Causes Of Depression And Ways To Overcome Them

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Causes Of Depression And Ways To Overcome Them
Causes Of Depression And Ways To Overcome Them
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Causes of depression and ways to overcome them

Why all this, if anyway we someday go into oblivion? Why did we come here at all? What is our mission? Who am I? Why am I here? Why is nothing happy? Why is the neighbor Vasya quite happily living a measured family life, and I am constantly tormented by unanswered questions?

It's hard to open your eyes in the morning and enter this world devoid of meaning. There is no strength to get up and plunge into the gray routine of everyday life, where the days are ad nauseam similar to each other. I do not want to see anyone, communicate, hear the monotonous noise of a bustling city. Nothing pleases - not a holiday, not a new car, not a promotion. The causes of the depression were still unknown. Therefore, it is very difficult to help in this situation with traditional methods of psychology and drug therapy.

And the person suffers, it is not known why. “What is all this for, if anyway we will ever disappear into oblivion? Why did we come here at all? What is our mission? Who am I? Why am I here? Why is nothing happy? Why is the neighbor Vasya quite happily living a measured family life, and I am constantly tormented by unanswered questions? Why don't I live calmly, like ordinary people? What am I looking for?"

These thoughts do not give rest, turning the head into a lead ball. And you run into emptiness, into the illusory sensation of nothingness that sleep gives. Only in a dream do you get a little relief. Or you don't. Or suddenly insomnia falls, and no sleeping pills have power over it. It burns with a red-hot iron in the chest, and you know: so the soul hurts. What does she want? Love? But what is it? Knowledge? Where to find it?

Where, in what to find relief from this unbearable pain?

Only in knowing yourself. The cause of depression lies in the depths of our psyche. Now quite often, depression is called a completely different condition. It can be melancholy, boredom, irritation from unfulfilled desires. But they can be easily distinguished from real depression: as soon as the corresponding desires are fulfilled, the negative state also goes away. I was lonely; met love - and the melancholy vanished. Was sitting without work, angry at the whole world; I found something to my liking - and everything is fine.

Depression is a completely different condition that does not go away as a result of solving pressing life problems. Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology provides a clear explanation of why this is so. Depression and its causes are determined by the presence and a certain state of a person's sound vector - a special vector of the psyche, which gives its owner desires that lie outside the physical world. These are desires for knowledge of the structure of the world and the Universe, knowledge of the mental person and the meaning of life. This is a spiritual search, which is not determined by success in the material world, therefore the sound person is not interested in what is the meaning of life for the remaining 95% of humanity - daily survival.

Soundman is generally far from everything connected with daily bread. For him, the body is just a burden, an excess burden on life, which often prevents him from leaving for the only real world for him - the world of his inner states. He is a deep introvert who prefers solitude, silence and concentration on his own thoughts to the real world with his ebullient activities.


He is a philosopher, writer, physicist, mathematician, programmer, musician, if he realizes his deepest desire for intellectual development. But he is also a drug addict, suicide and terrorist, if he is unable to recognize where the vector of his desires is directed.

The causes of depression lie precisely in this inability to recognize where your desires are drawing you. Moreover, the world around you does not give answers to the questions that you ask inside yourself. Moreover, you are considered, to put it mildly, strange with your questions about the meaning of life. And you feel like a different person who does not fit into ordinary life, who is on the sidelines of someone else's holiday.

And sometimes you cannot even formulate what is so persistently and strongly asking to come out, but cannot find a way out. It can be difficult to recognize in oneself the striving for the spiritual. And then the depression covers, which is not treated with any medications and is not relieved by any psychotherapy sessions. True, there is a chance to become a "vegetable" and dull the senses by taking antidepressants. A void appears … incompatible with life. And there are thoughts about the impossibility of continuing such a life, thoughts of suicide. The windowsill is close …

The cause of depression. Stop

Stop! This step is preventable! Knowing your true desires and learning how to fulfill them. Your questions have an answer. Your destiny in this world is known. And its execution gives you incomparable happiness. After all, sound desires are the strongest. And that is why their non-realization gives a person the greatest suffering. And realization, on the contrary, is the greatest happiness. Hundreds of listeners of Yuri Burlan's training on systemic vector psychology speak about this: depression goes away, you can get rid of it forever!

Causes of depression in women. Causes of depression in men. From reviews

Depression is gender independent. Exclusively from the presence and state of the sound vector.

Daria Shmakova writes:

It got to the point that I lost all desires. I didn't want anything. I didn't need anything. I was just lying or sleeping. And so all day long. Occasionally some small desires arose, sometimes they left immediately, sometimes they were satisfied. But one desire often arose. When they especially wanted to help me, I wanted only one thing: to be left alone …

The result of the training manifests itself in all its glory a little after passing it, but now what happened to me is amazing. Although I am not so many years old, I still say: “It’s a pity that I didn’t meet SVP earlier … The headache now does not torment me so much, it is no longer a constant guest in my head, but is present only from time to time, and the strength her significantly weakened. I no longer feel this attraction of roofs … The nightmares that tormented me so do not appear anymore … Now I sometimes rest during sleep … I came to life, now as a person I show emotions, desires have appeared..

But the most important thing is that SVP has radically changed my life, my worldview. Many questions have now been answered, and others will be found later. A lot has become clear why I am like this, why people around me are different, why they act this way and not otherwise, why everything happens this way. Therefore, thank you very much, just huge, to Yuri, the team! You are changing the lives of thousands of people. I am glad that my life is among them. I really want as many people as possible to learn about the SVP …

Read the full text of the result

Review of Mikhail Pugovkin:

So the lessons of the 1st level of system-vector psychology are coming to an end. I feel my rusty consciousness, with a rumble and rattle, begin a turning maneuver, like a heavy icebreaker stuck in hummocks. I can feel the scabs and scabs crumbling from my gore-covered soul, exposing the new and shiny magnesium-titanium side. I feel like I, destroyed by a rocket, a transforming robot, begin to collect myself on cogs. There is a lot of work ahead, but I have already received the first pages of mathematically accurate assembly instructions from system-vector psychology … Read full text of the result

Come to lectures on system-vector psychology

Want to know the causes of depression? Do you want to get an effective tool for getting rid of depression and acquiring a new quality of life, in which there is the happiness of realization, the feeling of being an important and irreplaceable part of the world? New life is in your hands. And it is in your power to change everything.

Come to the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Better to start with free introductory lectures. Already in the first lessons you will be able to feel that it becomes easier to breathe, there will be an interest in life, in people. You will be able to see the basic laws on which the world is built. You will find out that your craving for something that cannot be described in words is explainable and justified. Register using the link and start an exciting journey into the knowledge of the world and yourself!

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