Leadership Trainings For Ingenuous Couch Potatoes. Does Not Beat, Does Not Break, But Only Somersaults - Page 2

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Leadership Trainings For Ingenuous Couch Potatoes. Does Not Beat, Does Not Break, But Only Somersaults - Page 2
Leadership Trainings For Ingenuous Couch Potatoes. Does Not Beat, Does Not Break, But Only Somersaults - Page 2

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Leadership trainings for ingenuous couch potatoes. Does not beat, does not break, but only rolls over

Natural leaders are 24% of people. That's who has something to develop in personal growth trainings. The paradox is that they don't need any trainings, they are in demand and are successful and so on! Very different people come to success trainings … with completely different abilities …

Life requires more and more competitiveness from a person, not everyone can easily adapt. You can see a successful person right away, they envy him, they look up to him and set him up as an example. It's a shame when a neighbor has a new Mercedes, and you are patching up an old nine. You have to do something about this, and your wife is nagging: “You are smart, why are you so poor? Go and study, there are trainings for success, become like people."

success trainings
success trainings

Can Success Be Learned? Training promises to give everyone their share of success, and rightfully so. They are called so - trainings for personal growth and development. They promise to discover and develop your hidden leadership qualities. Nothing that sounds absurd and you haven't seen a single hidden leader. Get used to it - there are many paradoxes waiting for you in the training of success.

Even if we discard the earners from psychology - those who find the "third eye", open chakras and expand mental fields - there will be many people with diplomas who conduct licensed trainings for success in formal educational institutions. There are no unambiguous statistics on the effectiveness of most of these activities. But people keep looking for success, and again they go for them.

I need money, looking for a job

Before we figure out why some people are more successful than others, let's try to look at desires and their realization in general. For some reason, a person is looking for money, but gets a hard and poorly paid job; wants love, but gets loneliness; thirsts for success, but gets a complete ignore and pays for trainings. Obviously, the scheme "desire ⇒ implementation" is not so simple.

A systematic understanding of human nature makes it possible to separate subconscious (true, innate) desires from rationalizations. It is difficult for a person who does not have it. We are used to living rationally, we have no time to listen to ourselves. We are really sure: if you want to trade successfully, go to study for success training. Although we study all our lives, we study, and "Vaska barely crawled from two to three, but, you see, he has his own store and a Mercedes." Eh … ".

Man is born to enjoy. It is to pleasure that a person is driven by his innate, subconscious desires. There is one more good news: it turns out that we are endowed with all the necessary properties from birth to fulfill our desires! However, a person is inclined to replace true desires with rationalizations. So he builds a personal hell for himself and tries to survive in it. As a result, instead of the pleasure laid down for us by nature, we get the opposite - suffering, patience, and struggle with ourselves. This happens for a number of reasons.

success trainings
success trainings

Groups of interrelated and interdependent desires make up a vector or vector set. Eight vectors mosaic a person and largely determine his life scenario. Whether this scenario is happy or not depends on the degree of development and implementation of the vectors. Knowing your vector set gives the key to understanding yourself and your place among people. It is also becoming clear that trainings for success are not needed by everyone, for many they cause irreparable harm!

Don't be offended, but time is money …

Natural leaders are 24% of people. These are representatives of the so-called skin vector. Their specific role is hunter-alimentators. They are ambitious, strive for career growth, property and social status, know how to control themselves, people and material resources, have a flexible psyche, quick reaction, strive for profit - "Time is money!" This is who has something to develop in personal growth trainings. The paradox is that leather workers do not need any trainings - in the modern skin phase of the development of society they are in demand and are successful without any trainings of success!

Very different people come to trainings in search of success. They not only lack leadership inclinations, but the skin properties listed above are, to put it mildly, not close to them. In the value system of such people - representatives of the anal vector - family, decency, friendship. They are unhurried and thorough, they have always studied well. They have an excellent memory and extensive work experience, which was previously demanded by society, but now it is not. People are conscientious, clean, sometimes indecisive, sometimes resentful. They themselves are afraid to offend: "Just don't be offended!"

Hidden leadership as it is not

Such a person does not work for the sake of money; respect of people is important to him. A professional in his field, he values ​​the opinion of a specialist. "What will you advice me?" - he asks the psychologist trustingly. And that (skin soul!) Without batting an eye: “I see you as a hidden leader! At our training of success, you can develop into a clear leader! " There are two options, one outcome. If this is really a psychologist, a specialist in the human psyche, then he cannot but see who is in front of him. This means that he is deliberately lying, wanting to cash in on trust. If he does not see and sincerely wants to make a “fish out of a bird”, then this is … a specialist in another field. In any case, the one who pays to solve the obviously impossible task suffers. It is impossible to develop something that is not, is not laid down by nature, is not set!

