The Series "The Eighth Sense". Fantasy? Reality

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The Series "The Eighth Sense". Fantasy? Reality
The Series "The Eighth Sense". Fantasy? Reality
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The series "The Eighth Sense". Fantasy? Reality

Eight people live in different parts of the world and know nothing about each other. Everyone has their own life, their own problems. And suddenly, the subtle reality of their being seems to begin to lose boundaries - they become thinner, letting thoughts, feelings, sensations of other people pass. As if by chance, the events of their lives begin to intertwine with each other, forming a single sensory and mental fabric.

The American sci-fi series "The Eighth Sense", released on June 5, 2015, claims to be unique for a number of reasons. First of all, this is a very unusual way of presenting material, characteristic of the authors of the series and the creators of the Wachowski trilogy "The Matrix". When you look without stopping, as if spellbound. When one reality flows smoothly into another. When the intricacies of the plot are sometimes so complex that you lose the logical thread and plunge into complete chaos. And when suddenly, in an instant, a crystal clear, understandable narrative idea, a new view of the world and human capabilities is built.

The authors wanted to create something unique, unlike anything else. The idea arose during a discussion of the problem of modern technologies, which united and separated people at the same time. Ultimately, they decided to reveal to us the relationship of empathy, the ability to feel the other as oneself, and the evolution of humanity. To implement the idea, they invited J. Michael Strazhinski as co-authors, who had experience in working in this format.

However, it is likely that they themselves did not fully realize what they did. The entire depth of the study of the human mental world, an attempt of which is shown in the series, can be seen for real, having the knowledge of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. As always, science fiction writers give out ideas that will become reality in the future.

One soul for eight

So, eight people live in different parts of the world and know nothing about each other. Everyone has their own life, their own problems. And suddenly, the subtle reality of their being seems to begin to lose boundaries - they become thinner, letting thoughts, feelings, sensations of other people pass. As if by chance, the events of their lives begin to intertwine with each other, forming a single sensory and mental fabric. They sometimes feel the pain of another as their own, then they unite in the feeling of one pleasure for all (and what - multiply it by eight!), Then they contemplate the same picture. One memory, one song for all.

At first, what is happening seems unreal, delirium or hallucination. But in the future, strange visions of another life, getting used to another person become almost physically tangible and it is no longer possible to ignore what is happening. They understand that they are united by a certain force. And the secret of this power is revealed to one of the eight, a policeman from Chicago Will Gorski, the same as they are, the bearer of the eighth sense, Jonas Maliki.

These eight are members of one "cluster", a group of people born on the same day and united by a single consciousness, a single soul. At a certain moment, this unity is revealed by them with immutable convincingness, when it becomes impossible to separate your life from the life of other members of the eight, when you can only survive together. This happens at a time when they are threatened by those who see them as a risk to their survival.

Dr. Whisper, in the past, like them, hunts them to prevent this life form from having a chance of survival. Kill another species in the bud, which has an obvious priority in the ability to survive, because it is much stronger by multiplying its abilities by eight, due to the interchangeability of its components. A whole laboratory of genetic research "Bioconservation" is engaged in the capture and destruction of such people. Dr. Whisper sleeps and sees how to lobotomize them all, turning them into insensible plants.

How we relate to each other

Are the guesses of the authors of the film about the existence of an invisible connection between people, about our mental unity so far from reality?

Jonas Maliki, one of the representatives of the old cluster, explains this unity this way: “Look how the flocks of birds or a school of fish move as a whole. And you will understand where you are from. Ask how the aspens feel each other's pain for miles or how mushrooms understand what the forest needs. And you begin to understand what we are. Our species has existed since the beginning of the world. In all likelihood, we laid the foundation for it …"

The series "The Eighth Sense"
The series "The Eighth Sense"

In reality, everything is so and not so at the same time. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that the species unity really exists, but at different levels. What Jonas describes is unity at the animal level.

The type of people is united by a common unconscious, which took shape throughout the entire period of human development in 50 thousand years. Revealing what is hidden in the unconscious, we do not find ourselves there, a separate individual. We find a species there. A cluster is not eight people. This is all of humanity.

Why eight?

