In The Wasteland Of School Education: Teacher Or Tormentor

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In The Wasteland Of School Education: Teacher Or Tormentor
In The Wasteland Of School Education: Teacher Or Tormentor

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In the wasteland of school education: teacher or tormentor

Primary school is a defining period not only for further school, but also for the entire subsequent life of a person. Choosing the first teacher is the most important task for the parents of the future first grader. A mistake can have far-reaching consequences.

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. On September 1, millions of children will sit down at their desks for the first time. Far-sighted parents were not too lazy to find out in advance about the school's rating, the percentage of admissions to higher educational institutions, the results of the exam. Caring mothers are thoroughly interested in the teaching staff - how many teachers are of the highest category? Are there any honored teachers among them? With these questions, they turn to the headmaster and are happy if this is a nice, pleasant woman.

In a fever before the start of the first school year, many parents forget to ask the most important thing - the child's future teacher. What's the big deal, elementary school? Two by two is four. If something happens at home there is someone to prompt, at this level we can handle it. This is how many parents reason and are wrong. Primary school is a defining period not only for further school, but also for the entire subsequent life of a person. Choosing the first teacher is the most important task for the parents of the future first grader. A mistake can have far-reaching consequences.


Learn … love to learn

What should be the first teacher? To answer this question, let us first try to figure out what tasks the child faces in elementary school. Learn to read and write? Solve equations and logic problems? Getting great grades? Be smart, prudent? By itself. But after. And first, the child must acquire the so-called "school maturity", learn to learn: to become disciplined, organized, to feel well the tempo of the lesson, to adapt in the classroom, in the group. This is the base. The transfer of knowledge in primary school is based only on it. No base - all further study can turn into hard labor.

Based on the above tasks of primary school, it is not difficult to draw a supposed psychological portrait of the first teacher, and applying the knowledge of Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology", one cannot fail to see: the skin vector should play a decisive role here. Discipline and adaptability, sense of rhythm and high lability, reasonable limitation and adequate prohibition. A developed visual vector will give a feeling of love, empathy, sympathy to children who for the first time are experiencing the most severe stress of familiarizing with the rules of school life after home freedom.

Taking into account that the number of male primary school teachers is negligible, we get what we are looking for: the skin-visual woman is the only one among women who does not have the natural task of procreation. In the primitive flock, this was a female warrior who, on an equal basis with men, shared all the hardships of field-field life. But peaceful times came, and in order to survive, the skin-visual woman had to adapt, i.e. hide their pheromones, directing all their temperament to raising offspring. Alien. As a rule, such a woman does not have her own. Yes, she does not divide into friend or foe, she treats all children with love.


Who is it easier for?

In the modern skin phase of the development of society in our country, more than ever, the task of forming a generation that meets the social order is urgent, that is, the upbringing and development of properties in the mental children of children that are complementary to the skin society. Only a person who himself sufficiently possesses such properties can cope with this task optimally.

At the same time, the overwhelming number of teachers are carriers of the realized anal vector, because it is this vector that is responsible for the accumulation and transfer of knowledge. The harsh conditions for the development of our country, the feverish and contradictory reforms of the education system in recent years have not brought these people a positive experience. Owners of a rigid psyche, such teachers do not have time to perceive the constantly changing requirements of time and authorities, they hang on failures, accumulate resentment.

Now many teachers rely on the properties of the anal vector in their psychic work in conditions of rapid burnout. Possessing a solid store of knowledge, they are afraid to apply new things, avoid modern teaching aids, preferring blackboards and chalk: is this how they taught us, and what, did they learn poorly? Reinforced concrete argument, especially when you need to deploy a mobile computer lab in a 10-minute break.

By giving in to a new one, a teacher with an anal vector loses to a teacher who has a skin vector, whom he considers an upstart and a dropout. Add to this differentiated teacher salaries instead of previously accepted fixed salaries, and you will understand the degree of dissatisfaction with the anal vector teacher in the modern school landscape. This leads to frustrations in the anal vector, which cannot but be reflected in children, especially in elementary school.

In elementary school, children simply cannot have an example of a boring, tortured and unhappy teacher in front of their eyes. It's also good if such a teacher is sufficiently developed and realized, for example, in a family, so as not to slip into the frustration of the anal vector: - humiliation of students, verbal sadism, inadequate punishment, especially for so-called hyperactive children, of which there are more and more. In the anal vector, all this is quite possible. Actually, the very term "hyperactive" was invented by none other than specialists with an anal vector. You need to understand this: more active than me.


Students in the first and fourth grades are mostly surprisingly mobile kids, noisy and funny. The skin-visual teacher, through the equality of properties, easily understands the needs of children, for example, to change places during the lesson, she herself jumps around the classroom. Now to the blackboard, now to the projector, now she has a toy in her hands, now a picture, now she dances, now she sings. It is easier for her to accept the fact that during the lesson, the children physically need to move around the classroom, that they need movement and a constant change of type of activity: we write, sing, do exercises, sculpt, draw, jump. She herself is! Fast, dexterous, with a clear voice and short, clear speech.

