Who Beats Wives And Writes Nasty Things On The Internet. Unrealized Anal Vector

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Who Beats Wives And Writes Nasty Things On The Internet. Unrealized Anal Vector
Who Beats Wives And Writes Nasty Things On The Internet. Unrealized Anal Vector
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Who beats wives and writes nasty things on the Internet. Unrealized anal vector

Trolls get involved in conversations, start aggressive arguments and, what is most unpleasant, leave traces of their life in the form of nasty things in comments to their own and other people's blogs on any occasion. They get it unreal. Who are these people and why are they crap on the Internet? An explanation was found for this …

The Internet is a word + a picture. Sound-visual space, which arose as a result of the highest realization of sound-visual intelligence. The problem is that not only intellectuals and intellectuals use it, but everyone, both "good" and "bad". The latter, with enviable persistence, turn this virtual territory into a latrine. They get involved in conversations, start aggressive arguments and, what is most unpleasant, leave traces of their life in the form of nasty things in comments to their own and other people's blogs. They get it unreal. Who are these people and why are they crap on the Internet? An explanation was found for this …

The answer to this question is given by the training System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. It turns out that this is a specific type of people with exactly the same problems, easily recognizable with the naked eye.

There is such a concept "anal vector" in System-Vector Psychology. So, so-called "unrealized analniks" are shitting on the Internet. Moreover, a shitty anal one is not a play on words so funny, it is a direct meaning. These are such good people.

Actually, people with an anal vector in nature are twenty percent. Most of them are super-positive, respected people, but, as they say, the family has its black sheep. Only a small part of those people with an anal vector, who have not found their natural realization, "express themselves" by diluting dirt, if not physical, then verbal. Although to say "express themselves" would not be entirely correct. They don't just smear everything with shit - it's the result of their suffering. Writing nasty things about someone for a little while helps relieve tension and dissatisfaction from yourself. And for people with the same vector, but developed and found their place in life, such behavior, on the contrary, causes only wild rejection.

A realized anal person always has great dislike for unrealized and unhealthy manifestations of his vector in other people. Because it is through himself that he understands better than others that this is unhealthy and bad.


When the anal sex is not developed, not realized or due to circumstances is stressful, does not have a woman with her large and very complex anal libido, the results are disastrous. Such a person will not be in demand - he often sits without work, and if he works, then it is bad, does not finish what he started, is always unhappy and generally cannot find a place for himself in life. Getting into the mental state "I was not given enough", he begins to accumulate dissatisfaction (analogs are generally created in order to accumulate something, starting from the collection of stamps and ending with the accumulation and systematization of scientific knowledge). And then respect, money "not given" (all the bastards), a woman is not in demand (all women are su …). Internal "tar" accumulates: purity in everything in a realized state - in an unrealized state it is replaced by internal and external filth, resentment, sadism,in a desire to compensate for such a bad attitude towards oneself from the world.

Constant arguments begin in an attempt to prove their worth, their mind, their ability. In the realized state, this value is already obvious to others, so there is no need or desire to prove it. And an unrealized anal person feels that she is not there, there is no proper recognition. And at the slightest opportunity, he begins to dig into the smallest detail, where, as it seems to him, something is wrong (although objectively "everything is so"). He begins to find fault and correct where it is not necessary, to teach, to interfere in a normal conversation and add his own "five kopecks", which, in fact, spoil this conversation: this is not just "5 kopecks" in a piggy bank, but a fly in the ointment porridge. In fact, this is an unconscious attempt to get pleasure into your unrealized vector, into your unfulfilled desire. This is his little unhappy pleasure.

Internal "tar" is a nasty feeling inside. Everything around seems disgusting: disgusting in thoughts and actions. Smearing someone with dirt, he thereby, as it were, aligns a person (situation, knowledge, work, merits, whatever) with himself, endows the environment with the same disgusting properties that he himself has. Having smeared the world with his inner “tar”, accumulated and displaced dissatisfaction, he gets relief for a short time.

A very touchy person is also a person who is not sure of his anal value, that is, he feels a "weakness" in his relevance.

