How To Meet A Man: Features Of Places To Meet

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How To Meet A Man: Features Of Places To Meet
How To Meet A Man: Features Of Places To Meet

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Where to meet a man: a way out of loneliness in a big city

Where to go and where to meet depends on what kind of man you want to meet. An active and nimble earner? Calm couch potato? An emotional and romantic gentleman? A philosophically minded seeker of the meaning of life? They are "found" in different places depending on their interests …

In a big city, you feel loneliness so keenly! Everyone is running somewhere, it seems that nobody cares about you. And I want spiritual, human warmth. To have a beloved man nearby: strong, kind, dear. But how to meet him in this human anthill? Where and how to meet a man for a serious relationship?

Preparing to meet

The secrets of where to get to know men better are known and revealed by Yuri Burlan's training. First, let's prepare for your exciting and fateful meeting.

  1. The main thing that attracts a man is the smell of a woman (her natural pheromones). In a big city, smells mix, and you get lost against the background of other girls. Therefore, even natural couples find it difficult to find each other. Use a good perfume: your natural pheromones get hooked on them, like on "helicopters". In this way, a potential partner finds you much easier. (There are peculiarities of your smell - we'll talk about that below.)
  2. With the visual periphery, the man evaluates the purity of the surface of the skin of the woman's face. A healthy face and good makeup always add to the chances of attracting a man.
  3. What to wear? Clothes are a sexy attribute! Of course, you need to approach this without fanaticism - you should not suffer with a 13 cm stiletto heel and a mini-skirt if you are uncomfortable in this. But trying to find a pair in worn-out sneakers is not the best solution. Moderate fashion-following will do just fine.
  4. A woman always sets the tone in a relationship. It is important to remember this from the beginning of the acquaintance. If you are counting on a serious relationship, you should not use dirty words or laugh at any reason, even to relieve awkwardness and tension. What is the message at the beginning, so the man will continue to perceive you.

So, we are ready for the upcoming meeting. Now the main question is: where to meet men in order to meet a worthy couple?

Place of acquaintance

Where to go and where to meet depends on what kind of man you want to meet. An active and nimble earner? Calm couch potato? An emotional and romantic gentleman? A philosophically minded seeker of the meaning of life? They are "found" in different places depending on their interests:

Where to meet a man picture
Where to meet a man picture
  1. Exhibitions, theaters, art galleries. Here you can meet sophisticated, sensual and romantic men - the owners of the visual vector. On the Internet, their communities - in painting, graphics, photography. Highly developed and realized visual people participate in those social movements and social media groups that are aimed at helping the sick and the needy. Their natural talent is compassion and love for people.
  2. Promotions and social events. Here, too, you can find many visual men. After all, they are demonstrative extroverts, they love to be around people. Establish emotional connections easily.
  3. Places of study. Universities, courses. Reading rooms of libraries. Historical museums. If you are wondering how to meet a man who will become the best husband and father of a family, you should definitely take a look around these places. It is here that you can find carriers of the anal vector. On the Internet, they often communicate on sites for specialized specialists (professionals), and from a hobby - in groups on history, past times. They support any actions of memory, reverence for ancestors. May get carried away with handicrafts.
  4. Mutual friends. If you already have a man in mind with anal properties, then the best way to meet him is through mutual friends. If his best friend gives you a flattering recommendation or advice to take a closer look at you, then half the battle has already been done.
  5. Fitness clubs, gyms, tennis courts. Those who like to keep themselves in shape come here - these are mobile and active owners of the skin vector. Ambitious, dedicated career builders. Natural miners.
  6. Tourist bases and communities on the Internet for active recreation (hiking, river rafting and even parachute jumping) are also an area of ​​interest for people with a skin vector. They are also attracted by the principle of novelty and interest in technology. Often, such men can be subscribed to public pages dedicated to novelties in the field of technology and technology.
  7. The Internet. Every city dweller today uses the worldwide network, but there are people who literally live there. These are sound people - mysterious, uncommunicative, philosophical people. If you are wondering where to meet a guy who is looking for the meaning of life, then the easiest way to meet this is online. The groups to which the sound people are often subscribed are devoted to knowing oneself and the Universe. They also love scientific publics (they are interested in how everything works). They appreciate poetry (especially about the meaning of life, in the spirit of Brodsky), music (rock, classics, instrumental compositions - depending on the state of the person).
  8. Public places (work, transport, shops). You can meet anyone here. Even an unsociable sound engineer sometimes still goes for bread and commutes to work (even with headphones and dark glasses). But in order to navigate in large crowds of people - to whom to approach, and to whom it is better not to, system-vector psychology must be known "perfectly."

