Problems Of Child Psychology. Raising An Oral Child

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Problems Of Child Psychology. Raising An Oral Child
Problems Of Child Psychology. Raising An Oral Child
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Problems of child psychology. Raising an oral child

Problems of child psychology are always relevant. It is especially timely to resolve them today, in the age of discoveries of the laws of the psyche, and hence the laws of the formation of desires and life scenarios. This article goes into more detail about people with oral vector.

And what about the chatterbox Lida, they say, This is Vovka invented.

(Agniya Barto)

Problems of child psychology are always relevant. It is especially timely to resolve them today, in the age of discoveries of the laws of the psyche, and hence the laws of the formation of desires and life scenarios. In this article, I would like to talk about people with an oral vector.

From this article, parents will be able to better understand how, during the period of mental formation (up to 15-16 years old), the development of the oral vector should be influenced, correcting such negative manifestations as, for example, empty chatter or the desire to pass off non-existent events as real. On the basis of this knowledge, parents will also see in which types of activities their child will be able to realize himself in the best way, and will help him navigate the choice of profession.


In order to develop and / or implement the oral vector as efficiently as possible, it is very important to understand how its properties are related to the natural tasks of humanity, that is, it is necessary to understand the very essence of the oral measure. Therefore, people with an oral vector and parents of oral children would also like to recommend the article "The role and essence of oral measures in the development and preservation of humanity." In this article, we will consider the development and implementation of the oral vector.

Problems of raising children. Oral baby development

Wanting to initiate his erogenous zone - the mouth, the oral child constantly talks, tiring those around him with an incessant stream of speech. In all the details, he endlessly tells absolutely everything that he saw, for example, in kindergarten, at school. Exhausted by this chatter, parents, educators, teachers stop listening to him, demand silence, try to isolate him, etc. But, according to the laws of the psyche, no desire is destroyed, it only changes the way of realization.

Feeling the need to keep the listeners' attention, the oral child begins to come up with events and details that would interest the interlocutor. With each subsequent retelling, these initially non-existent incidents are overgrown with more and more fictional details. And if you constantly get rid of a talkative child, leaving his desire to talk without special development, then in adulthood this will turn into the spread of false information, from which many people will suffer.


How can you influence a little oral?

People with an oral vector are able to express in words very important meanings associated with the preservation of society, with the unification of people to realize freedom of choice. But, in order for the speech of the oralist to reflect the deep goals and meanings of nature, it is important to develop the verbal intelligence potentially given to him.

The peculiarity of this type of thinking lies in the fact that comprehension is aimed at an already spoken message, that is, a person first speaks and only then ponders what has been said. In order to develop the intelligence of an oral child, it is very important to give him a specific topic, since in this case speaking becomes as meaningful as possible, which means that its comprehension especially contributes to the development of the mind.

For the same reason, you should not encourage your child to be active in singing. By sublimating the desire to speak through the initiation of the erogenous zone, singing does not contribute to the development of the oral intellect.

Mat in the mouth of an oral baby

Many parents of oral children are concerned about the use of swear words by their children. Indeed, at the age of 6-7 years, we hear for the first time a swear word from a small oral, which evokes in us an inner guess about the sexual aspect of life. This discovery excites our imagination and is experienced by us as the joy of knowing about sexuality. After, before puberty, this feeling is forgotten.

Will the child use the swear word he hears? It depends on the conditions under which it develops. If the child does not lose the feeling of security and safety, then his individual mental successfully reveals all the achievements of the collective mental, including the cultural limitations he has developed. In this case, the child who heard the abusive word does not use it. But in an unfavorable external environment, with the loss of a sense of security and safety, a child who has heard a mate can use it, since he does not feel the inhibitions of culture.


Why is sex education carried out by a peer, a child of 6-7 years old? Why can't parents take over this function?

For the best reproduction of the species, one of the restrictions imposed by the earliest people was the prohibition of incest. It is also contained in the psychic of modern people. And by informing the child about the intimate side of life, parents unwittingly inflict a very strong blow on the child's psyche. During adolescence, parents only need to provide the necessary sexuality education to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

But for sex education - the reanimation of the suppressed animal knowledge about conception - nature has provided for a special species role that the little oralist plays in the circle of his peers through the pronunciation of an obscene word. Then, at the onset of adulthood, a person can apply knowledge about the sexual aspect of life, continuing his race and preserving the integrity of humanity.

The 6–7-year period of the discovery of sexuality is due to the fact that in primitive people, sexual maturity occurred precisely at this age. The unconscious psychic of modern people carries this information, and therefore, at the age of 6–7, a child with an oral vector feels a desire to inform his peers about the reproduction of the human race. Later, with the emergence and development of culture, an additional period of growing up was required, during which we reveal in ourselves the cultural layer accumulated by humanity.

Swearing as a word about sex is prohibited by a culture that restricts the primary urge to sex and kill. Thus, culture limits, firstly, mating according to the animal principle (for the sake of having children, regardless of the emotional connection with a partner), and secondly, dislike for one's neighbor. Therefore, the use of a mat is justified only when it is necessary to reanimate these animal instincts in us: for the knowledge of conceiving children and for the ability to go on the attack to kill the enemy. In all other cases, for example, in public places, obscenities should be prohibited, since its use removes from us the animal prohibition on hatred of our neighbor.

