Homosexual. Ivan Tsarevich And The Grey Wolf

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Homosexual. Ivan Tsarevich And The Grey Wolf
Homosexual. Ivan Tsarevich And The Grey Wolf
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Homosexual. Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf

Many can live and communicate with you, be friends, but not even guess about your orientation. But as soon as the curtain falls and the truth opens, those around them scatter again in fear. “And I thought that you, Vitya, were a decent person! And you are a fag!"

Do you think it is easy to be homosexual? Just imagine what it would be like to hear the infinite: “They are not people. They corrupt our children by their behavior! A child, following the example of homosexuals, will want to become the same! " or: “If gays take a child from an orphanage to raise a child, then he will also grow up gay!”. Observe how people shy away from you, as from lepers, as if they are afraid to "get infected" by airborne droplets. And, of course, the constant hiding of their true nature, haunting the feeling of shame and the desire to finally be left alone. Many can live and communicate with you, be friends, but do not even realize that you are homosexual. But as soon as the curtain falls and the truth opens, those around them scatter again in fear. “And I thought that you, Vitya, were a decent person! And you are a fag!"

Today, psychologists, psychiatrists and sex therapists have not yet been able to uncover the secret of the nature of homosexuality. Endless research is being carried out in various fields, but there has never been a definite answer. Some suggest that homosexuality is an innate trait associated with the presence of a special gene that is responsible for a person's love for members of the same sex. Or some kind of DNA failure. Others believe that homosexuality comes from improper upbringing, for example, when a mother buys dolls for her son and allows him to wear dresses. As a conclusion: if you make a "real man" out of a boy from an early age, then he will never be able to grow up as a "fag". But when applied in practice, all theories break into smithereens on the rocks of reality.

How many times have you wanted to know why you are not like everyone else? Why can everyone build normal relationships, enjoy life, but you have to hide, be ashamed of your love and your desires? Why?

The discovery of systemic vector psychology made it possible to look at the phenomenon of homosexuality from a slightly different angle. Now the mystery of the appearance of unconventional orientation has been revealed. We will talk about the nature of male homosexuality: we will look at typical couples and analyze each participant in such a relationship.

Type 1. And I said: "Fagot!"

Cast: a man with an anal vector.

Reason: homosexual frustration.

Surely you have met such men more than once. They are rather gloomy, somewhat rude, clumsy, they always speak bluntly, they like to cut the truth from the shoulder. Key words: "But before it was BETTER …". Everything new is perceived as hostile. And they also like to talk about "real men" and "fagots". “Here, Masha, you are raising your son wrong! Will grow up as a woman! You'd better give it to the wrestling section so that you can stand up for yourself!”- such a man advises a neighbor. A typical representative of the anal vector.

The anal man is the only one who has an undifferentiated libido: a desire not only for a woman, but also for a teenage boy. Usually this attraction is inhibited in teaching: it is the owners of the anal vector who are the best teachers and mentors. But if such a man could not realize himself, he is not respected in society (and respect is something without which anal sexes cannot imagine their life), then strong social frustrations appear, which result in a desire for "dirt", verbal and non-verbal sadism. Here a special libido reminds of itself, which is transformed either into homosexual attraction, or into pedophilia.

In homophobic Russia, such men often become pedophiles, in the West they become homosexuals, forming a wonderful tandem with a skin-visual boy, gentle and feminine. It looks something like this: a brutal "asset" with an anal vector and a mannered, feminine skin-visual "passive".


Type 2. The boy is thin, handsome in love

Cast: skin-visual man.

Reason for homosexuality: Fear.

It is difficult to imagine what would have happened if we had not stopped ritually eating the skin-visual boy. Yes, you heard right! To eat it, or to throw it off a cliff, for example.

By nature, weak, gentle, "non-man", as other men speak of him, the skin-visual boy was born for love and art and from the very first appearance he was doomed to destruction. The flock did not need ballast, which cannot even kill a mammoth, so these boys were given to an oral chef for ritual eating. And if not a flock, then nature itself found reprisal against the skin-visual boys: their immunity is weak, weak, the body is breathing in vain. So in the old days such boys, one might say, did not exist, which is why they were left without a specific role, deprived of the right to bite.

