Doctor Death - Josef Mengele. About Dr. Mengele, Not Wikipedia. Why Is Mengele A Doctor Of Death? A Systematic View Of Josef Mengele, Doctor Of Death

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Doctor Death - Josef Mengele. About Dr. Mengele, Not Wikipedia. Why Is Mengele A Doctor Of Death? A Systematic View Of Josef Mengele, Doctor Of Death
Doctor Death - Josef Mengele. About Dr. Mengele, Not Wikipedia. Why Is Mengele A Doctor Of Death? A Systematic View Of Josef Mengele, Doctor Of Death

Video: Doctor Death - Josef Mengele. About Dr. Mengele, Not Wikipedia. Why Is Mengele A Doctor Of Death? A Systematic View Of Josef Mengele, Doctor Of Death

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: The Angel of Death 2023, February

Doctor Death - Josef Mengele

Every time the train brought next prisoners to Auschwitz, and those, exhausted by the road and endless hardships, lined up, a tall, stately figure of Joseph Mengele appeared in front of the prisoners.

Each time the train brought next prisoners to Auschwitz and those, exhausted by the road and endless hardships, lined up, a tall, stately figure of Josef Mengele appeared in front of the prisoners.

On his face - a smile, he was always in a good mood. Neat, well-groomed, in white gloves, perfectly ironed shape and polished boots to shine. Mengele sang operetta under his breath and decided the fate of people. Just think: so many lives - and everything was in HIS hands. Like a conductor with a conductor's baton, he waved his hand with a whip: right - left, right - left. He created his own symphony unknown to anyone - the symphony of death. Those who were sent to the right faced a painful death in the cells of Auschwitz. And only 10-30 percent of those who arrived were given the opportunity to work in production and live … for the time being.


However, those "lucky" who ended up in the queue "to the left" were waiting for something more terrible than gas chambers. Hard slave labor, hunger are only flowers. Each of the prisoners risked falling under the scalpel of the smiling doctor Mengele, who was conducting inhuman experiments on humans. The "guinea pigs" of the Angel of Death (as Anne Frank called Mengele in her diary) … what did they experience?

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There are stories about Josef Mengele's experiences that make the hair on the back of the head of any compassionate person move. No Wikipedia will convey the cruelty and pain that Dr. Mengele subjected prisoners to. Castration and sterilization of people, testing of endurance by cold, temperature, pressure, radiation, implantation of dangerous viruses and much, much more. It is noteworthy that all experiments were carried out on prisoners without anesthetics. Many "test subjects" were even dissected while still alive. The twins, for whom the Angel of Death had a particular weakness, got the most (but more on that later). There is even a myth that Dr. Mengele's office was covered with children's eyes. But this is just one of the popular legends that this mystical and terrible figure has overgrown over time.

Who is he, Dr. Mengele? Researchers report that literary works have been found, including the memoir of the Angel of Death. He was veryted and genius in his own way. Evil genius. Today we will consider the personality of Josef Mengele, using the knowledge that Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" gives, and try to find the reasons due to which such monsters appear in the world.

Background. Fascist Germany

Even the philosophers of the 18th century wrote that a person is determined by the environment in which he grows and is brought up. This statement shows its truthfulness in practice: after all, it is precisely what is put into our heads since childhood that largely determines what we will become in the future. Josef Mengele was born and raised in Nazi Germany. The ideas of fascism had a huge impact on him.

Let us consider in more detail what moods of that time left an indelible mark on the personality of Doctor Death.

The idea of ​​purity of blood, the desire to revive the so-called Aryan race - all this especially strongly captured Germany in the 1930s. The birth rate in Germany was falling, the mortality rate of children was growing, and it was not so rare that sick children with certain defects were born. At the same time, a large number of people of other nationalities living in Germany (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs) posed a "threat" of incest to the owners of the anal vector. All this made the fascists afraid of the possible degeneration of the Aryan race - the very one that was destined, according to Hitler, to become the chosen one.


