Cry Of Valki-Vesuvius. A Black Raven Over A Defenseless Vole

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Cry Of Valki-Vesuvius. A Black Raven Over A Defenseless Vole
Cry Of Valki-Vesuvius. A Black Raven Over A Defenseless Vole
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Cry of Valki-Vesuvius. A black raven over a defenseless vole

She fought with the "stupid" suppliers, was indignant at the sluggishness of the loaders, watered vile epithets of irresponsible merchandisers, squealed at the "lazy" employees of the trading floor, yelled at the "brainless" bakers and dough-makers in the bakery, shouted at the "messy" - workers of the cafeteria …

Several years ago I worked for a very famous supermarket chain. When I was there, an incident occurred that was discussed for a long time later on the sidelines. One of the employees in the trading floor tried to strangle his immediate boss. The management of the supermarket managed to hush up the story then, but I often remember it, because neither before nor after in my life I have not come across such stories directly.

Loud brawler

The “victim” was named Valentina. She was a pleasantly plump lady, about forty, quite pretty in appearance, but not perceived as a potential sexual object by any man who worked in the store, even the most recent Tajik loader. The reason was simple: Valka was a terrible brawler.


It happened that the ears of unaccustomed people would get blocked when she raised her voice. She fought with "stupid" suppliers, was indignant at the sluggishness of the loaders, watered vile epithets of irresponsible merchandisers, squealed at the "lazy" employees of the trading floor, constantly yelled at the "brainless" bakers and dough-makers in the bakery, regularly shouted at the canteen, refilling her soup or putting a cold cutlet on a plate … Valentina did not disdain swear words, although she often used curses of the "needy period", as they chuckled in the store. Following her logic, one could conclude that she works in some kind of sewer or at a sewage treatment plant, because she was surrounded exclusively by "shit-eaters", "shit", "dog shit" and other "excrement".

Even fellow managers sometimes got sick of her, for example, when they occupied the only fax in the manager's department for too long. For her eyes they called her "Valka-Vesuvius", because at any moment she could explode and throw verbal dirt on those around her …

The connection of the oral vector with the anal can manifest itself in different ways. For example, if a developed anal-visual person is endowed with the oral vector, then he may well turn out to be an excellent storyteller, guide, museologist, virtuoso lecturer. Such a combination of vectors is probably ideal for some Ole Lukkoye who does not get tired of whispering his wonderful stories in the ear to falling asleep children … However, if the oral vector is captured by frustrated anality, it can turn into a tool for splashing out resentment and humiliation of others.

The anal vector itself is neither good nor bad - it just endows its owner with certain qualities, such as perseverance, conservatism, pedantry, attention to detail, perfectionism. However, if the owner of the anal vector is chronically dissatisfied with his life - and it is not so important whether he has accumulated social or sexual frustrations - the result will be one: the character of such a person will inevitably deteriorate. And if, ironically, there is orality in the set of vectors, then all stages of this process will not only be visible to others, but also audible.


If we compare the “evolution” of Valentina with the famous story of Dorian Gray, told by Oscar Wilde, when all the ugly changes in the hero's soul were not visible to those around him, reflected only in his portrait, then we can say with confidence that Valentina had the opposite. She did not hide a single nasty habit from those around her, pouring tubs of dirt on them with or without reason.

In ancient times, people born with the oral vector used their natural abilities while hunting, driving animals with their screams … Perhaps, in Valka sometimes the "spirit of ancestors" woke up, because sometimes it seemed from the outside that she was not just cursing, but verbally attacking her victim, then raising, then lowering her voice … Moreover, if Valka did not like someone, she ascribed to the poor fellow all the vices of the world, and with such conviction that those around him almost always believed in it. And this was not surprising, because for an oral person there is no difference between truth and falsehood - the main thing for him is to be listened to; and for the anal it is important that everything is as he considers correct and fair.

Someone behind the backs called Valentina a slander, but no one risked accusing her in person, they were simply afraid to contact her.

Husband's "double"

The turnover of staff in her department was the highest in comparison with all the stores of the chain. The authorities knew about Valka's quarrelsomeness, but for some reason they turned a blind eye to it. I do not exclude that in this position they just needed such a "vociferous" and vicious "chain shepherd". The employees were afraid of her and tried to keep communication with her to a minimum. Valka also treated others with hostility and eternal suspicion and was ready to flare up like a match for any reason.