Such boys, due to the presence of a visual vector, are extremely fond of all the most beautiful that is in the world. And, above all, everything that girls have: hairstyles, hairpins, jewelry, outfits, bows … They themselves want to dress brightly and beautifully, style their hair fashionably and even use cosmetics. And how are they worse? Other boys do not understand all this and laugh at the skin-visual ones, so it is better for them to play with the girls: they are calmer, more peaceful and very beautiful. While the rest of the future males are ranking and playing frenzied games, our boys clap their eyes in fright and wordlessly support the indignant girls: “All the boys are fools! They behave like high-mountain sheep: they scream and fight! There's nothing to talk about with them!"

Despite the fact that from early childhood, the skin-visual boy is very similar in appearance and behavior to a girl, this does not mean that he is attracted to men. Frankly, he is not attracted to anyone at all: the libido is too weak and there are too many fears left over from primitive times. He is still shaking in horror at the thought of an oral cannibal, trying to hide from him behind a female image: “No, no, I'm not a boy! I have a dress!"

Homosexual: thin, handsome boy
Homosexual: thin, handsome boy

If you do not save such boys from fears in early childhood, but, on the contrary, intimidate with terrible bedtime stories, then the desire to hide behind a girlish way will remain for life. “It's good to be a girl! They are less in demand! " - thinks the boy. And where cross-dressing begins, not so far to homosexuality. Do you know how scary it is to live without the care of a strong and strong male? Since the already matured skin-visual boy is not attracted to either women or men, he frankly does not care with whom to while away his evenings. If only there was an emotional connection, “love”, which in such boys more resembles not “falling in love”, but “insertion”.

A skin-visual boy could become a singer, dancer, journalist, art critic, but being in fear, he cannot realize himself and live an independent life. Therefore, he will hide from this terrible world behind the backs of his "patrons". And since behind the strong brutal back of the owner of the anal vector is the safest thing, then, in fact, why not start a relationship with him? Such a "patron" will be madly in love with a skin-visual boy, carry, sponsor, dress, feed. What else is needed for happiness? And here we have another homosexual.

Type 3. The kindest uncle

Cast: anal-visual man.

Reason: fears, undifferentiated libido.

The anal-visual man combines the properties of the first two types. It has amorousness, tenderness and striving for the beautiful from the visual vector and undifferentiated libido from the anal. He is not as windy and cutesy as the first, and not as brutal and rude as the second.

Anal-visual men are the most romantic and the kindest, "golden", as others say about them. To see a developed and realized man with such a set of vectors next to him is real happiness for any woman: he is monogamous in an anal way and is able to love in a real, visual way. But under certain circumstances, he is also homosexual.

The reasons for this man's desire for homosexual relationships are rooted in uninhibited attraction to his sex, in the undifferentiated libido of the anal vector and visual polylove. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a man chooses an unconventional orientation and a skin-visual boy as a partner. There are a lot of such couples in the West - these are directors of films with their favorite actors, fashion designers or stylists with their favorite models, etc.

* * *

We examined the main types of men who are characterized by a non-traditional orientation. But that doesn't mean that gay couples are limited to stereotypical campy boys and brutal men. A modern person has 3-4 vectors on average. Homosexuals can be both with a sound vector and with an oral one, but either the anal vector or the optic cutaneous ligament always lies at the root. In such a pair, one partner necessarily focuses on the skin-visual scenario of behavior, and the other on the anal one. In the presence of other vectors, such relationships become even stronger and warmer. This is facilitated, for example, by sound proximity or visual emotional attachment.

Homosexual: the kindest uncle
Homosexual: the kindest uncle

The types described above are not just a classification, it is an opportunity to see a whole life scenario, a person's whole life before their eyes, to better understand themselves and their loved ones. Trainings in systemic vector psychology open our eyes to many things that previously seemed incomprehensible and frightening, help to accept people as they really are.

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