Chakras, Aura And Other Visual "fears"

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Chakras, Aura And Other Visual "fears"
Chakras, Aura And Other Visual "fears"

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Chakras, aura and other visual "fears"

Healers, astrologers, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers advertise themselves as "advanced in spiritual comprehension people" who supposedly have a more developed sensitive, subtle perception than others. Is it possible that the aura and chakras will learn to see not only the "advanced" units, but also all the rest?

Modern media are overflowing with all kinds of offers of services of various kinds of astrologers, clairvoyants, fortune-tellers, fortune-tellers on tarot cards. This today does not surprise anyone, moreover, such announcements are taken for granted.

Those who cannot see auras, chakras and other subtle matters, who cannot travel to some higher worlds and are unable to foresee the future, can buy such services for a certain amount. Healers, astrologers, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers advertise themselves as "advanced in spiritual comprehension people" who supposedly have a more developed sensitive, subtle perception than others. Then, if this is really so, it is quite possible in the near future, since everything is moving along the path of development and complication, will the aura and chakras learn to see not only the "advanced" units, but all the rest?


Formation of general visual series

To answer this question, let's think about this: why, in fact, do we see what we see? For example, why, looking at a brick, each of us sees exactly a brick, and not something else, for example, a pyramid? Where does the same image of a brick come from in each of us? Everything that we see, we see in certain visual series, that is, all this is created by a visual measure, a visual vector (the main vector in the knowledge of the physical world, the outer part of the quartet of information). Not by each individual visitor (bearer of the visual vector), but by the entire visual part that has reached the appropriate level of its development.

It is the Visual Measure that possesses information, studies the material world as it is. There is a historical example of Indians who did not see a ship in the ocean because they did not have the corresponding visual lines, although the ship was there. Only after reaching the appropriate level of development, the Indians learned to see the ship. Visual rows are formed only when they are in demand as an opening of the physical world, and what is revealed by a developed visual measure is seen by everyone else without any special exercises and eye focusing, just as we effortlessly see a brick in front of us.

What is the “third eye, auras and chakras”? Which visual part is producing this vision? We know that visual people with a high temperament with a developed visual vector are intelligent, sensual (with good upbringing of feelings, with a great love feeling) people. They feel the other person well, live the life of those they love, but they do not see any auras.

Developed vision, refined, intelligent, transfers love and compassion to children, but does not see "auras". When we look at those who see the "auras", we find that they are all undeveloped in the visual vector. So what happens? Developed vision does not see "auras", but undeveloped optics do? Yes, indeed it is. Moreover, each spectator really sees what he sees, due to his self-hypnosis and hypnotizability. An undeveloped spectator believes in auras, it is such spectators who are sure that they were abducted by aliens. No lie detector is able to expose them, because for them what they talk about is reality.


The general visual series are created by the visual vector only if it is developed. Yes, there are some individual spectators with visual "hello" who see the aura and little green men, but no one except them sees it all. They see what does not exist - they really see, but they can never bring this vision of theirs out. The visual vector, remaining undeveloped, will never be able to reach such a level that all the other seven measures begin to see little green men.

Astrology as "psychotherapy" for spectators

Thanks to medicine, in modern society, Spectators began to survive, regardless of the degree of their development. A significant proportion of undeveloped spectators creates a huge demand for astrologers and clairvoyants.

Most of the spectators either did not come out of their fears at all, or they have a large share of fear in them. Those spectators who have not developed their vector further than striving to demonstrate themselves, follow fashion trends, relieve stress with astrology and horoscopes. They are afraid, they need to be reassured. This is where astrologers and fortune-tellers appear.

If the so-called healers have at least some kind of placebo effect, and there are those who help, then astrology is sheer scam. Astrology is now a business based on the exploitation of visual fears. Astrologers feel very well their clients - undeveloped spectators - and know how to keep them on the hook. At first they scare, then they liberate a little from these fears, giving hope for getting rid of impending misfortunes. And when the victim begins to move away from them, the feeling of fear is again heated. In a word, they are making a fool. At first, such a spectator is informed that she will die in a year, and then they reassure her that if she comes again, brings money, does whatever she is told, she will not die. Relief comes, but not for long - in the next session new terrible predictions about her, her loved ones,friends … Modern astrologers do not remove fears, but keep fear on a short leash. The hypnotizable viewers believe it.


Astrologers in the modern world are either sound madmen with a powerful low, who themselves believe in what they say (induction in sound), or anal-musculocutaneous-visual (often with sound) are specific crooks. The demand for astrology is a matter of fear in sight. Thin, realized sensual spectators do not see the aura, do not believe in little green men.

President Reagan relied on his astrologer for everything. But who was Reagan? Powerful from below - anal-musculocutaneous with vision - an actor of average hand, was in constant stress due to enormous pressure and relieved stress in vision with the help of an astrologer. In a sense, astrology, horoscopes, fortune-tellers are a kind of psychotherapy for spectators.

Only a naive visual person believes that someone is sitting in front of him who has comprehended something that enables him to see the future, to see auras. A modern developed spectator under enormous pressure, even if he is the head of state, will destroy such a would-be astrologer with his mockery in five minutes.

A person in his right mind cannot talk about astrology. Where did this astrologer get the knowledge he is talking about? Why believe in something that is not obvious? Today, even multifaceted political and economic forecasts of the best minds of the planet - and they do not allow us to avoid crises and all kinds of shocks!..

And what risks can an astrologer talk about, what predictions for the future, especially for a private person? It is important to understand that there is no forecast for the future, there are only trends.

At seminars on Systemic Vector Psychology, Yuri Burlan does not call for believing. If after two sessions you begin to distinguish between an anal person and a skin person, then even then you understand, feel and are able to predict orders of magnitude more than any self-proclaimed guru. Don't let yourself be fooled. Skinners make a fool of analniks, and skinners exploit spectators, keeping them on a short leash "scary / not scary." No need to go to crooks and crooks. Fears must not be removed, one must develop. Fear in the visual vector is initially given in order to bring it out, to experience it as love.

I would like to see visual people thin, loving, free from fears, raising cultural mental values ​​to new heights …

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