Standardization, Globalization - We Shape The Society Of The Future

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Standardization, Globalization - We Shape The Society Of The Future
Standardization, Globalization - We Shape The Society Of The Future

Video: Standardization, Globalization - We Shape The Society Of The Future

Video: Standardization, Globalization - We Shape The Society Of The Future
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Standardization, globalization - we shape the society of the future

Systems thinking makes it extremely understandable and obviously natural for us any, even the most unexpected, turns in the history of both individual states and humanity as a whole. Standardization, globalization and the acceleration of life are quite understandable and even inevitable phenomena of the present time.

The world is global

Globalization is a process of unification and bringing to common standards of economy, politics, culture and all other leading spheres of life of individual countries.

The attitude of political scientists, sociologists and economists to this process is more than contradictory, but globalization continues, gaining momentum, especially in recent decades. This is due to technical progress, the development of transport and information technologies.

The more developed countries (USA and Western Europe) are accused of imposing their own requirements and standards on the rest of the developing countries.


The positive aspects of globalization include a decrease in the level of unemployment and poverty, an increase in the standard of living of the poorest stratum of the population. The negative aspects include the partial loss of the sovereignty of individual states, the loss of uniqueness and the erosion of traditional cultures.

The changes taking place in the modern world have never been observed in the history of mankind, therefore it is not possible to form a clear opinion on this issue, based on the principle “everything new is well forgotten old”.

System-vector psychology makes it possible to see a holistic picture of the real world on the basis of an understanding of the driving mechanisms of the system and the stages of development of the collective mental of all mankind throughout the entire time of human existence as a species.

Systems thinking makes it extremely understandable and obviously natural for us any, even the most unexpected, turns in the history of both individual states and humanity as a whole.

Standardization, globalization and the acceleration of life are quite understandable and even inevitable phenomena of the present time.

Times of great change

The essence and purpose of the globalization process is easier to understand if one has an idea of the phases of development that all of humanity goes through.

The anal (historical) phase lasts until the end of World War II.

The main features of this era are determined by the leading values of the anal vector, such as:

  • patriarchy, personal power and the formation of history under the influence of individuals, when an individual leader, emperor, king or commander could change the course of the history of an entire state;
  • conservatism, unswerving maintenance of age-old traditions obtained from the transfer of information from previous generations;
  • clear division into friends and foes, “clean” and “dirty” according to various characteristics (origin, religious views, skin color, etc.);
  • treating a woman solely as a keeper of the hearth, a mother of children, a wife who is completely dependent on her husband.

During the anal phase, the main values of society are considered honesty, decency, maintaining family traditions, clan, the authority of experience, respect for elders and the past, the importance of public opinion; in any work, quality is most valued, not speed of execution, the highest award for a specialist - a master their business - is public recognition, respect of colleagues in the shop, honor. Money is perceived as a vital necessity, but not an end in itself, a way of rewarding or a measure of success.


The end of the Great Patriotic War marks the end of the anal (historical) phase of human development, and the transition to the next - the skin phase begins.

In this regard, there is a gradual shift in focus on the values of the skin vector. In place of systematization of information comes logical thinking. For the first time, the pace of life is accelerating at times every year, skin high adaptability, quick response, the ability to switch to another type of activity are becoming relevant and in demand as never before. Efficiency and productivity come to the fore in any word, decision, action; the main characteristic of each enterprise is its liquidity.

Such exclusively skin-related areas of activity as engineering technologies receive a sharp impetus in development: more and more various devices are entering our life, almost all types of production are switching to full automation, any technique is improving every year, obsolescence occurs much earlier than physical and new models are thrown into the market is faster than the previous ones. Jurisprudence is in demand (every event in our life is associated with legal formalization, up to family and intimate life), business and trade (until recently, a reseller of goods, considered a speculator, is today considered an ordinary entrepreneur and does not cause former contempt).

In all areas of life, standards, laws and regulations are beginning to be established that are binding on everyone. The institution of marriage, belonging to a certain family name, origin and regalia, the cult of personality, the importance of honor and public opinion are rapidly losing their relevance. Their place is taken by fleeting relationships without far-reaching plans, personal efficiency and productivity, rational use of any resources (human, energy, financial, etc.). Material and social superiority becomes an indicator of a person's success.


Sole authoritarian management is replaced by boards of directors and joint stock companies. All monarchies and dictatorships remain in the past, giving way to parliaments, senates and government, democracy is becoming widespread.

During the transition from the anal to the cutaneous phase of development, the acceleration of life was simply inevitable, as is the natural difference between the pace of life of the impetuous dermal hunter-alimentator and the measured anal guard of the cave, the rear operator.

The cutaneous phase is designed to tear us away from the anal past, prepare us for a completely new form of existence, set a direction, standardize, tearing us away from anal nepotism, clumping on the basis of our own - someone else's, native blood - someone else's blood, my children - other people's children, etc. Her the goal is to redirect the main focus of our psychic from private issues to the interests of society as a whole.

Only through standardization and globalization through the skin phase do we gradually move away from the regulation of social relations that has become obsolete in the past. The cutaneous phase of development is the shortest, since it is a fine line between internal and external, the transition from the world of consumption to the world of bestowal. Skin - it is a shell, peel, border, contour, shape.

The global world, living according to common standards for all, is a transitional form of human existence, a short period, a step before a new phase of development.

