The Mortality Wave Of The 90s. Doctor's Notes

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The Mortality Wave Of The 90s. Doctor's Notes
The Mortality Wave Of The 90s. Doctor's Notes

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The mortality wave of the 90s. Doctor's notes

The collapse of the Soviet Union had a strong impact on all segments of the population, but it is possible to single out a special category of people who were particularly hard hit by the incident. Everything they believed in collapsed in one day. The usual way of life has disappeared.

The collapse of the Soviet Union had a strong impact on all segments of the population, but it is possible to single out a special category of people who were particularly affected by the incident. Everything they believed in collapsed in one day. The usual way of life has disappeared. People who were previously in demand and settled in life, who achieved their position through high professionalism, hard work and honesty, suddenly found themselves on the sidelines.

Those for whom the changes have become the most unbearable blow are representatives of one specific type of character, carriers of the so-called anal vector. They have undergone the most difficult tests for the reason that the properties inherent in the anal vector are least adapted to adapt to changes in the landscape, especially such tragic and dramatic ones. Not so long ago, excellent workers in production, professionals respected by all, at one point became the first candidates for "suckers". A new reality came to replace it, dictating its own rules, creating new heroes of its time.

Until now, there are entire websites on the Web where former neighbors support each other, recalling the past romance, share photos of streets and institutions where they lived and worked, feel nostalgic, write poetry. Now from these places there is only one memory.

The woman who will be discussed in this article has gone through tremendous stress in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union, survived, but became disabled. And how many unaccounted for, trapped in cardiac resuscitation, covered with the debris of a collapsed state? How many of those who did not show promptness, refusing to believe what had happened, waited at home for their heart attacks or climbed into a noose? How many more uncounted victims of the collapse of a single state, such as this woman …

Instead of introducing

The development of pathology is subject to certain rules. Traditionally, in etiology, it is customary to distinguish one or a number of factors, congenital or acquired, external or internal. Pathogenesis reflects the details and mechanism of disease formation. By a pathogenic factor, we mean any negative, rather excessive in its strength and stressfulness effect on the body, tropic to certain of its qualities and properties, vectors.

Negative pressures on properties that exceed the stress tolerance threshold are reflected in the psyche. Depending on the strength of the influence or its duration, mental reactions are followed by somatic disorders. So, in an anal person, in the case of excessive stress, not only the digestive tract, but also the cardiovascular system is under attack. Each vector is susceptible to its own "pathogenic" factor.


These are the general rules. In our example, we will illustrate a clinical case of combined pathology, which developed already in adulthood after an acute and pronounced stress factor. At the time of the onset of the disease, the woman was over 30 years old.

The basic properties of the anal vector are discussed here. It should be added that the issue of property and material superiority over others does not bother people with an anal vector as well as carriers of the skin vector. Factors that are significant for anal people are home, family, confidence in the future, a sense of stability. Developed to be honest, reliable, and executive by nature, anal people expect the same from others.

They are dedicated to their work and, first of all, expect to be appreciated by their colleagues, management, society. They will not allow themselves to appropriate anything superfluous that does not belong to them, under no circumstances will they stoop to theft. They are proud of their reputation and value public opinion about themselves very much, for them decency and honesty are not empty words. As a feedback for their honesty and diligence, they expect recognition of their merits, respect, honor, stable and fair remuneration for their work.

Any injustice painfully hurts the anal person, causing an extremely difficult state of resentment, transforming into a stupor and inability to adapt the situation. Making minor corrections, adding the last word, emphasizing a flaw is also in their nature, as well as special rigidity, difficult adaptability to new living conditions, any changes.

What exactly will serve as a pathogenic factor against this background, what intensity it will turn out to be and to what extent it will manifest itself, what trigger will be affected and what morphofunctional changes will cause in the event of an individual's inability to compensate or adequately reflect within himself the influence of circumstances from what we call modern landscape, it is much easier to predict using the knowledge gained at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Violations at the organ level are naturally secondary and obey strict rules of hierarchy, where the lack of plasticity in the cognitive sphere makes a person unable to withstand and adapt the impact of a pathogenic factor at his level, which turns into a severe, irreversible breakdown at the subordinate level.


Clinical case

Patient V., born in 1961, asked for advice on re-examination at the bureau of medical and social expertise to confirm the group of disability in the cardiological profile. She patiently waited strictly for her turn and entered, having previously asked permission.

She was a middle-aged woman with a regular build and short hair. She had no active complaints. In medical records, data on the disease are very scarce. At first, targeted questions to clarify the detailed details of the neurological history were not asked (disability in a different profile, was not registered in the dispensary). On the part of the nervous system, there were no objective clinically significant symptoms. The skin is clean. Has no bad habits. For the last 20 years, he practically does not drink alcohol.

During the examination, the patient independently decided to point out some details of her disease, which, as it turned out, are closely and systemically related to the history of life.

Anamnesis of life

Until 1991, my husband and I lived and worked at one of the gold mines in Yakutia, located beyond the Arctic Circle. Now the former urban-type settlement was completely abolished and excluded from the administrative-territorial divisions by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) together with other artisanal settlements.

The mine was one of the largest in the gold-bearing area, in some years gold production reached 10 tons per year, in total, about 120 tons of gold were mined during the operation of the mine.

She worked directly in gold mining. The husband worked there as well. We gave birth to two children. The material well-being and prosperity of the family exceeded by an order of magnitude the average income in the former USSR. For 12 years of work in the mine, salaries, like everyone else, were credited to a bank account. With the onset of the economic crisis, funding has completely stopped. Most of the wooden housing stock, as well as part of the administrative and service buildings (including the school building) were burned by the departing population. Forced to return to the mainland in the early 90s.

