He Who Does Not Think Does Not Eat

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He Who Does Not Think Does Not Eat
He Who Does Not Think Does Not Eat
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He who does not think does not eat

The world is rapidly progressing, and today it is required not only to “think”. You need to be more and more focused in order to keep up with the changes and, as a result, to keep up with life.

It seems that a happy life is an opportunity to “think of nothing” and get more rest. I do not want to plunge into problems, let someone else delve into us. I would like ready-made solutions, quick answers, a sparing mode of operation.

The world is rapidly progressing, and today it is required not only to “think”. You need to be more and more focused in order to keep up with the changes and, as a result, to keep up with life. Then, along with concentration, our standard of living rises. How? Explains the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Yes, relax, don't strain

- such an attitude drives us into a trap. This is already a trend - people have no concentration. And "for some reason" it is not possible to successfully cope with difficulties. A modern person should not relax, he should be focused: for the result, the mind must be strained.

To keep our body healthy and fit, we keep it in shape, give it physical activity. It's the same with our brain. Mental focus helps your brain stay toned.

A focused person walks through life more efficiently: accurate, unmistakable thought forms about how to achieve what he wants come to him. As long as others “don't want” to fully comprehend the problem, the warmed-up brain is already giving out a solution.

If you concentrate, then in "sound"

The largest mental volume of the sound vector is potentially the maximum possible concentration. It is important for a sound engineer to correctly realize such a "competitive advantage" - this is his specific role. Here one cannot do without knowledge of System-Vector Psychology.

Recognizing the vectors of other people, that is, by concentrating and cognizing the psychic, we slightly reveal what is hidden in the unconscious - we do the very sound work for which we were created. Hence, not only intellectual pleasure, but also an endless source of energy, vitality, joy from life.

Sound ideas appear only in the process of concentration, and their forms depend on the activity that the sound engineer is currently engaged in.

What achievements in life depend on
What achievements in life depend on

Life achievements are the result of our mental efforts

When focusing on the psyche of other people, we feel an involuntary influx of what to do, how to interact with this or that person. The sonic potential opens up almost endless possibilities here.

We literally begin to guess the thoughts of our relatives and friends, such communication does not bother us in a sound way. If before that we were worried about some conflict situations, then we become able to resolve them, understanding what caused them, realizing the inner states and motives of another person. Communication becomes positive without visible effort, conflict situations simply do not arise. And if our partner also has a sound vector, we get a chance to build a spiritual connection with the "cosmic" feeling of love and happiness.

In work, especially if it is connected with the intellectual sphere and fellow sound scientists, we become able to give birth to collective thought forms. Such ideas will be larger and more accurate than the development of any lone genius in the same field - as a supercomputer is always more powerful than a home laptop.

If something gets in the way, then …

The implementation of the sound vector is a process that must be constantly maintained. The currently filled sound vector gives a green light to the desires of other vectors - then life in the material world "captures" us, distracting and knocking down sound concentration.

Rollback occurs. We do not notice this immediately, but the less the sound needs are filled and realized, the less we are interested in material desires. And now communication with loved ones becomes unbearable, and the work does not arouse the same enthusiasm. Once again I want to shut myself off from the whole world Sound "ailments" may appear - sleep disturbances, headaches, a sense of the meaninglessness of life, etc.

It is easy to break the “fine-tuning” of sound concentration, but it takes weeks and months to restore it. This cannot but affect our well-being, relationships, work results and quality of life in general.

What Concentration of Mind Gives
What Concentration of Mind Gives

No matter how we try to live easier, sound desires will not let us forget about themselves. It is better to be aware of them and fill them in a timely manner.

At the free introductory online training, you have a unique opportunity to gain new, deep realizations - and, therefore, new results, a sense of the meaningfulness of life.

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