But she especially disliked one supplier of cakes, a generally harmless guy named Yura, who recently completely bought out a small bakery from his co-owner and was now trying with all his might to establish a serial production of a product so beloved by a sweet tooth.


Oh, how she mocked him! She could send him orders for the delivery of only four cakes a day for several days in a row, which, of course, was completely unprofitable for him (this was the minimum batch according to his contract with the network). She could unexpectedly order a whole pallet of cakes and then return them as unfit for sale due to packaging defects. She regularly raised the issue of excluding his products from the store's product matrix. She could place a large order, and four days later return it all back as unsold, even though the cakes were not even displayed on the sales floor. In general, there was no end in sight to the amount of her meanness and her irrepressible imagination.

It is not known for certain what exactly turned pretty Valentina into "Valka Vesuvius" … It was rumored that her husband left her, and went to some of her friend, having offended her not for life, but for death. So revel in your grievance, keep it and cherish it, as an anal sex does, no one else can. And Valentina reveled in seeing a potential offender in every man she met. By nature talkative, she easily found arguments in favor of her "position" and brought them down on anyone who was ready to listen … Most often it was her subordinates who did not dare to object.

I do not know for sure, but I would venture to suggest that Yura was somewhat similar to her ex-husband - the same one who once spat his soul into Valkin with his betrayal. And as a person who reminded her by one of his looks about this unhealed wound, he could not count on any kind of warm welcome from the deeply frustrated owner of the anal vector.

Bloody jam

So everything lasted from day to day, until an emergency happened in the store.

The supplier of cakes Yura came to the store to chat with Valka one-on-one. He had made such attempts before, but they were unsuccessful. However, the guy did not give up. He entered the trading floor, walked to the service door and, after waiting for some girl merchandiser to enter the hall, slipped into the service corridor.

It was in the evening, Yura knew that Valentina was working the second shift today, and decided that the opportunity was the most convenient, because the workplaces of most managers should be empty, it would be possible, finally, to have a heart-to-heart talk without any extra ears …

From the corridor you could climb the stairs up to the office space, or you could get to the raw materials warehouse and the mini-bakery, where all sorts of buns, loaves, donuts and rolls were baked, which looked so attractive on the supermarket counters in the morning.

Yura was about to climb the stairs, when suddenly it seemed to him that he heard the echoes of Valka's screams somewhere in the back room. After a moment's hesitation, he moved towards the voice. Passing through a narrow corridor past a refrigerator room and a small barn heaped up with sacks of flour and sugar, Yura found himself in a small room where, apparently, rolls were made, because there was a small molding press, two tables for cutting dough and several barrels with berry jams.


From the picture that Yura saw, his blood simply froze in his veins. At the casks of jam some kind of fuss was going on between a man and a woman. A hefty dark-skinned fellow with one hand was holding the woman's hands behind her back, and with the other he squeezed her neck, dipping her head into a barrel of some kind of red confiture. Yura even at first thought that these were blood clots …

“Die, witch, I’ll kill you, bitch,” the man muttered dully, trying to push the woman’s head deeper into the thick sticky mass. The woman fiercely resisted, trying to escape, but the man was clearly stronger.

- Oh, you bastard, what are you doing! - Yura shouted and rushed to help the woman.

The man was so confused by his sudden appearance that he instantly released the victim. She lifted her head sharply, wiped the stuck jam from her face with her hand, and took a breath of air with a noise. It was Valka Vesuvius. Having made several feverish breaths, she looked at Yura, recognized him and with a shout: "Yur-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!.." - fell on his chest. She was hysterical.

The swarthy man, taking advantage of Yuri's confusion and the fact that his attention was switched to Valka, instantly retreated. Nobody else saw him in this store.

Some time later, when Valka calmed down, washed off the confiture from her head and changed her clothes, she, nervously stuttering, told the amazed Yura the background of the scene he had seen.