The very idea of ​​fascism is a product of the anal vector, elevated to an ideology for the masses with the help of a sound vector. After all, it is the carriers of the anal vector that differentiate everything into “clean” and “dirty”. "Clean", in their view, is healthy, correct, ideal. "Dirty" carries with it all kinds of defects, therefore, blindness, deafness, schizophrenia, according to such people, arise from the admixture of "dirty", "unhealthy" blood of other nationalities. The only way out for the revival of "pure blood" is the destruction of all "spots": people of other nationalities and their "offspring" - unhealthy children. Sound doesn't care about human lives. Idea comes first. And whether this idea will go to harm or for the benefit of humanity depends on the state of sound.

To ensure the "revival of the Aryans", extreme measures were taken. First, all representatives of the "dirty blood" were persecuted and sent to camps. Incest with representatives of other nationalities was not only discouraged, but also punished. Each member of the SS had to present his ancestry and the ancestry of his wife to prove the purity and nobility of his family. Every German had to go through such a process, so the facts of the presence of representatives of "dirty blood" in the family were hidden in every way. People were afraid to be among those who were sent to the camps.

In 1933, the question of racial politics came to the fore. Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick pointed to the problem of low fertility. German women gave birth to little, which had a detrimental effect on the prosperity of the state. The decline of the family was noted - the influence of liberals and democrats. This is how the new legislation on marriage and family was prepared (by Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann). The Nazis assumed that many men would die during the war, and therefore a responsible mission was entrusted to women in Germany: to give birth to as many healthy children as possible. From now on, every German woman under 35 must have time to give birth to four children from purebred men, and physically and mentally healthy men were allowed to marry not one, but two or more women. The goal is to increase the birth rate. As a rule, this right was given to the holders of the highest awards.

“All married or unmarried women, if they do not have four children, are obliged to give birth to these children before the age of thirty-five years from racially impeccable German men. Whether these men are married or not does not matter,”wrote Himmler, who proposed to forcefully dissolve marriages where no new children have appeared for five years. Moreover, all women over 35 who already had four children had to voluntarily release their husbands to another woman.


But, unfortunately, not all children were born and are born healthy. Newborns with physical and mental disabilities, as well as weak children, according to the ideologists of fascism, were not needed by the country, as they were destroying the gene pool. The ideological inspirer and leader of the fascists, Hitler, believed that the Aryans are an impeccable nation of strong and healthy people, therefore the weak, frail, sick need to be exterminated. "If in Germany a million children were born annually and seven hundred to eight hundred thousand of the weakest were immediately destroyed, then the end result would be the strengthening of the nation," Hitler said. You can systematically understand the absurdity and wildness of this statement, since nature will always restore the balance it needs (20% of anal sexes, 24% of skinheads, 5% of spectators, etc.).

So a law was passed to prevent the appearance of offspring with unhealthy heredity. It was suggested to sterilize unhealthy people if there was a danger that the disease could be inherited. These were primarily people with schizophrenia, blindness and deafness. That is why, by order of the state, propaganda videos were created, which talked about natural selection - how nature itself created the law when the fittest survives. It was also planned to introduce euthanasia for the weak and sick children.

The main goal that anthropologists and physicians faced was the creation of an ideal nation. A special science, eugenics, also appeared, which dealt with the issue of the revival of the Aryan race. The country was waiting for its "hero-doctors", seized by fascist ideas, and waited - Joseph Mengele, Doctor Death, appeared, obsessed with the idea of ​​a pure race so much that he was ready to break the Hippocratic oath and any ethical norms and attitudes familiar to everyone.

Josef Mengele's childhood

Josef Mengele was born in Günzburg. He was the second son of a successful agricultural machinery factory manager.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient facts, we can only determine the lower vectors of the parents. Father, according to the recollections of Joseph Mengele himself, was a cold, detached person, obsessed with work and did not pay any attention to his children. Karl Mengele is an analodermal man who has achieved significant heights. It was at his factory that Hitler spoke when he first arrived in Günzburg, and it was to this factory that the Fuhrer allocated significant material resources during the war.