The number 8 is also not accidental - the matrix of our common mental, according to system-vector psychology, contains eight vectors, eight groups of desires and properties. Each vector manifests itself in our world through people who are carriers of sets of mental properties and desires corresponding to this vector. In the film, each of the cluster members has its own properties, which, put together, create an integral stable system, the ability to survive is much greater than that of individuals. We see this in many episodes of the film, when one of the group members does something that the other cannot do.

Wolfgang, a bugbear with an anal vector, is too straightforward to lie even in a situation when his life hangs in the balance. Resentment, desire for revenge, rigid principles in the anal vector prevent him from surviving in this situation at all costs. He lacks the qualities of flexibility, the ability to adapt to a situation that the Mexican actor Leto, who has a skin-visual bundle of vectors, has. The ability to believably pronounce something that does not correspond to reality is a necessary skill in his profession. The ability to play any role in order to achieve the desired goal is the task of the skin-visual actor. He uses this ability, and Wolfgang saves himself thanks to him.

And then Wolfang rescues Leto, when flexibility and emotions do not help, but brute strength, a heavy, straightforward anal-muscle fist is needed.

The whole plot of the film is built on this, and this is the irrefutable truth of life. What are we without other people? When everyone fulfills their role in the human community in accordance with their vectors, it survives steadily and stably.

From the unconscious WE to the conscious WE

But this is only the base layer of our association. Jonas is right that "our species has existed since the beginning of the world." We appeared as such - one, like all animals, united by instincts. This corresponded to early humanity, the time of existence of which Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology defines as the muscular phase of development. At that time, a person really did not feel his individuality, his separation from others. We were one WE and more than ever felt that we can only survive together. It was then that each unconsciously followed their specific roles in order to preserve the integrity of the pack.

A person with a skin vector hunted and made food supplies, with an anal one - passed on experience to the next generations, with an urethral one - he was the leader and led the flock into the future, with a visual one - he reduced hostility between the members of the pack, creating emotional connections.

However, about 6000 years ago, thanks to the night guard of the pack, who possesses a sound vector, who, listening alone to the alarming savannah, to the world outside, realized his separation from other people, we entered the anal phase of human development, began to lose awareness of the unity of the human species, dividing into peoples and families.

Now, being in the cutaneous phase since the end of the Second World War, we are already losing those connections that united us in the anal phase, becoming a society of individualists living completely apart from each other. And we lose our strength, our ability to survive.

The merit of the filmmakers is that they showed us how strong we are in our association. And this is not fantasy. The future urethral phase of development, the phase of a united humanity, will come when we can realize and feel this invisible connection between us.

This connection is higher than just empathy, which is defined by system-vector psychology as the ability to feel another person in the visual vector, to feel his emotions. This connection is the conscious inclusion of another person in himself, the feeling of his desires as his own. It is more complex than just a sensory feeling, empathy.

Revealing this connection, we must complete the long journey from the unconscious feeling of "WE" of the muscular phase to the conscious unity of the urethral phase.

TV series Eighth Sense
TV series Eighth Sense

Realize to survive

Jonas Maliki appeared in front of one of the cluster members to talk about this connection and teach the group to use it. We can say that this in some way echoes the tasks of system-vector psychology, which also reveals to people the secrets of a single mental. Thanks to the knowledge of vectors, we can already now learn to understand and feel another person as ourselves, to include him in ourselves.

What does it give us? In the film, you have already grasped that when one member of the cluster rejoices and enjoys, the other seven rejoice and enjoy with him. Now multiply your enjoyment not by 8, but by 7 billion - the number of people on the entire planet. Impressive?

And what about pain, will it also be felt on the scale of humanity? Yes, but when a person feels the other as himself, he cannot harm him. Because a person is so constructed that he cannot harm himself. Dislike will go away, which means that pain will go away from our life, because the greatest suffering is caused to us by other people, just as we hurt others, until we realize our unity. And inclusion in each other greatly increases our chances of survival.

To be continued…

The creators of the series were able to visualize this global idea with extraordinary talent and excitingly interesting. We hope that the next seasons will not disappoint us and we will be able to see even more ingenious guesses about who we really are.

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