Cheating For Wives. Chastity Belt For Men

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Cheating For Wives. Chastity Belt For Men
Cheating For Wives. Chastity Belt For Men

Video: Cheating For Wives. Chastity Belt For Men

Video: Cheating For Wives. Chastity Belt For Men
Video: Wife ‘strangulates’ husband’s penis with DIY chastity belt to stop him cheating 2023, September

Cheating for wives. Chastity belt for men

Cheating often takes us by surprise. We also live in the turmoil of days, behind a mountain of deeds and thoughts, we prefer not to think about what should not happen. We are not waiting for her. She herself bursts into our life. Why do people change and can it be prevented?

The heart of a woman, in her love offended by treason, like a fortress overrun, devastated and abandoned.

W. Irving

- You bastard!

Nika rushed about the room, throwing things on the floor that came under her arm.

- I hate!

She froze in front of her husband and now she was drilling him with eyes sparkling with hatred and tears.

- How could you?!

A crystal vase, presented by his parents on their wedding anniversary, flew into Maxim. Enraged by the news of her husband's betrayal, at that moment Nick was ready to tear him to pieces.

- Hysterical! he shouted, dodging.

- I?! Hysterical ?! - Nika howled, and after the vase went the ashtray. - I know everything! You cheated on me! Your "baby" called while you were in the shower!

Maxim stopped abruptly, as if crashing into an invisible wall: this he obviously did not expect.

- Baby, it was just sex … just sex … She's a stupid fool! Don't trust her! I love you! - the next object sent on the flight did not give him to finish. - Yes, you finally calm down!

- Are you suggesting that I calm down? Calm down ?!

He was forced to dodge again. Max in two jumps crossed the room and grabbed his wife by the arms.

- This is not treason! It was just sex! - Slowing down his tone, he said, trying to restrain his desperately resisting wife.

Nika pulled her hand out of her husband's fingers tightly holding her and slapped him in the face, riding down the cheek with sharp nails. The urge to tear Max to pieces grew stronger. She always suspected that he was not an example of loyalty, but did not want to believe in the endless gossip stories of her friends. And yet, the worst thing, which she did not expect, happened - her husband's betrayal, how to survive it, which so suddenly fell on her, breaking her heart and crippling her soul, she did not know.

Max held her tightly, not allowing the eccentric beauty to grab anything else from the table.

“You are a monster,” his wife whispered, straining in his arms, but as if resigned to the fact that it would not be possible to escape.

- I'm filing for divorce!

Her cold and calm voice frightened: icy detachment deprived the man of control over the situation. He didn't know what to do. Max felt something break in her. That she sees things differently. And she really hurts! Nonsense! This is not the betrayal of a loved one experienced in poetry and prose, it's just sex! Moreover, another sex without feelings and emotions.

Why doesn't she understand that she is and will always be his only beloved and desired woman?

Cheating for wives pictures
Cheating for wives pictures

- No, no, I will not give you a divorce! I love you, dear, beloved, good … - Maxim's voice trembled, he began to cover his wife's hair with kisses.

Do you know this situation? Cheating husband, how to survive it? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Or are you afraid to face the fact that the world, created with love, for a long time, methodically, will split into a million pieces, when such a girl for sex appears on the side?

You are tormented by the question: how to recognize treason?

At the same time, thousands of couples live in free relationships and are happy with each other. Others do not even allow you to look away. And someone begins to take revenge for treason.

“All people are different,” you say. Do you know why, how, what drives them? Are you seeing signs of your husband's betrayal everywhere? Do you see them? Do you feel it? Are you ready to give a lot to prevent tragedy, to save yourself, your loved one and your relationship from inevitable collapse?

Ah … You don't know what to do in order not to fall into depression, so as not to go crazy, looking for flaws in yourself, so as not to waste time cursing your rival. Do you know what you will do after your husband's betrayal has fallen on the head, although this could have been foreseen and prevented?

And the knowledge gained at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan will help you notice in time that something is wrong, and change relationships, improve them, prevent betrayal.

And if this has already happened, then understand, forgive and … live on, developing, realizing and feeling happy.

“Impossible,” you say. Well … and you try.

Divorce and maiden name, how to find out about a girl's betrayal

Cheating on a friend is much more painful than cheating on a loved one, because you expect it less from him.

Etienne Rey.

- Whore!

A blow with a backhand palm threw Lina against the wall. She collapsed to the floor at the groom's feet, groaned dully in pain, but immediately raised the furious gaze of the wild wolf, unbroken and unconquered. The man did not stop, driven by rage and resentment, he lifted her like a kitten and made her look into his eyes. Line's amber gaze glared at him defiantly. How can he now live with the betrayal of the bride? How?

He loved her so much!

- Whore! Another blow cut the girl's lip. Alina trembled in his arms, but did not say a word. She waited for him to calm down or take out all the hurt and pain on her.

Cheating with a friend! Unthinkable, disgusting, disgusting, dirty. With his best childhood friend! And even before the wedding.

Lina raised her head sharply, pushing the guy away from her with unexpected force. Anton swayed and fell into a chair, not taking his evil gaze from her.

- Yes, I slept with him.