Not the best options for a serious relationship:

  1. The resort is not the best place for serious dating. The person is tuned in to short-term relationships, and not to building sustainable relationships. Determined to rest, not make an effort to create a stable pair.
  2. Similarly, it is doubtful to look for serious connections in alcohol bars and nightclubs. This vacation usually involves light flirting, or "hard" flirting, but no one goes to a bar to find a wife.

How to meet men so you don't seem intrusive

A good option for casual dating is to find common interests for communication, a topic that will involve both of you, which will be interesting for both of you to talk about. For example, if you yourself have a visual vector, you can find an interlocutor at an exhibition or on the Internet - in a community for photography, graphics, and design. And to strike up a conversation with a man - about what really interests both you and him (otherwise you simply would not be here together).

If you have a sound vector, there is no more comfortable place than the Internet, for dating. Here, at first, a like-mindedness develops, without which sound specialists cannot do, and only then love and passion, if common meanings are found.

If you are deeply indifferent to the achievements of our players or the device of the carburetor, you should not prepare according to encyclopedias and shine with your “competence”. Naturalness will not work anyway, and the connection will not be built. When choosing where to meet a man and how to start a conversation, rely on a real, not a fictional, contact of interests.

To relieve embarrassment or embarrassment, try to focus on the other person. Unravel his inner world, his psychological properties, character. The less you think about yourself and how you look like, the less awkward you get when dating.

How to meet a man for a serious relationship picture
How to meet a man for a serious relationship picture

Why does a man not take the initiative

In the modern world, a lot can interfere with acquaintance. From massive false attitudes to personal psychological characteristics of a person.

For example, the best husbands, the owners of the anal vector, are naturally delicate and modest people. And in a certain state, they can also be overly indecisive. Sometimes there is a whole story behind this: having received a bad experience and severe mental pain in a previous relationship, a man blows into the water, burnt in milk.

A psychologically savvy woman will find an unmistakable approach to open up a man. Maybe while you are tormented by the dilemma "where is my man?" - a real treasure is sitting in the next study. A loyal, gentle and sensual person who just went through a lot of bad things and is in no hurry to take the initiative.

How to become desirable for many and choose the best

You can meet a man in different places. But a woman still wants in her heart for him to come up, speak up, courteous. I want to feel attractive, desired, surrounded by male attention. This can be achieved, the main thing is to know how.

Attraction occurs through smells (pheromones). It is they who inform the man about the psychological state of the woman. Our states are not always attractive - for example, fears, resentments, depression, uncertainty about the future. Every minus that is in your mental baggage unconsciously repels potential fans. And the more such disadvantages, the more "empty" around you.

A man is attracted by a woman who is joyful, happy, full of desire to live and enjoy life. Because the state of a woman is for a man as a resource, as a fuel for his social achievements, achievements, victories. Unconsciously, when his nose “smells” a happy and joyful woman, he feels: it is next to her that I will be able to take place as much as possible. Achieve any heights.

Around such women, fans curl themselves, in large numbers - after all, everyone wants to take place and be happy. Anyone can become such - the choice of potential partners by nature is very large in our country. The main thing is to get rid of your own burden of problems. Many women write about how the state changes after training and there is a crazy attraction for men:

After training, male attention will become a natural part of your life. But there is also a major bonus: the ability to consciously choose the really best partner. His own, dear, with whom the happiest fate will develop.

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