Immortality And Reality. Do We Want To Live Forever?

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Immortality And Reality. Do We Want To Live Forever?
Immortality And Reality. Do We Want To Live Forever?

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Immortality and Reality. Do we want to live forever?

What is the reason for this desire for immortality? Just with the fear of death? Or perhaps for a specific purpose? What are we pursuing, trying again and again to extend our physical life, and to what point do we intend to do this?

In the Middle Ages, life expectancy did not exceed 30 years. In the IXX century, on average, people lived to be 40-45 years old. The 20th century allowed life to be extended to 60-65 years of age. In recent years, life expectancy reaches 70-80 years and continues to increase. Is there a limit?

What is the reason for this desire for immortality? Just with the fear of death? Or perhaps for a specific purpose? What are we pursuing, trying again and again to extend our physical life, and to what point do we intend to do this?

Advances in the development of medicine, popularization of a healthy lifestyle, sports and nutrition, the general desire to look good and feel young, the absence of global military conflicts are the main factors in increasing human life expectancy.

However, at the heart of all such changes is the common desire of humanity to live longer and more actively. It is noteworthy that desire itself grew into a general trend only towards the end of the 20th century. After all, earlier people were not so concerned about a long life as they are now. It was an honor for a man to die in battle, women died in childbirth, and this was not considered a flagrant injustice or fate, two or three out of ten children in the family survived, and this was considered the norm …

Live to understand why

Changes in the priorities of universal human desires are explained by the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

After the end of the Second World War, with the onset of the skin phase of development, the population becomes more and more concerned about their health, medicine is actively developing, both therapeutic and preventive, a healthy lifestyle, sport enters into everyday life - the values ​​of the skin vector come to the fore in modern society …

The very idea of ​​immortality is the prerogative of an abstract sound vector, which turns out to be embodied in the skin framework of today's humanity. This is especially evident in Western countries with a skin mentality. It is the influence of the skin vector that the idea of ​​eternal life is realized in a rather mundane way - in medicine, genetic engineering, transplantation and the like.

The idea of ​​immortality is born from the attempt of a sound engineer to understand the meaning of life, the essence of human existence, to comprehend the great plan of Nature, to know oneself. Limited by the skin mentality, the goal of life is narrowed down to life itself, that is, to enjoy the active existence of the body, without diseases and pain, and the same easy and quick withdrawal from life, practically "at will." Such immortality of the body is, in fact, unattainable. Moreover, it is unattainable even not because of the limited resources of the physical body, but because of the absence of such a need of the soul.

The body as a tool for finding the soul

It is life within the framework of the physical body that is an opportunity, a chance, an impetus for the development of the soul, to take a step forward, to become one step higher. The common human collective unconscious grows and develops with each new generation. Each individual, living his life, puts his own contribution to the general psychic. This makes it possible for a new generation to be born with a pre-existing temperament, a pre-highest point of reference, in order to get a chance to develop even more, to make a breakthrough to new heights, thus moving all of humanity forward, into development, into the future.

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This is a continuous process that has certain phases and stages, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan clearly speaks about this.

Modern globalization and standardization is also one of these stages. This is not to say that it is positive or negative, it is inevitable and quite obvious. These are the changes in the human community that the skin phase of human development is capable of and is called upon to bring to it in order to prepare it for the transition to the next, urethral phase.

However, the urethral phase is impossible without a sound breakthrough, without an impetus in the development of the sound vector, the only one that has not yet reached its peak. This is the reason for the mass of negative states that sound specialists experience today. Born with a huge temperament, they are not able to realize themselves at the proper level. Sound search for answers, burning unasked inner question "who am I?", "Why am I here?", "What is the essence?" and remains unsatisfied.

Today it is no longer possible to implement it in the study of the laws of physics, astronomy, in the creation of new sounds on musical instruments, in philosophy or religion, the written word or linguistics. Even programming and the Internet do not provide such a full-fledged realization for a sound engineer to feel real pleasure from his life. So there is an understatement, dissatisfaction, an incomplete bouquet of happiness, a subtle desire to continue searching for an answer.

That is why the idea of ​​Western sound specialists, carrying the skin mentality of America or Europe, is focused on extending the life of the physical body. This is their ceiling, but this is also their role as founders of the processes of standardization and globalization.

The same search for sound specialists with the urethral mentality of Russia is devoid of any skin restrictions, therefore, they are much closer to comprehending "infinity". This is a real sound search, spiritual development directed not at the physical body, but at the soul. For the Russian sound engineer, eternal life in the body is not such a coveted goal, as it is expressed in the Western sound. Here self-knowledge comes to the fore, the need to understand oneself, one's soul, to understand the hidden essence of man and to feel the essence and meaning of the whole species of Homo sapiens.

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Many listeners who have undergone training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan note significant changes, both in the psychological state and in the physical status of their body. Many physiological problems with a psychosomatic root were resolved after the training, which could not but affect the quality of life in general.

The idea of ​​the immortality of the body, although popular today, has no future, it is a dead end, it is a kind of stop in development. Yes, a person will live longer, perhaps even up to his physical limit - 120 years. This is the perspective and possibility of modern medicine.

Opportunity does not mean desire

Even having the opportunity to live indefinitely, a person will not have such a desire. A person wants to live not so much long as happily, to get pleasure from his life, work, relationships. A realized person leaves life quite consistently; the psyche discards the prospect of eternal life in a specific physical body as unnecessary. It doesn't make sense. The meaning is precisely in eternity and infinity. Awareness of oneself in infinity, the perception of one's life, connected not with the body, naturally finite, but with the integrity of the species. Eternity and infinity are achieved not by the body, but by the soul.

All the negative states of the sound people affect the general level of hostility in society, replenishing the growing wave of hatred for each other. Each of us in one way or another feels this negative, being an integral part of the collective psychic. Therefore, for everyone today, more important than extending the life of the body is the knowledge of one's own psychic nature, one's true desires and aspirations, realizing one's goals and dreams for the fullest realization of mental properties in everyday activities.

This is what gives that desired feeling of happiness, fulfillment and meaningfulness of life, gives energy, gives rise to enthusiasm and the desire to move on, higher, stronger, more difficult. This lifestyle in itself is the best way to prolong your youth and keep your spirit and body vigorous for many years.

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