Over the horizon

The urethral phase following the cutaneous phase of human development is a completely different form of the existence of human community, one might even say, the opposite of current values.

The priority of the general over the particular, the enjoyment of bestowal, which simply cannot be limited by anything, the interests of society are above any personal interests. Contributing to a common cause will be more important than obtaining personal gain. In the urethral phase, all children are common, all children are mine. The whole world is mine (in the sense that it is important to me, I live by it). And everything I have is common. And I am ready to give all this at any moment and enjoy the bestowal. Any restrictions, frames, borders lose their relevance and disappear as unnecessary. The urethral gaze is aimed at the future, all efforts are aimed at promoting the pack, and the pack of the future is all of humanity.

The life principles of the urethral vector seem completely unrealistic or rather utopian - in the conditions of a modern pragmatic society. Of course, at the level of development at which today's person is, the onset of the urethral phase is simply impossible.


The urethral phase is a giant step in the development of all mankind, which it is able to make only through changes in the only undeveloped vector - the sound vector. These changes are simply necessary for modern society, we all live in anticipation of changes, and global changes.

Each new sonic baby is born with more and more potential in this dominant vector. Sound properties, not finding implementation today, hurt more and more, resulting in severe teenage depression, drug addiction and suicides. The strength of temperament in the sound vector is already much greater than any known opportunity to realize it. Therefore, a step is needed in the development of sound, a transition to another level - in spirituality, in the realization of freedom of choice.

Ice and fire of the Russian mentality

Such a transition is possible only within the framework of the urethral Russian mentality, where the sound spiritual search has never lost its relevance, especially shrilly manifested in the urethral-sound work of great poets, composers, and writers.

The fact is that the urethral and sound vectors never mix, they are so far from each other in properties that they can manifest themselves only in separate periods of time.

The urethral vector is the embodiment of life, its living energy, violent sexuality and the power of the four-dimensional libido, the concentration of life force directed to the future, the maximum life-affirming pleasure of giving, life for people and for the sake of people, the advancement of one's own flock into the future.

The sound vector is a complete detachment from the material world and its values, the search for the meaning of existence, the search for God, the desire for spiritual comprehension, awareness of one's own "I", the desire and ability to understand the true purpose of one's life, abstract intelligence, the only one that has the ability to feel its own mental and the psychic of another as one's own, within oneself. The sound engineer is able to feel the whole world in himself, and himself as an integral part of it.

The urethral-sound combination of vectors makes a person at different periods of time either urethral or sound, such a feature of this vector set allows the sound to manifest itself in its purest form, without mixing with the libido of the lower vectors, in complete isolation from vital needs and desires.


The state of pure sound makes it possible to realize only sound properties, focus exclusively on sound desires, completely go into sound, thus giving rise to unique musical works, genius poetry and prose of the last century, reaching practically unthinkable heights in creativity, which today no longer even partially fills sound musicians …

The mechanisms for combining vectors are similar in nature for an individual person, for a group of people and for the whole society. That is why the urethral Russian mentality gives rise to a state of pure sound, creates the preconditions for spiritual search - the search for an opportunity to realize the sound of the modern powerful power of desire.

Associated with this are the growing poor conditions of the sound specialists, as well as the complete absence of ideas that in the past became the basis of the ideologies of entire countries or stood at the origins of religions. That is why the general negative state of sound specialists, spreading to everyone, is felt as uncertainty in the future, as dissatisfaction with life and the inability to fully enjoy all the benefits of life available as never before.

Having been filled once as much as possible through spiritual bestowal like the animal altruism of the urethral vector, the sound engineer will receive such full-fledged pleasure from life that he has never experienced, because he has never before had the opportunity to realize the received properties so fully. The power of desire, growing every day in the sound vector, increasingly requires this full-fledged realization, and for this it is necessary to conquer a new level and take one step higher in its development.

This very absence of the "carrot", that is, the impossibility of realizing our huge potential in sound, is the stick that makes us go forward in our development, grow above ourselves, painfully seek new ways to realize the innate qualities of vectors.

The simultaneous separation from the previous forms of social regulation in the cutaneous phase and spiritual development in the sound vector create the possibility of a transition to the urethral phase in the global world, to a new form of human existence, in which the ancient animal altruism of the urethral vector is replaced by spiritual altruism, the source of which can be a developed sound vector.


The future is in our minds

The upcoming changes are inevitable, the future of mankind now depends on the realization of freedom of choice by sound specialists. This is the main thing today.

Globalization under the banner of skin is already underway, it is happening before our eyes. Two-dimensional reality, the world of the Big Network is global and boundless. But the more global it is, the more vulnerable it is in conditions of undeveloped sound.

The threat of incarnation of misanthropic ideas by a sick sound specialist persists and will not cease to be relevant until the development of sound into spiritual altruism occurs. The growing possibilities of the Internet every day give more and more chances for the removal of their hatred - pain - suffering by unrealized sound people. These are information wars, opening information bases of defense-industrial concerns, gaining access to space research and strategic development, and the like.

Global processes develop according to certain laws. Changes in the world are inevitable, they do not depend on the individual person and cannot be suspended by him, but the general level of awareness, the degree of understanding of what is happening, depends on each of us. Each person is able to influence the general degree of psychological literacy, make his own personal, single, but, possibly, a decisive step in self-knowledge, in recognizing the psychological mechanisms of development of both an individual individual and the entire social organism, and thereby accelerate the development of sound from egocentrism to spiritual altruism.

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