Chronic Fatigue, Or Why I Constantly Want To Sleep

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Chronic Fatigue, Or Why I Constantly Want To Sleep
Chronic Fatigue, Or Why I Constantly Want To Sleep
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Chronic fatigue, or why I constantly want to sleep

I just want to sleep. Constantly. It feels like I'm tired of living. It is not normal. I can not do this anymore. I want to figure out what is wrong with me. Why can't I finally get enough sleep?

In the morning, after waking up, I do not feel cheerful. As if he hadn't slept at all. Weakness, obsessive fatigue, stiffness and drowsiness haunt me all day. In such a state, no desires, ideas simply arise, there is no inspiration and enthusiasm, you don't want to work or communicate, you don't even have the strength to move. I just want to sleep. Constantly. It feels like I'm tired of living. It is not normal. I can not do this anymore. I want to figure out what is wrong with me. Why can't I finally get enough sleep?

For physiological rest, a person needs eight hours of sleep. However, it happens that a person does not feel rested even after twelve hours of sleep. Such constant fatigue significantly reduces the quality of life. Subsequently, such "spills" at twelve or fourteen hours or more are replaced by another extreme - insomnia.

Tired of life

Long-term, repetitive and obsessive sleep disturbances most often occur in representatives of the sound vector. Such problems result from the lack of realization of innate psychological properties.

Only for sound specialists, especially those who do not use their maximum potential, sleep is not just a physiological rest. For them, this is something more - a respite in an endless internal dialogue, a tedious series of days in which they see no meaning. In a dream, the sound engineer seems to pause his life. If it so happens that life gives him suffering, serves as a source of negative sensations, then he increasingly seeks to re-"pause" and go to sleep.

Psychological fatigue picture
Psychological fatigue picture

However, the more often he does this, the less effective such rest becomes. Because this is actually an illusion of relief - a substitution. There will be no restoration of strength until there is something to restore them for, until a person does not work in full force, does not fully realize his abilities.

It is the process of realization, that is, the embodiment of one's capabilities and talents, that is felt as pleasure, satisfaction, joy, meaningfulness of life. And this is what gives us inspiration and strength, energy and desire to do something else.

In real life, implementation is possible only from the application of real efforts - the work of the intellect to create thought forms that other people need. Writing a book, a piece of music, creating a program code, solving a problem in physics, an engineering solution - any product of mental labor that would be useful to others.

If this pleasure is not there, if our potential is not fully realized, then we feel suffering. Each unfulfilled property turns into dissatisfaction and becomes a source of negative states. We don't like this kind of life. This life is painful. Unconscious. Vague. We feel heaviness, weariness, meaninglessness. I want to rest, dump the load, get enough sleep, but I can't. Because it is not a sleep problem, but a realization problem.

Sleep or not sleep - that is the question

Yes, a sound engineer can sleep twelve or more hours a day. And feeling obsessive fatigue, he mistakenly tries to compensate for this state through sleep. But this does not solve the problem, but only postpones it in time and aggravates it. After waking up, a person again feels the same negative states that they had before the pause for sleep.

This is an attempt to find a way out where there is none. Constant fatigue and drowsiness, which does not go away after prolonged sleep, makes you look for a health problem. Sometimes in such cases a disturbance in the work of the endocrine or nervous system emerges, in this case the help of competent doctors is needed.

We are talking about psychosomatic disorders, when no obvious deviations are found in the body. In the case when the problem concerns the sound engineer, as soon as he focuses his mind, gives the right load to his intellect, his state changes radically.

Formulas and working program code, music and literature are not enough for modern sound engineers. Today is the time of cognition of the human psyche, the motives of our behavior, the cause-and-effect relationships of events and phenomena.

Sleepy picture
Sleepy picture

During the study of the mechanisms of the human psyche at the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, there is a deep concentration and intensive work of thought, awareness of the nature of man, the structure of his soul, which is the most demanded, vital realization for modern sound people. This process captures the sound engineer with his head, and his state changes.

As a result, an amazing thing happens: fatigue, a constant desire to sleep, drowsiness and stiffness go away, but go away not through additional rest or sleep, but in a state of wakefulness - through interest in the information received, through the productive work of thought, through gaining new knowledge and the formation of systemic thinking … "How can you sleep so much when there are so many interesting things around ?!" - so say people who have completed the training.

How the problem of the constant desire to sleep was solved, many trainees of the training "System-vector psychology" say on the results page. This is a fairly common problem in the modern world, the solution to which often lies in the field of psychology.

Sound conditions are not the only cause of constant fatigue. For owners of other vectors, chronic non-fulfillment of desires also leads to apathy and loss of strength; in order to restore normal well-being, they will need to realize their desires - and then it will be absolutely real to realize them.

A person who is keen on his work does not need a twelve-hour sleep for rest. He wakes up with a desire to live, and does not fall asleep in an effort to escape from painful reality. He only needs to understand his own psyche, because knowing the reasons is already half the solution to the problem.

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