He muttered something inarticulate, but didn't get into the fight anymore. His body went limp in the chair, he seemed to be shorter, deflated, tears flashed in his eyes. Alina wiped away the blood with a trembling hand, froze, examining it on her own fingers. The salty, metallic taste in the mouth was nauseous. As well as the discouraged look of a once loved one. Favorite? She did not tolerate attempts to restrict her freedom. Anyone.

Cheating for wives of any photos
Cheating for wives of any photos

Anton did not let her go to Egypt with her friends. He argued that "the Arabs will be staring at you there." Is she a little girl and can't make decisions for herself? She's not his property! Naturally, Lina did her own thing. She told the guy that she was leaving for her parents, and she and her friend went to the pyramids. The scandal that Anton threw her, the girl remembered for a long time …

Oleg appeared on the horizon unexpectedly. He was a close friend of Anton, and as soon as the latter went on a business trip, he showed up on the threshold of Lina's apartment. She did not fight the temptation …

- And what will you do to me? Will you hit again? - Lina said quietly.

Common situation? Faced with her, a man like Anton will learn for life that all women are whores, dirty, and there is no need to deal with them. After such an event, he is no longer interested in how to find out whether his wife loves or not, he just wants to burn all the bridges to make sure that they are all the same forever.

Do you know how to determine the true reason that prompted a woman to commit adultery? The situation is real and all too familiar. They can act out of spite, remembering an undone gift, an unbought ticket, or a limitation of personal space - because of anything, if their skin interests are affected. Oh, you still don't know what the skin vector is, and how its underdevelopment manifests itself in relationships …

In that case, please, one more example.

Yes, boss, I'm yours …

Infidelity is like death - it knows no nuances.

Delphine Girardin

The door opened silently, letting in a tall girl in a jacket and short skirt. The secretary confidently paraded with a tray in her hands to the chief's table. She bent down with a sweet smile, demonstrating a deep neckline on her blouse, put on fragrant freshly brewed coffee.

Alexander imposingly leaned back in his chair. Svetlana stood close enough, almost touching his hand, asked with caution in her voice:

- Did you ask me to come in?

He smiled, looking forward to a worthy end to the week … and the probationary period of the new assistant secretary. He looked the girl in the eyes. Don't you understand? Didn't guess why he had called her?

Svetlana, a little uncertainly, ran her hand through her hair, dimming and at the same time bold under his gaze.

Alexander spun in the chair to face her, and with a gesture ordered the girl to come closer. She obeyed, not taking off his face an excited and at the same time inviting gaze.

At that moment the girl did not think that from the position of her boyfriend these actions were treason. She simply submitted to the will of her boss. She liked this confident and bossy man.

Alexander drew her to him around the waist. The girl was good, extremely quick-witted … and supple.

Female infidelity is a versatile phenomenon. But more and more often you have to deal with it as a way to get what you want and strengthen your own positions. Women with undeveloped skin vector perceive their body as an asset, which pushes them to cheat on guys without realizing that this is really cheating. They simply give their body in order to get a job, money, jewelry, position - whatever, treating sex as a bargaining chip. Having learned to see the skin vector in a person and the state in which he is, it is easy to understand how to determine the betrayal of his wife. The state of her vector properties will tell you whether she is capable of it.

Do you understand the psychology of cheating? Do you see the true reasons that determine the behavior of your chosen one? Can you save yourself, her and your relationship from imminent collapse? Or maybe it is much more important to find out, not how to convict your partner of cheating, but what measures to take to prevent cheating?

We're too used to labeling. Womanizer! But at the same time, we do not always understand what really drives a man? Skin pursuit of novelty? Or urethral recoil, determined by the species role, which was laid down millennia ago? Or maybe your anal-visual, monogamous by nature, man rushes between his wife and his mistress, sincerely loving both? And this brings himself to a heart attack?

Almost always, the news of the betrayal of a loved one is so unexpected and painful that for some time you do not understand what to do and how to continue to live with this burden in your soul.

You look back, scolding yourself, looking for the guilty, racking your brains and breaking your heart with doubts: was it possible to prevent her, was it possible to keep the relationship?

Save photo relationship
Save photo relationship

The betrayal of his wife makes one go into a binge, or hit work, or, on the contrary, unties his hands - then he goes all out. For such a man, adultery means an imminent breakup. And the other does not matter: we are not things to belong to each other completely. He simply will not waste time on a showdown, maintaining a relationship that does not limit freedom.

We see the tip of the iceberg, indifferently define a person as a "womanizer", sometimes without hesitation in expressions, and categorically refuse to even try to understand. How to find out treason? Do you feel so good about your partner to immediately determine what really drives him?

Or maybe you need a monogamous partner who will never betray you under any circumstances? Then you will be sure that you will never face such a problem as cheating on your husband, how to find out about it.

Really needed?

Can treason be forgiven?


The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan will help you not only to endure the betrayal of a loved one, but also to learn to live without looking back at past grievances. You will see people and the world in new colors, you will be able to determine how a person breathes and lives, what you personally need - this will allow you to understand with whom it is possible and necessary to build relationships.

The betrayal of the woman you put your heart into will cease to be a gaping wound. The betrayal of the man around whom you have built a new world, designed only for the two of you, will not break your life into small pieces. Cheating on her husband, how to find out about her - such thoughts will forever leave your head, because you will know exactly what the person with whom you have connected your life is capable of.

Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" is your opportunity not to acquire negative experience again, this positive knowledge is the key to being happy.