Walburga Mengele's mother is an anal-skin-muscle powerful person with a tendency to sadism. She was a cruel, oppressive woman, extremely demanding. All factory workers were afraid of her like fire, because she was very hot-tempered, explosive: she often flogged workers in public for not doing a job well enough. No one wanted Walburga's wrath to fall on his head, so everyone was wary of her.

Mengele's mother also showed her dictatorial nature in the family. She was an autocratic mistress, to whom all other members of the family were subject, including the skin husband. From the sons, Walburga demanded everything that parents with an anal vector often require from their children: unquestioning obedience and respect, diligent study at school, observance of Catholic rites and traditions. Respect, obedience, observance of traditions - all these are the main values ​​of any anal person. Karl Mengele, like everyone else, was afraid of the anger of his wife, who nagged him for any reason.


The story is described of how one day Karl Mengele bought a new car in honor of the growth of the profits of his factory, for which he was struck by thunder and lightning from Walburga: she was angry and scolded her husband for spending money unreasonably and for not asking permission from his wives.

Josef Mengele himself in his memoirs described his mother as a creature incapable of love and affection. The early childhood impressions of the future Angel of Death are directly related to the constant quarrels between father and mother and the cold attitude of both parents towards their children. This, undoubtedly, left its mark in the mind of Joseph and was one of those particles that made up the personality of Doctor Death, because the resentment of the owners of the anal vector very often begins with resentment against the mother.

Actually Josef Mengele himself

So, the "Angel of Death" had the following set of vectors:

1. Skin vector, expressed in special love and attentiveness to your body, your skin, strong ambitions, desire to curry favor, climb the career ladder and become famous. Mengele's wife talked about the doctor's great love for his body: he spent long hours in front of the mirror, looking at his body and admiring it. It is with this factor that Inna explains the reason why Josef Mengele refused to get a tattoo with a blood type, which was due to all members of the SS. He loved his body too much, his skin and did not want to expose it to even the slightest damage. Mengele's ambition manifested itself in his early youth, when he said to his friend: "One day you will read about me in an encyclopedia." And how he looked into the water! Today, books are devoted to Doctor Mengele, many articles have been written about him, including on Wikipedia.

2. The anal vector manifested itself in Mengele's love of cleanliness - the surviving prisoners of Auschwitz remember the Angel of Death as an extremely clean and tidy man. Remember: the shape is perfectly ironed, the gloves are perfectly white, the boots are perfectly polished. Everything is perfect, as befits the owner of the anal vector. Any deviation from the ideal - a dirt, a speck of dust, a bruise - makes such people very angry. No, everything must be perfect - it cannot be otherwise. The same applies to the purity of blood: it is not surprising that Josef Mengele became infected with the fascist idea and so zealously rushed to create an ideal race - this is his path. Colleagues noted the extreme hard work and painstaking work of Mengele: he could not break away from his research for days on end, meticulously measuring every centimeter of the human body, entering all the results into neat plates. Everything is on the shelvesas befits all anal people.

The sadism that the doctor showed when "working" with his "wards" in the camp is one of the typical manifestations of a sick anal vector. Josef Mengele, according to his own stories, was a "disliked" child. A father who does not care about his family, and a tyrant mother who could not give even a bit of warmth to his sons. The dislike turned into sadism, which became an integral part of his life.