The anal vector teacher usually sits at the table. When he gets up, this is a signal "everybody hide", everybody hides. Such a teacher is prone to long monologues, static, fixed postures. In high school and high school, he would not have been worth it, but in the beginning they fall asleep and, in order not to fall asleep, turn around. Noise and movement are perceived by such a teacher as undesirable elements, he decisively suppresses them, achieving silence and static in the classroom, which is unnatural for primary school age, stress accumulates.

A teacher based on the anal vector, through the equality of properties, believes that one can perceive something only while sitting in silence, without being distracted by anything else. Sing the rule? Jump and clap under exceptions? Reading rap from the multiplication table? Well, you know, you can go far with these wild innovations of yours, the rules must be learned by heart, memorized! It's good when a child has a strong memory inherent in the anal vector, but if not?

Banderlog, are you good … hear?

You can often notice that there is a dead silence in a class of 30 little living people. Not five or ten minutes - the whole lesson. It is considered the highest mark of pedagogical excellence in the anal vector. Being proud of themselves, such teachers like to open the door wide - listen, everyone, how quiet it is! But look at these children at recess, they are running around like crazy, and here it is really worth talking about hyperactivity as a pathology. Only this pathology was created by 45 minutes of sitting in silence and immobility! Accumulated breaks through the edge. The teacher, as a rule, silently waits out this horror, in order to re-enter the restless people entrusted to him into a state of 45-minute numbness after a break.

There are indeed four or five people in the class who, by their very nature, sit quietly and write. The rest are quickie! They need a differentiated approach, different types of work. Only a person with a skin vector can do several things at the same time. It is not easy for a teacher with an anal vector to control several groups of children at the same time. You need to delegate authority. But he cannot, he is his own authority! How can you instruct Petya to check Vasya, but he will check this out there! Only the skin vector is able to create an efficiently working structure under itself and become a leader among … leaders.


Here's my experience and a stupor to boot

Another feature of a teacher with an anal vector is fixation on an error. When I was a teacher, I often had to struggle with this in myself. This is especially true for teaching languages. The child speaks and … makes a mistake. What does the teacher do with the anal vector? Correctly! He immediately corrects this error. The child is in a stupor. He won't speak again. It is extremely difficult for such a teacher to switch from the quality of each individual step to a long-term result. The carrier of the anal vector here and now needs to clean up all errors. This approach does not always and not work in everything, especially in rapidly changing conditions, sometimes you need to be able to leave your “wrong” past for the sake of movement. Relying on the skin vector, this is much easier to do.

The main activity for a child of primary school age is play. In the game you can win or you can lose. For a person with a skin vector, his whole life is a game, he does not fixate on losing, but simply starts a new round. For a person with an anal vector, losing the game (his own or someone else's) is a negative experience. Petya in the last quarter had three in mathematics. How can he get five in this quarter? From the point of view of the anal vector, this is unrealistic. For a teacher with a skin vector - quite real: a game! Hammering children into the once and for all set framework of their first impression, the first experience is the weak side of the teacher relying on the anal vector. In elementary school, this practice is criminal.

Choosing a fairy

The skin-visual primary school teacher is a fairy godmother, delicate, intelligent, cheerful, beautiful. Both boys and girls are equally in love with her. Here the girls surrounded her, took her hands, cling to her, watching with adoration. She is so hand in hand with them and goes to recess - girlfriends! The boys are ready for anything for her - what to do, how to become the best for her, how to manifest? She is supportive, generously giving herself to children, and this stimulates them to show their strengths, especially boys, for whom ranking in the school flock is the most important task of the first year of school.

"Without you I feel like no hands, Sasha." "Help me, Vassenka." Yes, they will move mountains and will get an imprint in the psychic for the rest of their lives - for her sake, a beautiful fairy, I am ready for exploits, she needs me, she is weak and defenseless, I am strong. No upbringing on examples can achieve this, the boy should be in the game from childhood, and the first skin-visual teacher takes him into this game. How to distinguish such a skin-visual woman? After the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, another question arises: how can you not distinguish it? She is beautiful.


When preparing to send your child to school, do not be lazy, dear parents, to come to open days, find out who is taking the class next year, and just look at these people. Look them in the eye, not their track record. This may be yesterday's student, or perhaps a mature woman, although from the back and on the move, you first took her for a graduate.

If there are no such fairies in this school, go to another. Believe me, ratings are easy to write, reviews from others are always biased. In ten school years, your life can change many times, and the child's impression of school is closely related to the image of the first teacher. What this image will be, so will further study - joy or hard labor. In the latter case, a person will not develop and realize himself even after the most prestigious and rated school. There are a million examples of this.

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