How To Get The Attention Of A Decent Man And Get Married Successfully

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How To Get The Attention Of A Decent Man And Get Married Successfully
How To Get The Attention Of A Decent Man And Get Married Successfully

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How to get married successfully

There was a family, raising children. And two people turned out to be completely strangers, they live like neighbors. They are no longer connected by anything, there are no common interests, concerns, which at the very least kept together - for the sake of children. Sometimes the family breaks up altogether. Why is this happening? How can a girl find her soul mate? How to get married successfully? So that truly "… both in sorrow and in joy" - to a ripe old age.

Warm, fine day. An elderly man and woman are sitting on a bench in the park. They feed the pigeons and talk quietly about something. Their faces are so bright, in their eyes there is tenderness, happiness, love. Here a man, leaning on a stick, helps his companion to rise, carefully takes her arm. Slowly, they stroll around the fountain. You watch them, and from overwhelming feelings involuntarily tickles in your throat.

It happens in another way. There was a family, raising children. Many roads have been covered together, many difficulties have been overcome. But then the children grew up, "flew out of the parental nest." And two people turned out to be completely strangers, they live like neighbors. They are no longer connected by anything, there are no common interests, concerns, which at the very least kept together - for the sake of children. Sometimes the family breaks up altogether.

Why is this happening? How can a girl find her soul mate? How to get married successfully? So that truly "… both in sorrow and in joy" - to a ripe old age.

Who can tell you a simple method to get married successfully?

We observe that other people's experience of relationships does not help us to repeat it exactly. After all, it happens that parents lived, as they say, in perfect harmony, and the family life of children does not add up. Everything is there - both an illustrative example, and the instructions of parents about mutual understanding, respect for each other. But it doesn't add up. Parents with all their hearts wish their children happiness in family life. However, they cannot convey in words what helped them to carry through the years the tenderness and sincerity of feelings and how they could achieve this themselves, unconsciously. Precisely unconsciously - because our psyche is hidden from us.

From birth, each person is endowed with a unique set of desires - vectors. These unconscious desires determine the way of thinking of a person, his priorities and values ​​in life, especially his response to the outside world. Sometimes we do not even imagine what our true desires, natural talents are, on which our actions depend. We do not know ourselves, we do not understand people - hence all our troubles, life "at random".

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan makes it possible to understand the peculiarities of your psyche. It helps a person find the right decisions, understand how to build relationships, figure out what you need to know in order to successfully get married.

Begin with yourself

Yes, you have to start with yourself. “This is how I do everything for this. I watch myself. I behave easily, naturally, I smile, although sometimes I am not laughing. And most importantly, I learn to love myself. But I don’t attract the attention of men whom I would like to marry”.

You can smile, portray a good mood. But if cats scratch their souls, if grievances, fears, pain have accumulated, then you cannot disguise it, you cannot hide it with any make-up, and you cannot sprinkle it with perfume. People around us notice not only how we look. They react to pheromones - unconscious smells that reflect our inner emotional state.

How to successfully get married picture
How to successfully get married picture

To start with yourself means to understand your states, to put things in order - first of all in the soul.

Knowledge of system-vector psychology gives a deep understanding of their mental characteristics, reveals the causal mechanisms of the occurrence of all mental imbalances, helps to get rid of resentment, fears, irritation. Only if we put things in order inside, that is, bring the psyche into a balanced state, can we transmit positive emotions, genuine happiness to the outside world, and be attractive to men.

The inner state, the perception of past events, the surrounding world changes - and people feel it, they are drawn to you. It is good, easy and joyful for them to be near such a person. Then, as a rule, men appear - those who are open to a real relationship with a girl.

Who to marry: such different men

And now everything is in your hands. Rather, in your knowledge of the structure of the human psyche. Take a closer look and choose who you like.

  • Energetic, fit, fast, agile, sociable - this is a man with a skin vector. Career, social and material superiority are very important for him. And for this he naturally has all the inclinations: logical thinking, rational mind, flexibility of the psyche, natural sense of benefit and benefit. He will be able to quickly reach many peaks, become wealthy, rich. But it is worth remembering that a person with a skin vector is disciplined, punctual himself and naturally demands this from others, you will not be spoiled with such a thing! And they also tend to carefully monitor their health, lead a healthy lifestyle. Diet, sports, activity, mobility - this is what skin people experience pleasure from.

Ready to marry such a man? And remember, even burning with love, he can be very restrained in expressing his feelings and emotions. Savings always and in everything. Even in words. This is also a natural property of the skin vector.

  • There is another type of men. Unhurried, calm and detailed - this is a man with an anal vector. He appreciates stability, does not like novelty, surprises and surprises. Honest, fair, flexible, recognition of others, honor and respect are important for him. He reaches his heights in the profession by hard and painstaking work, a high-quality approach to business. This is a faithful husband and a caring father. Something broke? You don't have to ask your neighbor for help or invite your “husband for an hour”. He has golden hands, he is able to repair, make, in general, create comfort in the house with his own hands.

