Now You Are In The Army: A Defender Of The Fatherland Or A Victim Of A Sadist?

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Now You Are In The Army: A Defender Of The Fatherland Or A Victim Of A Sadist?
Now You Are In The Army: A Defender Of The Fatherland Or A Victim Of A Sadist?

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Now you are in the army: a defender of the Fatherland or a victim of a sadist?

Every modern Russian high school student or student has a clearly formed attitude towards the army. One of two things: negative or loyal - and certainly not indifferent, because everyone will have to serve in the army.

Every modern Russian high school student or student has a clearly formed attitude towards the army. One of two things: negative or loyal - and certainly not indifferent, because everyone will have to serve in the army. Tragic incidents from the life of the barracks, hazing, theft and devastation that we read about in the media - all this inevitably creates a negative attitude towards the army. How could it happen that the once honorable and universally respected service in the army lost its value in the eyes of society, and the shameful label "stupid" was glued to those who passed military service instead of their former pride?

Let's remember how it was in the USSR. In the Soviet Union, serving in the army was honorable and useful - this gave many young people a start in life, the opportunity to prove themselves, to acquire basic skills in their specialty, to join the invaluable cause of defending the great Motherland. Moreover, a guy who did not serve in the army was considered a second-class man: what kind of man is he without the skills of military training, independence, and discipline?


An integral state, in the system of values ​​of which unity and patriotism were enshrined, made the army in the USSR a source of pride for every Soviet person. Supporting these values, the country recalled the horrors of the Great Patriotic War and in every possible way glorified the people who defended and brought the Victory - people in uniform. At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" it becomes clear that such an attitude to the army corresponded to the urethral system of values, on the basis of which the USSR was built. The general is higher than the particular, each person works for the collective, all our children, the future for children - all these elements of ideology were based on the natural urethral mentality of Russians and retained their importance until the collapse of the great Union.

Today's army is often associated with theft, corruption, lack of control, bullying, sadism, fights, accompanied by all kinds of humiliation of human dignity. What is the reason for such a sharp change of signs? In the loss of old value systems and their replacement with new ones - the mental values ​​of an underdeveloped archetypal skin vector.

Starting from the 70s and later, when ideology had already turned into a dead dogma, and the "period of stagnation" made it possible to slightly slow down, relax and recklessly live after the difficult post-war years, cracks spread across the Union, like on thin ice: speculators, smugglers, black markets, "bastards" - archetypal skin people began to adapt to a stagnant society, infecting everyone around them with their values. Their values ​​were as simple as a damn egg: to deceive a sucker, get something valuable and sell, sell for money something that is worthless, steal an expensive thing from work and go unnoticed.


In such a value system, the dark side of the urethral mentality began to manifest itself: the inability to develop in skin restriction, adherence to rules and respect for the law. And as a result, collective irresponsibility, mutual indifference, cunning, arrogance, rudeness and deception came to the surface. That is, the archetypal system of values ​​of the skin vector, which has always lacked the conditions for development in the vast country.

After the collapse of the Union, all previous relations between people (which had previously ensured the functioning of many enterprises and organizations that form the country) disintegrated at all social levels and new ones were built that did not have the goal of preserving the integrity of the state. On this wave, factories stopped, organizations collapsed, power collapsed. Skin chaos swept across the country - the dashing 90s, which claimed the lives of thousands of victims of this geopolitical catastrophe.


In the Soviet Union, as we have already said, it was an honor to serve in the army. This corresponded to the value system of people with an anal vector, who, under Soviet rule, had the best conditions for implementation.

All men went to the army: skin, anal, and muscle. The dermal and anal ones remained in the military service as officers and continued the work of their fathers. When the wind of skin changes blew, the developed skin people, feeling the opportunity to adapt to a new, closer to their nature, state in society, quickly assessing the prospects, as is typical for carriers of the skin vector, left the army. True, some of the leatherworkers remained, and they began to slowly steal government goods.

And those with an anal vector - by their nature tied to the old, with difficulty adapting to any changes, mostly with suspicion and mistrust, honest and stubborn - remained in the army. The values ​​of the anal vector were gradually eroded from the heads of the Russians. Skin archetypal people began to climb up the social hierarchy, and the carriers of the anal vector, unable to adapt to this new state, entered a state of deep resentment.

This was one of the reasons that the army was mothballed. Combat training indicators were no longer needed. Discipline and organization has been replaced by self-organizing bullying. The army absorbed more and more negativity, while the country stuffed its pockets as much as it could.


The troubles of today's army are, of course, not only corruption, theft and humiliation. More shocking is the leaked news of the violence and even death of individual soldiers.


Who is the victim of collective bullying in the army? Who is dipping their head in the toilet? Who can be crippled and even killed in the army? Who are all these cases of cruelty and boundless sadism of "grandfathers" in relation to "young"?

Skin-visual boy - cutesy, flirtatious, handsome, well, just like a girl. Dresses fashionably, with a chain around the neck (required). Such kind. Such boys are guaranteed to become victims of sadists in the army - underdeveloped men with an anal vector. For several reasons.

Firstly (and this is the main thing), the skin-visual boy is not ranked, that is, he has no right to bite, a natural place in the animal hierarchy. In the army, it is thanks to natural ranking that the group self-organizes, elements of natural self-government appear. Of course, there are always officers and regulations, strict discipline. But as soon as the doors of the barracks are slammed shut, animal ranking comes into play - the so-called hazing.

All ranked young people already know their rank and place in the group or flock in advance. This ranking between all boys first occurs during childhood. Boys push, sometimes even fight for the right to a female, for the right to continue their race. And dermal-visual boys naturally have no rank, do not know their place in the pack and instantly become outcasts, objects of ridicule and bullying, socially neglected. The same fate awaits all other skin boys who, for some reason, did not receive their rank in childhood - my mother did not send it to kindergarten, my father did not let him go for a walk, etc.


Secondly, skin-visual boys, experiencing great fear inside themselves, will inevitably excite with this smell of fear the criminal desires of the most underdeveloped part of their colleagues. And most often, as a tendency, sadists with an anal vector, having heterosexual and homosexual parts in their double libido. There is nothing wrong with such sexuality: the homosexual libido of the anal vector is normally sublimated, and its energy is redirected to teaching adolescents and professional realization.

This libido can manifest itself as a direct homosexual attraction only if a man with an anal vector is not socially realized for one reason or another or is not sexually realized in a normal relationship with a woman. Underdeveloped carriers of the anal vector have a high risk of sadistic and homosexual desires.

The owners of the anal vector, not even sadists, will definitely call the skin-visual boy p … som. For his impertinence and coquetry, originally feminine qualities. In Russia, it is not customary for a man to show sensuality. Anal men are homophobic, and the presence of a skin-visual boy nearby, disturbing their homosexual libido, will excite them to sadism and even murder. The "victim's smell" emanating from a skin-visual boy in a victim state (with a victim complex) can also excite underdeveloped muscular men to murder.

There is another sensual boy, kind, but not cutesy and not flirtatious, like the skin-visual one. He is solid, smart, quite a man. Anal-visual. Such can be taken into the army, but only as a clerk at the headquarters. These boys, according to the properties inherent in nature, are excellent students, the best students, the most efficient workers, neat, polite, perfectionists. They always have beautiful handwriting, good memory and attention, and a high learning ability. They easily realize themselves in the army as leaders of an amateur art club.


You can learn more about all vectors and their manifestations in man and society at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".

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