More than one hundred thousand rubles were credited to the bank account for payment (for comparison: the average salary at that time was 120 rubles per month, the cost of a 1-2-room apartment in a number of cities slightly exceeded the cost of a car, and sometimes was equal). Among the top-priority plans was the purchase of housing. The tragic economic events of that time developed rapidly. The money was paid in the form of completely depreciated pieces of paper only after 1992, when the cost of travel in public transport was calculated in 4-digit figures.


Medical history

She considers herself ill since the end of 1991, when she first began to notice interruptions in the work of the heart, shortness of breath, pain in the chest. She had not suffered from arrhythmia before. I did not seek help from doctors. In 1992, the first attack of complete atrioventricular block occurred with generalized clonic-tonic seizures, loss of consciousness, a clinical picture similar to Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome. She was urgently hospitalized in the cardiac intensive care unit, where she stayed in a coma for several days. Operated, installed a ventricular pacemaker. After inpatient treatment, due to the severity of the clinical picture of a newly diagnosed disease of unclear etiology and the absence of a persistent effect on the background of therapy, the 2nd group of disability was assigned to the cardiac profile.

According to the patient, both the first and all subsequent attacks were preceded by an aura in the form of an extremely intense experience of fear and anxiety, against the background of which a strong heartbeat was always noted. The first seconds of tonic contractions of the muscles of the extremities was able to observe until the moment of loss of consciousness.

The diagnosis "epilepsy" did not sound after the first seizure. The fact of convulsive syndrome required clinical confirmation. Over the next few months, with an established pacemaker, a series of generalized seizures with a characteristic aura and loss of consciousness developed.

After additional examination, a diagnosis of "generalized form of epilepsy" was established, treatment was prescribed, and under the supervision of a neurologist. During treatment, the number and severity of attacks decreased. Was under dispensary observation for a number of years. Attacks up to several times a year. In 2003, she underwent surgery to replace the pacemaker. She regularly underwent re-examination at the bureau of medical and social expertise in order to confirm disability.

Later she moved with her family to another city. The spouse got a job, two adult children were educated and also have a job. Prospects have appeared. They live in a rented apartment. Subjectively, I began to feel much better. Since 2010, there have been no epileptic attacks, the unassailable period is exactly three years. Transferred from 2nd to 3rd group of disability with the possibility of employment.

Brief analysis

Atrioventricular block belongs to the type of arrhythmias and has 3 degrees of severity. With complete AV block (3rd degree), the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, which is accompanied, as is known, by short-term fainting. In this case, the patient was in a coma for 7 days, which indicates a very serious lesion of the central nervous system. The fact that a generalized epileptic seizure took place in the very first case was not confirmed by anyone except relatives. In the future, we can talk about him on the basis of the testimony of the patient herself on the identical aura in all the following seizures. The patient does not have a discharge summary and objective examination data of those years. Shown here is an ECG with a magnesium test.


In general, difficulties with diagnosis do not arise even with scanty medical documentation. Initially, we still have an acutely developed pathology of the cardiovascular system, which, most likely, was complicated by generalized convulsive syndrome with subsequent coma. It cannot be ruled out that, against the background of a coma, irreversible disturbances in the cerebral cortex could occur, which subsequently led to an episyndrome.


As can be seen from the anamnesis, the occurrence of the disease is chronologically clearly associated with the circumstances that made it impossible to create your home. After many years of hard and honest work, their whole family, in fact, were left without a livelihood.

The very fact of closing the mine and the forced return to the mainland, in her words, did not serve as something tragically fatal. There was a conviction, backed up by a bank account, that a family could easily choose any city to live in and buy decent housing there. Family values, home, stability - all this is included in the fundamental spectrum of the most important values ​​on which people who have an anal vector in the anatomy of desires build their lives. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the air they breathe. The reliability, solidity, honesty of their properties, which they are proud of, and what they seek and expect from others.

“In all the years of my work, I have not stolen a single gram of gold from the state,” the remark sounded with pride when the patient told her story. “At the same time, I had such an opportunity, many took advantage of it, but we never”.

These qualities of the anal vector contribute to the employment of such people in positions that require special responsibility and honesty. Attention to detail, a special talent for identifying any flaws and shortcomings allows them to work in the inspection bodies. Having an economic education, for some time she worked as an auditor at a transport company. Having the above qualities, anal people believe that they have the right to expect from others at least a similar attitude towards themselves, but in our example it is clear how much the opposite happened.

The blow to the properties of the vector was very strong and could not but cause a reaction from the organ, which is vulnerable in the anal person - the heart. The state of extreme stress caused those profound morphofunctional disturbances that were described above.

Instead of a conclusion

Almost all arrhythmias, angina pectoris and myocardial infarctions develop where there is not enough mental flexibility to reflect pressure from the landscape. Overpressure quickly turns into a pathogenic factor that affects the organ associated with the anal vector - the heart. According to the available statistics, it was during the years of dramatic changes in the life of our country that the number of initially recorded cardiac diagnoses of all types increased significantly.


Our patient was brought back to life from a coma, provided minimal social security in the form of a cash benefit, but how many fatalities were unaccounted for by statistics at that time?

Awareness of our qualities, understanding the structure and roots of our unconscious desires can significantly increase the safety margin of the psyche and improve adaptation to dynamically changing environmental conditions. The opportunity to understand the nature of the desires that live in us, to all the available depth and to understand their place in general, gives the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Persistent changes in the form of relief of psychosomatic illnesses as a by-product of awareness of oneself and one's states come after the first basic level.

In the next articles, wait for an analysis of the pathogenesis of other diseases from the standpoint of system-vector thinking.

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