anal sex acquires its former spiritual qualities.

Causes of homosexuality: cutaneous bisexuality and fear

The libido of dermatologists is known to be relatively low. And if a man was born with a skin-visual ligament, then his libido is also lowered by anti-sexual vision.

With visual deficits, the soul of a skin-visual man is filled with fear. Fear of darkness, loneliness, death, little green men, giant jellyfish - whatever. Often, this has been going on since childhood. Parents could not develop in a little skin-visual boy such properties as empathy and compassion, capable of supplanting fear, and the world is sometimes so cruel and fraught with many dangers …

In a state of scarcity, primal visual fear is firmly rooted in the mental and torments kz-boys, becoming the cause of homosexuality. Remember how as a child you ran out of the toilet at night, jumping onto the bed and those monsters that appeared under it, in the closet, or outside the door? Now imagine that a skin-visual boy in a state of lack experiences such fear every day, only his monsters are much more terrible.

Kz-boy's main fear is to be eaten. Now, naturally, no one will eat it - except for the rarest cases of cannibalism, of course. But fear - this sticky and cold feeling that fetters the heart - lives inside them. What to do? How to protect yourself? How not to be eaten? - Pretend to be a girl.

Thus, it is fear that becomes the cause of homosexuality among KZ boys.

The skin-visual girl will not be eaten. They will pat her on the head and take her under the wing. Someone is urethral, ​​but most will find protection from strong and stocky anal sex. They will be protected and loved, fed and clothed. Skin-visual girls do not give birth, so the anal sex will not lose much if there is a boy instead of a girl. Not everyone, of course, but the one who crossed his inner Rubicon. The boy, of course, does not really want to, but protection and support are more needed, so sex is not so much for peace of mind.


And if on the way there is a strong urethral, ​​which will take pity on the skin-visual boy and hide him from the smelling scent and his companion, the voracious oral, the boy will repay her with all the ardor of visual love. And he will not even think about an anal. As long as the urethral does not throw him alone to be eaten.

Particularly sensitive kz-boys (it is worth noting that such boys are 50) can rush from urethral to anal sex, diluting them with impressionable kz-girls, with whom, however, they never have a strong bond. The reason for homosexuality also lies in the fact that their weak libido cannot differentiate sexuality. She is neither hetero nor homo. We love who is stronger. Well, sex … Sex is all that a skin-visual boy can repay for good nights without monsters under the beds.

The Reason for Homosexuality: Why Legalization and Tolerance Are Important?

Now imagine what happens if gays and lesbians are illegal. If the society sharply condemns people of non-traditional orientation. What should those men who have crossed their inner Rubicon and there is no way back or forward?

There is no attraction to women. Attraction to a man is forbidden. A powerful libido requires energy release, needs satisfaction. The mental of a person turns into a living hell, lack and stress reach their climax. Consciousness is clouded, the boundaries of moral and legal are erased. The anal person is no longer able to control himself and his desires. But how to satisfy them?

Rape. A sick imagination draws only this path. But an adult and strong man is not so easy to persuade to have sex. In addition, an anal torment, tormented by mental anguish, is not the strongest opponent in a fight. Only children remain.

Thus, the cause of homosexuality and pedophilia is the same. It is easier to drag a child into a dark basement, forest plantation or garage. He is more obedient and easily intimidated. When committing violence, the frustrant is in a state of trance - so great is the force that requires satisfaction. Later comes panic and feelings of guilt and … fear, which often push the rapist to kill the victim.


Thus, homophobia pushes men with homosexual desires straight into pedophilia. Now think, wouldn’t it be better to leave them the opportunity to fulfill their needs in a male adult couple than to get an uncontrollable increase in sex crimes with children? And finally, leave alone the rights of gay people. They feel bad even without your help.

Listen to what Yuri Burlan talks about the reasons for homosexuality in an excerpt from one of the second level lectures:

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