Dream Or Live? How To Become The Master Of Reality

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Dream Or Live? How To Become The Master Of Reality
Dream Or Live? How To Become The Master Of Reality

Video: Dream Or Live? How To Become The Master Of Reality

Video: Dream Or Live? How To Become The Master Of Reality
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Dream or live? How to become the master of reality

The meaning is lost in this endless change of empty events and pictures that make up my days. Nothing happens to somehow smooth out the state that frightens me. I always dream of being in my imaginary world, where I have friends, love and, most importantly, meaning. This insane escape from reality is both salvation and punishment.

I sink into emptiness. It envelops me completely, so sweet, so alluring. Suddenly, I see indistinct shades of colors that gradually spread out in absolute darkness. They are intertwined, framed in bizarre forms, penetrate each other, like lovers eager to meet. And now I find myself in a completely different space - beautiful, bright, mysterious and attracting me every second of my life. I plunge into the world of my dreams.

Nobody can stop me here. Here I feel free, strong and capable of much. In this world, my life makes sense. She is not empty, not cruel, does not seek to break me and leave me to rot somewhere in a fetid slum without the slightest chance to come out into the light of day. I am free to save people, destroy hordes of enemies or conquer distant star systems, moving through space-time pockets to the most remote corners of the Universe.

Gusts of wind caress my body, rain flows down my palms, and the grass tickles my legs tired from running. With every cell of my body, I feel the streams of life passing through me, filling, soothing, giving strength and a feeling of peace. After all, it is so attractive to be in your place, to be useful, to see the meaning of your existence and every moment to make every effort to realize your abilities.

But these are just fantasies - fantasies more real than my life, losing the finest threads of common sense, dimming and rotting from within, struck by the leprosy of the modern world.

You might think that I am in a narcotic delirium, having been injected in some shabby stash. But no, I clearly realize where I am at the moment - in a smelly, crowded subway, where everyone tries to push or swear. Hundreds of people pass next to me, like shapeless shadows, forced to wander through the world of darkness and gloom, doomed to a short existence, devoid of any joy and satisfaction.

No, I love the world, I love its amazing colors, which for some reason turn pale from the human presence, as if a person destroys that amazing beauty created by an unknown architect of the universe. Instead of multiplying life, changing it for the better through evolution and improving our essence, we, like blind wild creatures, thirst only for destruction and total chaos, offended by ourselves for our helplessness.

The meaning is lost in this endless change of empty events and pictures that make up my days. Nothing happens to somehow smooth out the state that frightens me. I always dream of being in my imaginary world, where I have friends, love and, most importantly, meaning. This insane escape from reality is both salvation and punishment. In bright saturated colors, in amazing tangled stories and the salvation of peoples from self-destruction - everything that I am deprived of or incapable of in our world.

What pushes me to such withdrawals into myself, into this nonexistent corner of joy? The answer can be easily found with the help of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology - a training that opens all facets of the human psyche.

Visual worlds

The biggest dreamers are the owners of the visual vector (vector is an innate set of mental properties and desires of a person). However, in this case, the sound vector is also manifested, endowing its owner with an eternal desire to cognize the truth, which is often not realized.

Dream or live? How to become the master of reality
Dream or live? How to become the master of reality

The owner of the visual vector is born with a feeling of fear. The fear of death is the first emotion of ancient man and an archetypal property of the modern spectator, which takes various forms. A child with a visual vector is afraid of the dark, afraid to be alone. But with the right development, he learns to bring this root emotion out, and it takes the opposite form - the form of love and compassion. But this transformation is not easy. This requires a full-fledged job to turn from a coward into a sensual person.

The owner of the visual vector is endowed with a wide range of emotions, which potentially allow him to feel the feelings of other people. He seeks to understand them and help them. Such people become wonderful actors, professional psychologists and psychotherapists. They also have high intellectual potential, as a result of which they can become good scientists and teachers.

Thanks to their sensitive eyes, they perfectly distinguish many shades of colors and feel the harmony of light and shadow. Therefore, it is the visual people who become artists, sculptors and art connoisseurs. These masters of human emotions, possessors of high intelligence for centuries have brought us culture, concepts of morality and ethics and in every possible way contributed to the growth of humanistic ideas.

But, as often happens, not every person finds the opportunity to realize their innate properties, therefore, he is looking for workarounds to achieve inner comfort. Some owners of the visual vector, who do not see joy in their life, do not receive enough emotions from their environment and have not learned to give their feelings to others, go into their fantasies, make a kind of escape into their imaginary world. They are easily amenable to suggestion and even easier to self-hypnosis, therefore it is not too difficult for them to feel the world created inside their head so much that it will seem to them no less real than everything that surrounds them in reality.

Sound pain

But what causes such acute pain in a person from not understanding the world around? What makes him suffer from rejection of himself and others, as if wanting to make him drown in a stream of hatred? Why does he feel superior to other people unable to grow to his level? Training System-Vector Psychology Yuri Burlan gives an answer to these questions. This is how the owner of the sound vector feels. But what exactly is his misfortune?