It's good if the harm is limited only to material losses - for us, people with an anal vector, money is like manure. But how to assess the moral damage? How to survive the irreparable shifts in the human psyche, when "thanks to" training of success, he turns into an annoying networker, would-be merchant? In response to clumsy attempts to sell another "product", friends and acquaintances turn away from him. At the training, he was taught to use personal contacts - he obediently uses. Now he is ashamed to look people in the eyes. Yes, and there is no one around, no friends, his wife twists a finger to his temple - he has lost the main thing, there is no time for success! Life is lost!

success trainings
success trainings

Hair stands on end from the fact that eminent "hunter-alimentators" from psychology are rolling out into the unprotected masses! See for yourself.

Trouble list

The famous psychoguru is broadcasting. I will not name the name, everyone who has ever been to a bookstore or was interested in success trainings knows it. The first stage of processing is to instill in people the immutable value of money. Those who have doubts are invited to write a list of troubles that await them in business. The lists are impressive! People sincerely share their fears for their value system: why do I need this money, I'm afraid of the future, I'm afraid of losing touch with family and friends, I'm afraid of a new team, I don't want to devote so much time to work, I'm afraid to become a bad mother … Almost the entire value system of the anal vector plus visual fears give an exhaustive portrait - before us are anal-visual people, classic victims of training success!

So fear. I wonder how a psycho coach will deal with him? At first, he tries to break each fear in turn, but quickly gives up. Special emphasis, however, puts on the fear of being a bad mother, because the majority in the audience are women. He advises to say this: "You know what, child, live here yourself, and I ran." And in general, a child from oversight will only become more adapted to life. This is said to the camera by a crowd of thousands of people, a man published in millions of copies, an authority in modern psychology. And to whom! Anal visual moms - the best moms ever!

The psychoguru copes with other people's fears like this. He advises to present your fear in the form of a vivid visual image. Quite simply … Fu, what an abomination! What's next? It's even funnier further. You should mentally direct a ray (no, not diarrhea) to this image, but golden energy and … make friends with it! Have you made friends? How not? So exercise. Fears need to be overcome. That's really a pipe, I think, otherwise what will keep us, anal-visual, from plunging into training success!

Further more. The psychologist feels strong opposition from the audience on the issue of money. People are not ready to make the final decision. Then he offers the audience a ready-made solution - take a loan! Here's the best way to make yourself move! Whether you like it or not, you will earn. “Credit increases the value of money by 2-3 ranks, a reorientation takes place,” the success psychologist assures. And indeed. Google gives 2,520,000 results to the query “hanged himself because of a loan” … This, apparently, is the result of a complete reorientation. Honestly, in this place I wanted to kill him for the first time.

success trainings
success trainings

Stranger among strangers

Placing a person on an uncharacteristic for him, someone else's program is the main direction of the success trainings. It doesn't matter who you are and what your abilities and orientations are, you must perform the task of an average conditionally successful individual. Did not work out? Following! There are more than enough people willing. In Russia, at the present time, among people with an anal vector, there are many unfulfilled ones - they fill the pockets of psycho-trainers with hard coins. For some, surviving this war is already a success. The trainer knows the weaknesses of his gullible audience and uses them to their full skin benefit.

People are forced to be who they are not and cannot be. In order to overcome internal resistance, they are forced to do stupid things. For example, walking down the street and collecting money from passers-by. I had to give such a woman 10 rubles. After a short and indistinct muttering, the unhappy woman admitted that she was undergoing training for success, and she would be judged by the number of gold pieces collected. But this is still nonsense.

Success training participants are often encouraged to stop communicating with people whose benchmarks do not align with the priority of money. A person abandons his environment, friends and acquaintances, comes into conflict with relatives. He has not earned anything yet, and has already lost a lot, if not all. Not having received any satisfaction from the training, and not having achieved success, a person with an anal vector falls into a stupor, he simply is not able to cope with another negative experience. The most unfavorable scenarios can unfold.

Even those who have done the incredible and have somehow integrated into the business after training for success (as a rule, such people, in addition to the main anal vector, have a skin vector), turn out to be deeply unhappy people. A person works day and night, he has constant troubles, losses and disappointments. He is torn with all his might, and in fact, for himself personally earns no more than a school teacher. But if teaching would bring him true pleasure and complete realization, then in business he is a black bone, a slave and a sufferer. His conscience frowns: you are a trader, Petya, as there is a trader.

success trainings
success trainings

Such a Petya will never become a real business player, never get dizzying pleasure from business. Not because Petya (p) is a sucker, but because it is not his fate and not his desire, he is mediocre living someone else's life, fulfilling someone else's task.

There is an exit!

The knowledge gained at Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology" will allow any person to go through a unique and fascinating path of pleasure. Realizing yourself as a good specialist, being able to work in a team of like-minded people, being a respected member of your "pack", fulfilling your life task with full understanding - this is your true image of success, even if it does not coincide with the replicated skin standard. Then everything else will follow and it will even be surprising: how did you come to success easily and effortlessly - was there any training?

Systems thinking makes you invulnerable to any intrusion. There is no need to guess what to expect from the future, from other people. The whole world lies in front of you with an open map, and you boldly plot your unique route on it. At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", the most secret corners of the subconscious are highlighted, there are no more fears. We are aware of our true desires and capabilities, and as a gift we receive an inexplicable enjoyment of life, which we were given by birth.

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