"Cheburek" - strangler

The swarthy guy's name was Mahmoud, he worked as a handyman in a supermarket bakery. Valka often chased him and screamed on various small occasions, but he endured all her attacks almost with angelic patience, experiencing this rot somewhere inside himself. Even when she gave him the biting nickname "Cheburek", which instantly clung to Mahmud, he endured. Oralists are masters of giving "klikuhi", and with her "Cheburek" Valentina clearly hit the mark. Mahmoud was sluggish, with an eternally fat, shiny face, seemingly good-natured, pensive bumpkin. From this you will hardly expect aggression. However, it is not for nothing that they say that devils are found in a still pool.

The seemingly quiet, solid Mahmud, the owner of the same anal vector, has long been dissatisfied with his life. Poking around in other people's corners, he thought all the time, looking for an answer to the tormenting question: "Why?" Why is he forced to live away from his homeland? Why, instead of grazing sheep, like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, looking at the stars and thinking about eternity, he should carry heavy boxes, obey other people's noisy aunts, not even being able to just be in silence … A resigned Tajik turned out to be the owner sound vector, which haunted, forcing to look for answers to endless "why". The anal vector aggravated the situation, almost every minute making him acutely aware of the monstrous injustice of his life today. I wanted to give up everything and return home, where my wife and several little swarthy Makhmudiks were waiting,who knew their place and knew how to respect the head of the family. The powerful libido was not weakened by the sound vector. Unsatisfied desire accumulated and pressed from within, demanding a meeting with a dear and beloved wife. However, this same family kept him in a place he hated. There was no work at home. And if he returned there, the family would have nothing to live on. This is how I endured, conducting endless internal dialogues with myself and boiling inside more and more, every day approaching the moment when these contradictions were doomed to break out …And if he returned there, the family would have nothing to live on. This is how I endured, conducting endless internal dialogues with myself and boiling inside more and more, every day approaching the moment when these contradictions were doomed to break out …And if he returned there, the family would have nothing to live on. This is how I endured, conducting endless internal dialogues with myself and boiling inside more and more, every day approaching the moment when these contradictions were doomed to break out …

The shop's bakery usually worked in two shifts. However, there was no second shift that evening, and only Mahmoud was in the bakery - he had to clean the kneading kettles and wash the ovens. Valka went down to the bakery to see how his work was going, and suddenly saw that he was eating donuts taken straight from the counter of the trading floor. Naturally, she could not help herself.

- Oh, you filthy bastard, what are you doing ?! Oh, you filthy shit! Steals instead of working! Well, quickly got up and went upstairs with me! Well, quickly, stinking cheburek! I'm firing you, moron! And I'll write a report, let them deduct the cost of these donuts from your severance pay! And in general, maybe this is because of you constant shortages?

“Valentina, just don’t kick it out, please,” Mahmud began to whine, “I need to feed my family, I’ll work everything out, just don’t kick it out … Please, don’t shout …

But Valka did not listen to him, becoming more and more infuriated by her own scream. Spewing more and more curses, she began to push Mahmud out of the bakery in the direction of the corridor leading to the office. When they reached the room where the rolls were made, Mahmud suddenly had some kind of explosion in his head, with one hand he grabbed Valentina by the wrists, with the other he clamped her mouth and dragged her into a corner, to the barrels of confiture.

When Valentina thought that she was finished, Yura appeared in the room as if by magic.



PS How do you think this story ended?

After the horror experienced, Valentina took an extraordinary vacation and went to the sea to lick her wounds. Previously, she wrote a statement to the police against Mahmud, but he was never found, his registration was phony, and no ends could be found.

I would very much like to say that what happened was a lesson for Valentina, she corrected herself and moderated her violent temperament, but this, alas, did not happen.

The story only made the woman more embittered. Alas, it is almost impossible to see yourself from the outside and understand the deep reasons for your behavior - and even more so to adjust your behavior and get out of the abyss of frustration - alone. However, if there is a desire to change your life, you can get such an opportunity after completing the training “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan. This is not magic, not magic - just psychology training. What is unusual is that understanding this psychology can really turn life around.


Women with an anal vector in a state of deep frustration are sometimes found on the vast expanses of the Internet. They “let off steam” by doing dirt on the Web, feeling at the same time completely safe, sitting at the computer screens in their apartments with all the locks closed. But it's on the Web. In reality, outbursts of "dirty" aggression can cause reciprocal aggression, which is also quite real. And this automatically puts everyone who is not aware of the reasons for their behavior and the behavior of others at risk.

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