The sound vector people in the ancient flock were the night guardians of human lives. Possessing the keenest hearing, they listened to the absolute silence and darkness and, distinguishing a distant disturbing sound, warned their fellow tribesmen of the slightest danger.

Having fallen in love with their loneliness at night, straining all their psychic forces in order not to miss a predatory beast or an enemy detachment, in this concentration they realized the first thoughts that separated them from the whole collective: “Who am I? Why am I here? Why? What's the point of this?" This is how the first philosopher and the first egocentric was born, the first genius and the first villain who felt his “I”, separate from all others. Since those ancient times, these questions have tormented the owners of the sound vector.

In past centuries, they could find meaning in music, science, religion, and philosophy. Great sages, prophets, pioneers led us along the path from the animal to the Conscious Man. We turn to their experience, to their thoughts and try to find support in them. But neither Kant, nor Buddha, nor Nietzsche are more able to satisfy our growing needs for the realization of something greater than the delights of the material world.

Dream or live? How to become the master of reality
Dream or live? How to become the master of reality

The owners of the sound vector lose contact with the material world, because it cannot give them answers to questions about meanings. They plunge into themselves and seek answers in the depths of their imperfect mind. By locking themselves into their cranium, praising their great ego, alienating themselves from insignificant people who do not understand anything about spiritual or intellectual quests, they actually deprive themselves of the opportunity to approach real awareness.

If earlier the sound people saw the meanings in music, aspired to make social revolutions or the first attempts at spiritual revolution, today most of such people can no longer find implementation in these directions. A person with a sound vector can no longer realize his needs for knowledge through the tools that were in use in the past: neither writing books, nor astronomy, nor physics, nor religion fill him anymore. Two or three years of life are spent on complete immersion in a new sphere of activity or in a new teaching, and then at one moment there is only a feeling of emptiness and an even bigger hole in the soul. They want something more, because the volume of our psyche is inexorably growing and developing.

Two twin brothers - sun and moon

This article describes this state of hatred of a sound person towards the material world, towards people who are stupid in his understanding, who only interfere with his life. And the visual vector with its developed imagination and desire to live and love acts as a kind of crutch for a limping, unfilled sound, wandering in the darkness of its egoistic mind. Vision creates a non-existent imaginary world, which the sound vector fills with its own meanings.

Being emotionally unfilled and suffering from sound shortages, a person finds a way out in creating his own world, where his desires are realized illusoryly. But full-fledged filling still does not occur. The vicious circle of suffering does not break. Only for a while does an imaginary feeling of relief appear, and then suffering covers with even greater force.

Everyone knows that man is a social being. Without society, we are incapable of either fully living or developing. Only in society can a person become truly happy. Only by realizing oneself for the benefit of others can one feel the real taste of life for oneself.

But because of his shortages, such elementary truths do not even occur to a person. Possessing both high visual intelligence in potential and abstract sound intelligence unlimited in possibilities, instead of realizing in society, a person escapes responsibility for his real life into non-existent fictional tales in his head.

Trying to understand your hate

But how to enter this society, how to live for it, when people are so hateful, when they do not want to give me love and cannot answer my inner questions? Why is this needed?

However, if I hate them, then perhaps I should understand - why? Perhaps it is worth seeing the motives of their behavior in order to reveal this secret? And then the cure for such a person can be knowledge of his psyche and the psyche of the people around him.

And at this moment the sound engineer comes to a very interesting situation: in an attempt to understand the psyche of another person, different from him, he focuses on him. That is, for the first time, he focuses on the outside world, and not on the inside. Unbeknownst to himself, he returns to the state of his distant ancestors, sound scientists, with all their essence focused on concentration on the surrounding sounds in order to protect their fellow tribesmen. Only if before they protected the body, now it is time to protect the souls of people.

Dream or live? How to become the master of reality
Dream or live? How to become the master of reality

Sounds esoteric? Perhaps, but it has nothing to do with esotericism. The human psyche hides the most incredible secrets, solving which we will be surprised to find answers to the most seemingly insoluble questions. One has only to try …

And the most interesting thing is that as soon as we begin to find answers to internal questions, our illusory imaginary world disappears imperceptibly for us. Our visual vector thus ceases to save its tired older sonic brother. Now there are other ways for us to realize our desires. It becomes much easier for us to build emotional connections with people, which are so necessary for realizing the properties of our visual vector. We no longer demand love from people, we give it to them. Understanding their psychic nature, we no longer seek to escape from them and hide in our dark room.

Training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan helps to begin not only to understand people, but to see their very essence. You become more than just passive participants in a reality show called Life - you become a director and actor all rolled into one. You practically become what you tried to be in your imaginary world - the master of reality, the master of your life. Those who have been trained by Yuri Burlan speak about this.

Do you remember a moment from the cult movie "The Matrix"? You are offered a choice. So which pill will you choose? Register for free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan here.

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