He loves order in everything, in his office folders and papers are stacked in straight piles. In the workshop, all the tools, bolts and nuts are on their shelves, in their drawers and jars. The real master of the house. For many, such a marriage is an earthly paradise. Only if it doesn't bother you that he is a homebody by nature. And it is very difficult to get him to visit, to the cinema or the theater.

Married picture
Married picture
  • Do you want romance and unearthly love? Emotional and sensitive, able to notice the surrounding beauty and enjoy the beauty - this is the owner of the visual vector. Open, sincere, he is able to listen, support, comfort. And he knows how to love like no one else in the world. He will definitely keep you company in the cinema, in the theater, and in the exhibition of paintings. He is a sophisticated person, a creative person, and you should not expect great business achievements from him or ask him to fix the tap. But romantic walks in nature and lively, emotional communication are guaranteed to you. This is a person who is able to empathize and sympathize so deeply that a confidential conversation with him will replace visiting any psychologist.
  • Are you interested in this mysterious, brooding man? This is a person with a sound vector. His thoughts are directed deep into himself, his interests are outside the material plane. He is busy looking for the meaning of life, revealing the secrets of the creation and structure of the Universe. Not that he was not at all interested in earthly joys, but there should be meaning in everything. Everyday vanity, a successful career will not necessarily be his priorities.

By nature, he is endowed with abstract thinking, the ability to concentrate, a tendency to cognize meanings. His life is an eternal search for the meaning of his own existence, the meaning of life in general. In real life, this is often a distracted, detached and silent person. He may seem indifferent, as he is focused on his states. He may not tell you about his feelings, even if a volcano of passions is raging inside. In a relationship with a woman, he appreciates the intellectual connection, the opportunity to stay close and be silent "on the same wavelength", this gives him psychological comfort. But if you want to understand and listen to him, you can learn a lot of new, interesting things from the field of science and fiction.

Difficult choice?

Thinking? Yes, there is something. The human psyche is multifaceted. We must also take into account that there are eight vectors in total, and each has its own set of desires and characteristics. And any person is the owner of several vectors, and the degree of realization of their properties is different. This all significantly affects how a person manifests himself in life.

It's no secret that at the moment we meet, we want to look better, we show only the good sides. But time passes, and we see completely unfamiliar qualities of a partner. Stressful situations, troubles, when a person does not control his emotions, reveal what can become an unpleasant surprise. How can you avoid a fatal mistake, make the right choice in order to consider in time who is in front of you - an economical person or just a mean, a lover of order or a tyrant in the home?

One cannot do without a deeper knowledge of system-vector psychology. Understanding a person's psyche, one can foresee his behavior, know thoughts and even secret desires, which he may not be aware of himself. Successfully getting married does not just mean finding a rich businessman, charming a man you like with feminine things. The main thing is to understand your soul and his, to be able to create a strong bond with this person. And then together you are able to reach any heights!

Get married picture
Get married picture

How to carry your love through the years and trials

In our rapid age of speeds, great changes are taking place in all spheres of life, including paired relationships are significantly transformed. Questions of sex, relationships, contraception are no longer intimate issues. You will not surprise anyone that a couple, after living for a year, break up. And yet, when a woman gets married, she dreams of eternal love and endless happiness. A woman is an inspiration, she sets the tone for relationships. And therefore, your knowledge, your wisdom is the guarantee of your general happiness.

The beginning of a relationship, when we are in love, when we are able to be absorbed by the loved one to the maximum, is the time when a strong, reliable bridge can be built. A bridge along which you will walk hand in hand through life over the abyss of quarrels, stress and other everyday troubles. This bridge is an emotional bond in a couple. Both the chief architect and builder are a woman.

Passion is short-lived, falling in love fades out over time, if sincere, trusting relationships are not built when they share their secrets and secrets, starting with memories from childhood and ending with intimate fantasies. Attraction weakens, and the bridges concocted in a hurry from acquaintance to intimacy collapse, leaving an emptiness. There is no emotional connection, mutual understanding - there is no support for a long-term relationship.

If in a couple there is a sincere, deep interest in each other, attunement, then the joys are doubled, and the sorrows are divided in half. Household issues are easier to solve, all life problems are overcome. There is a subtle feeling of the emotional state of a loved one, a willingness to share all adversities, at the right time to support, inspire, deeply imbued with his problems.

Creating an emotional bond is in the hands of a woman, but it takes time and the involvement of both partners. The woman sets the tone, makes it clear that she trusts the man so much that she is able to reveal her soul. Gradually and carefully draws him into this revelation. If we add to this an understanding of the psyche of a loved one, which allows us to understand him as himself, there is complete, mutual trust. And then it's not just passion that unites you. Your souls seem to grow into each other, become a single whole. You are able to understand a loved one without words, feel desires, literally read thoughts, pronounce the same phrase at the same time.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan will help you understand yourself and get to know your partner, his thoughts, actions, life values ​​deeper. Teaches how to create and maintain an emotional connection in a couple for many years. Many listeners of the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan spoke about their amazing results:

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