So, when raising an oral child, it is important to remember that, while instilling in him the limitations of culture, the use of swear words among adults, in public places, should be prohibited, but not scolded for using a mat among his peers. For pronouncing obscene words, some parents hit the oral child on the lips, especially the sensitive area of ​​the oral. Such measures provoke the occurrence of stuttering.

Implementation of the oral vector in adulthood

How exactly can parents help an oral child with a choice of professional activity?

For this, it is important to determine the level of development of his oral vector. Did the child manage to develop his verbal type of intelligence?

With a good development of verbal intelligence and a strong temperament, the highest realization of the oral is possible. In this case, by rallying the whole society with his word to achieve a common goal, the oralist influences the course of development of the country or even humanity. For example, today an oralist could unite huge masses of people around those goals that lead us to the future - to the choice of spiritual development. A necessary and most urgent stage in this direction is the mastering by Russians of a new type of thinking - the epochal discovery of System-Vector Psychology. Therefore, in the modern world, an oralist with a developed verbal intelligence must necessarily master systemic thinking.

What types of activities should be advised to a developed oralist who, on the basis of knowledge of System-Vector Psychology, sees all the laws of human development?

Such an oralist can become, for example, a television or radio presenter, who in his programs raises the problems of modern Russia and all mankind, showing possible solutions. Through his spoken word that kindles hearts, he is able to give people an unmistakable direction to unite and develop with the help of new thinking. The oralist could make fiery speeches that make us think that problems are not given to us by chance, but for our development through overcoming them. Without his strong spoken word, many still find it difficult to admit that the best solution to problems is possible precisely on the basis of the laws of the psyche, which allow us to create equilibrium with the environment, which we feel as a feeling of happiness.

In the presence of a sound vector, an oralist can become a performer of his own songs, in which important meanings are expressed, aimed at uniting people. So, Vladimir Vysotsky, an oral-sound urethral, ​​managed to strengthen our urethral mentality to such an extent that it unites us up to the present time, despite the difficult time for Russia with the values ​​of the consumer society that are opposed to us. Today it is our strengthened mentality that keeps Russia from disintegration as much as possible.

In the presence of an anal vector, the oralist thinks in bizarre, paradoxical categories. Therefore, even the simple design of his thoughts in words is perceived as very funny.


A good, but less high level of implementation suggests that the oral person, although he uses his verbal intelligence, does not bring society to a qualitatively new level of development. In this case, the oralist becomes, for example, a TV or radio presenter, uniting people around the discussion of social problems, or, for example, a teacher who unites students around the study of their subject.

What advice is there to an oral teenager if his verbal intelligence has not developed sufficiently?

There are various ways of realizing the oral vector that do not require verbal intelligence. Usually, the oral person chooses them either because of insufficient development of his verbal intelligence, or because of the inability to find a more suitable type of activity for himself.

With this realization, orals unite people in their common desire to rest and relax. In an effort to spend their free time interesting and fun, people go to the cinema, to the circus, to concerts, to the opera, watch football, and also gather at feasts. In this, they are just united by oralists who implement this vector at an insufficiently high level.

A commentator on sports TV programs, a toastmaster at feasts, a clown in a circus - they all help us have fun in our leisure time.

With a ligamentous skin ligament, oralists can make great actors, especially comedians. They can also successfully realize themselves in singing: thanks to special vibrations, their voice, much stronger and more unusual, makes a greater impression on the audience. In the presence of a sound vector, oralists can become wonderful opera singers.

Also, oralists can fulfill their specific role, becoming the best chefs and tasters. This is due to the fact that it is the oralists who are the thinnest of all to feel various taste sensations. Therefore, from primitive times to the present, especially gourmet cooking is still the prerogative of the oralist.

Now it should be said about the unacceptable ways of implementing the oral vector.

Today, when people are completely disoriented, even developed oralists often play a role that is completely opposite to their natural species role. Thus, modern satirists and humorists who ridicule social problems and / or power do not unite, but separate people.

Today, ridiculing social problems makes us forget about them, relieving the stress of thought necessary to find a solution. And we cannot unite in a collective awareness of the problems and the choice of our next state of development.

The ridicule of the authorities leads to the fact that the authorities lose their authority, and no one obeys to it, considering their interests to be completely separate from the interests of the authorities. This situation causes disunity in society: everyone - only for himself, for his own interests, which means that no one obeys a common connecting link, and there is a threat of disintegration of the integrity that forms the state.

Therefore, ridicule of social problems and power, "successfully" implemented by today's oralists of all levels of development, is absolutely contraindicated in our society! All these people should look for other opportunities to express themselves, depending on the level of development of their oral vector.


So, for an oral teenager with a developed verbal intelligence, parents should recommend those types of professional activities in which his verbal intelligence can be involved. Otherwise, a developed oral person does not realize his potential to the maximum extent. As shown above, it is best for him to prove himself as a host of the program, teacher, performer of his fiery speeches, songs or stories.

And only with insufficient development of verbal intelligence, parents should advise those activities that do not require its use. As mentioned above, in this case, the oralist can prove himself as a singer, actor, sports commentator, clown, toastmaster, cook, taster.

As for the realization as a satirist and humorist, this type of activity today requires a preliminary mastering of systemic thinking, which is necessary for a clear understanding of what exactly should be ridiculed and what should not.

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