Without A King In Your Head. Regent For His Child. Part 3

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Without A King In Your Head. Regent For His Child. Part 3
Without A King In Your Head. Regent For His Child. Part 3
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Without a king in your head. Regent for his child. Part 3

To train the feeling of responsibility for the flock given to the leader from birth is the most important task of raising the Leader. He always relies on his associates. They are as shortage to him as he is to them

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Responsible for those who have tamed

By giving the child the opportunity to make decisions on his own, we understand that he is still a child and can make mistakes. If the urethral child does something wrong, do not humiliate him categorically, it is better to correct it in a deliberative tone, in the form of an assumption: "You probably forgot that the grandmother is not well from loud music" / "I doubt that Petya will be able to do just as well climb on the roof like you."

To train the feeling of responsibility for the flock given to the leader from birth is the most important task of raising the Leader. Most likely, the urethral child will accept your corrections with a smile. And here one cannot but note one interesting nuance. The leader always relies on his entourage. They are as shortage for him as he is for them.

uretralnyj rebenok 31
uretralnyj rebenok 31

To understand exactly what these shortages are, consider the ranking system of any hierarchical group of people, conventionally designating it as a flock. The leader is always the main tactician and only he knows how to climb onto the roof. True, he does not always imagine what to do next.

Tsar, prince, king, prince, shoemaker, tailor - who are you?

A visual day guard is extremely important for the pack, and therefore for the leader. Developed vision is the best assistant in the upbringing of any child, it is vital for the urethral. Visual cultural values ​​will help the leader to realize the mercy given to him in the psychic. Prepare that urethral compassion can distort your vision, this is normal. Urethral mercy is higher than visual pity. He can kill out of mercy, but for sight, the preservation of life is the highest meaning.

The vision, brought out of fear into love, is complementary to the fearlessness of the urethra, which is why it is precisely the developed skin-visual teachers who are considered the best educators of urethral leaders. For such a teacher, an educated boy is not so much a child as a man. She does not put pressure on authority, does not protect him from possible and imagined dangers, but inspires him to overcome them.

The skin-visual teacher of the Russian language and literature for the urethral adolescent is an example of a woman in need of protection. She is not afraid to drop her "authority" by asking for help, she will shift (albeit conditionally) part of her responsibility for the class onto him. The urethral adolescent will gladly provide such a teacher with any assistance, practicing the species role of the leader responsible for the flock. The fearless skin-visual teacher does not shake at the child, which means she does not limit him with stupid prohibitions, she understands that there is no fear, and in this they are similar to the child. She gives the urethral boy a crazy development, imprinting in his mental image of a future combat girlfriend, teaches him to choose the right one.

The anal vector is the vector of knowledge transfer. In the systemic pack, the anal guardians of the hearth are the rear support. An anal father can become a reliable friend, support and support for his urethral son. But it's better to hide the belt away. After all, friends are not beaten, even more so, friends-leaders. It is not easy for an anal dad to give up the urge to teach condescendingly by showing the superiority of experience. It is important to remember here that the past does not exist for the urethral psyche of your child, therefore, when communicating with a child, you should avoid constant references to your past experience: "Here I am at your age …" Anal father and love of history will do a good job. As an example to follow, you can safely take the philosopher Aristotle, the educator of Alexander the Great, or the poet Vasily Zhukovsky, the mentor of the royal family.

uretralnyj rebenok 32
uretralnyj rebenok 32

An empty cage or the beginning of a breakout?

The greatest difficulties in raising an urethral child lie in wait for the skin father. The cutaneous and urethral vectors are contracted. The urethra does not see the skin, does not feel its inhibitions and restrictions, the skin father for the urethral child is an empty space. Knowing this, there are two ways to go: compromise and all-in.

A compromise way: to limit (hurray!) Communication with the urethral "outrageous", to withdraw from upbringing, leaving behind only aliment, and then at least the grass will not grow.

Way for all-in: imagine what unthinkable dividends a properly educated, developed and realized Leader can bring in the future. And start the impossible. The second way will be easier if urethral values ​​are present in the mentality of the skin father. Fortunately, in our country, the majority of the population has a urethral mentality. This gives even a skin father a chance to educate a little leader.

uretralnyj rebenok 33
uretralnyj rebenok 33

Success in this daunting task can turn into a fantastic breakthrough for the country, and not just the security of the skin father in old age. Is the rate tempting? Then you should try to give up the momentary profit for the sake of the upcoming jackpot.

Perhaps this will create a supertask in the urethral vector that only the urethra can solve: the urethral court of the future. The benefits of this development are difficult to overestimate. With urethral, ​​incorruptible and intrepid judges, Russia will finally be able to defeat corruption and theft. Sounds fantastic? Well, once Dmitry Mendeleev, on the basis of his periodic system, brilliantly proved the presence of subsequently discovered chemical elements - scandium, germanium, etc. As they were discovered, these elements were inscribed into empty cells of the periodic system with already given physical and chemical properties.

In Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, there is at least one empty cell - the urethral judge. It is not yet "discovered", it is not yet in our reality, but its properties are thoroughly described. So it will be.

For simplicity, all of the above is described in relation to the urethral boy. It would be dishonest to keep silent about urethral girls, a contradictory, unpredictable and, nevertheless, beautiful phenomenon. You will learn about them in the next part.

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