Lyrical digression (about the origins).

Anal men by nature have a complex undifferentiated libido (in fact, they are attracted to both women and adolescent boys). Hence the perennial problem with self-identification of one's gender. This is expressed in constant attempts to prove to others that I am a real man. “Are you a man or not a man? Worse than a woman! " They collect knives (it's a cold weapon, so like a man!), Let go of their beards, emphasizing their masculinity. The primitive vocation of a person with an anal vector is the transfer of knowledge about hunting and war to teenage boys. And in order that they “do not forget” to convey this, they are given the “desire” to do it - the attraction to communicate with children, a kind of pleasure from communicating with them. There is an anal vector - it means there is an attraction to pubertal adolescent boys.

The question is posed as follows: is this attraction inhibited, sublimated for the benefit of society or not. Much here, of course, depends on the degree of development and realization of the properties of the anal vector.

The development of sexuality ends after puberty, and subsequently full-fledged sublimation and sexual fulfillment throughout life is critical in whether the anal sex is a “powerful sexual bull” in marriage or becomes homosexual or pedophile at some stage in his life.

When men fight for women "to death and without a trace" - this is the concern of the "bipedal anal" about the transfer of his gene pool in time. All the way, all as Mother Nature ordered. But when a man beats his wife with constancy, painful, cruel and according to the regime - this is a completely different calico. Everything was confused with him. Subconsciously he wants a teenage boy, and fights for him with a woman who is not as desirable for him as he wants, but he has nothing else.

In general … The constant beating of wives (such a phenomenon occurs in the anal vector) is evidence of an unsatisfied homosexual desire.

Well, of course, it is not all right off the bat. For example, a somewhat sexually satisfied anal heterosexual does not beat his wife. He sighs, endures, perhaps “rapes” on the side: he takes off a prostitute, drinks, goes to a rural strip club, masturbates with grief and drunkenness, yells at everyone, harasses him, takes offense, reproaches, takes revenge in a small way, BUT does not hit! Well, he will go for beer with his friends, well, to the bathhouse there, to fry meat on the fire with his comrades in nature, to complain about the unfortunate fate … BUT does not beat! The primitive hand does not rise to this so easily.

But when he regularly hits, in sweetness and in the hunt - these are not huhry-muhry for you, some mythical "sadistic experiences", this is wow as "I want boys", frenzied and hopeless … be aware that such things are happening).


Returning to our rams - the Internet. An anal person who happens to have at least one of the upper (intellectual) vectors (visual or sound) is "more cultured." If developed, of course. In the sense that it does not immediately descend to physical sadism. But he ALWAYS sadistic verbally. All these nasty things on the Internet are nothing more than a consequence of the anal's sexual unrealization, a consequence of his homosexual aspirations. It is he who is most worried about the questions of "fagots", he wants to kill them all, the conversation always goes into this channel and on this topic.

Sad but true: sadistic tendencies, expressed physically or verbally, an insatiable desire to throw mud at everyone, no matter what topic comes to hand, while frequent or continuous swearing, especially "butts" and "assholes", and messages to the same place, mention of assorted, toilets and other latrines - all this speaks of hidden homosexual desires.

A person himself in most cases does not realize it. But, of course, he is trying to satisfy this desire somehow (for itching). Understandably, within the framework of modern ethics and morality. For boys (even if he fully understood that he wants boys), they are imprisoned. And for the dirt on the Internet - no. Well, at least something! He gets a kick out of shit. Feelings that vaguely resemble orgasmic (after all, we are talking about satisfying the natural, sexual desire). And any reaction of outsiders ("comrade, shame on you!") Causes even greater pressure.

Output? The problem is there and will not go anywhere. We need to treat it with understanding, realizing systematically that a person has big problems with himself and how hard it is for him to live with his homosexual tendencies, sexual unfulfillment, which press, risking breaking the dam of modern moral values. And the nasty things on the Internet are just a futile attempt to relieve stress. Learn from afar. Avoid communication. And do not be very upset if such a friend wanders into your blog.

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