Intimacy. Fear Of Failure For The First Time

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Intimacy. Fear Of Failure For The First Time
Intimacy. Fear Of Failure For The First Time
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Intimacy. Fear of failure for the first time

Fear of intimacy with a woman, as a rule, arises in men who have a high libido, who have a special priority of family values, loyalty and purity. Every woman dreams of such a man …

Failure at the first intimacy with a woman can undermine self-confidence for a long time, prevent the creation of relationships, and this happens quite often, and with those men who by nature have a great libido.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan will help to understand this delicate issue and to regain the confidence and joy of intimate relationships without a shadow of worries to be not up to par.

The man every woman dreams of

Fear of intimacy with a woman, as a rule, arises in men who have a special priority of family values, loyalty and purity. These are the owners of the anal vector.

Every woman dreams of such a man! By nature, a man with an anal vector is very caring and tries to please his partner, moreover, he is endowed with a great libido. This is the ideal husband, loyal and devoted. It is such a man who is called monogamous, for him attachment to his woman, in which he knows every "crack", is very important. And the better he knows, the more he loves. Every year such a man deepens his feelings and more and more feels his woman. Emotional connection and trust in a woman is of great importance in this.

A man with an anal vector is conservative, loves everything that is time-tested, and therefore reliable. The longer he is in a relationship, the more he values ​​them. Stability and constancy is his need. But the novelty for him is a stress factor. And this is one of the reasons that the first sexual experience, including with a new partner, is a huge stress for him.

Fear of intimacy
Fear of intimacy

Two stressors: novelty and fear of dishonor

By nature, such men are rather indecisive. And the priority of quality and purity sets high demands on the future partner. Therefore, as a rule, they choose a woman for a long time, then they set themselves up for a long time to take the first step - to get acquainted, invite her on a date, make an offer.

The moment of first intimacy is overly important for them and feels overresponsible, and this introduces stress. In addition to the fact that everything new for such a man is alarming and causes discomfort, it is very important for him to always be at his best, he wants to be the best for his woman. Therefore, he worries that something might go wrong, especially if he did not have experience. The first experience is extremely important for a person with an anal vector; it leaves an imprint on all further relationships with a woman.

If the first experience is unsuccessful, then it reinforces the already existing fear of intimacy and can literally hang an anchor for a long time. Subsequently, the man is afraid of repeating the negative experience and sometimes avoids relationships, so as not to experience failure again. Avoiding relationships does not solve the problem, however, and over time, fear of intimacy can only increase. A systematic understanding of your psychological characteristics helps you cope with this fear and create stable relationships.

Understanding the causes is a guarantee of deliverance

The fear of intimacy in a man with an anal vector is based on his natural fear of disgrace. In fact, this fear is a huge driving force: it pushes him to become the best student in the class, and then - a high-class specialist, a real expert in his field. He lays in a person the tension that is necessary for development and movement forward.

It is important to understand that this fear intensifies when a person is focused on their experiences. But if you are aware of your psychological characteristics and think not about fear, but about the desire to please your beloved woman, the fear will go away.

Such a man will be comfortable slowly getting closer to a woman, he does not need to force events. It will be ideal if he gets to know her better first so that trust develops between them. It is then that intimacy will become a natural continuation of the relationship and will not cause discomfort, but only the pleasure of connecting with your beloved.

How to get out of fears and bad experiences

A deep understanding of your natural characteristics, your psyche will help to relieve the fear of intimacy, and this can be done already at the free online training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, where one of the lessons is completely devoted to revealing the psyche of the owners of the anal vector.

Knowledge of systemic vector psychology will help get rid of any anchors associated with sexuality, open a new depth in relationships. This is what the training participants say:

Closeness and pleasure
Closeness and pleasure

Do you want to forget forever about problems in intimate relationships and experience incredible pleasure from intimacy? Come to the free online training "System Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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