When Mengele was in the camp, he beat those who tried to escape with particular cruelty when the next barrack was led to the gas chamber. The cruelty extended to everyone: women, men, and children of “unwanted” nationalities. Witnesses described the horrifying details of a woman who was trying to escape the gas chamber: “He grabbed her by the neck and began severely beating her, turning her face into a bloody mess. He beat her, kicked her, especially in the head, and shouted: “You wanted to run away, didn't you? You cannot leave. You will burn like everyone else, you will die, you dirty Jewess”. As I looked, I saw how her intelligent eyes disappeared behind a continuous veil of blood. In a matter of seconds, her straight nose became a flat, broken, solid bloody stain. An hour later, Dr. Mengele returned to the hospital. He took out a bar of scented soap from his big bag and,Whistling merrily, with a smile of deep satisfaction on his face, he began to wash his hands."

By the way, Dr. Mengele also preferred to use the soap made from living people. He even took several packs with him when he fled from Auschwitz - "for good memory."

3. The sound vector of Doctor Death was in insane states. The ideology of the country where Joseph was brought up, his always scandalous parents … how can the sound feel good here? And when the sound feels "not very", it begins to give birth to destructive ideas. When the science of eugenics is for Mengele above all else, some "dirty races" there cause neither pity nor compassion. Hence the special cruelty: all vectors obey the dominant - sound.

With all this, the ideas of Josef Mengele differed from purely fascist ones. He did not consider the Jews an inferior race and did not consider them "subhuman." Jews and Aryans, according to Mengele, were the only two strongest and most talented races. Another question - only one should remain dominant, and the other should disappear. And, according to the Angel of Death, it was the Jews who should have disappeared. He was afraid of the Jews, so he exterminated them without sparing: in the name of all living things, it was the Aryans who had to conquer.

Did Josef Mengele have a visual vector - the same one that every doctor who advocates for saving lives needs? Obviously it wasn't. The visual vector carries the “anti-murder” program, and Doctor Death, without the slightest shudder, performed such actions that for many years were in nightmares of the surviving prisoners of Auschwitz.

Ordinary doctors of Auschwitz, in order to somehow survive the horror that was happening in the camp, got drunk to a pulp every evening. Just to forget, just not to think … Josef Menegele, Doctor Death, unlike his colleagues, not only never drank … He was always in a high spirits: he smiled, whistled songs and just played his crazy ideas over and over again in his head and experiments. It is not surprising that such a trifle as the ability to overstep human ethics was not worth the slightest effort for the "scientist": after all, what difference does it make who to experiment on when human life does not seem so important to you?


For now, let's go back a little. Young Josef Mengele is remembered as a cheerful, diligent student with serious knowledge. He was not a brilliant student, but even the strictest teachers always praised the boy for diligence and perseverance (anal vector), as well as for his extreme punctuality (skin vector). Back in the 1920s, Mengele studied philosophy and got acquainted with the ideological theory of Alfred Rosenberg (sound vector). These works delight Joseph so much that he wants to devote his life to anthropology and genetics. In 1930, Mengele graduated from the gymnasium, passed the exams decently and entered college. Contrary to the wishes of his father that his son should follow in his footsteps, Joseph enters the university.

At the university, the young man is strongly influenced by the lectures of Dr. Ernst Rudin, who argued that there are lives that are not worth living. Rudin's second idea was that doctors have the right to exclude such lives from the population.

Before that, not interested in politics, Josef Mengele suddenly joins the socialist organization "Steel Helmet". Mengele, with a flexible skin vector psyche, quickly understood how to achieve brilliant success on this path. He quickly found a tool to achieve his goal - a political concept, which from now on adhered to the future Angel of Death. Having defended his work "Racial morphological study of the lower jaw in four racial groups", Mengele passes a medical exam and becomes a doctor. A doctor without a visual vector … Something had to happen.

First, he worked at the Institute of Heredity, Biology and Racial Purity at the University of Frankfurt, then served as a military doctor in hot spots … And so, awarded the Iron Cross, Joseph Mengele went to Auschwitz (Auschwitz), where he was waiting for an unpaved field for "experiments" … The terrible place Auschwitz was waiting for the terrible Doctor, and he appeared …


Today, more than ever, it is important for Russia and the entire multinational Russian people not only to understand and honor their history, but also to understand why conflicts and tensions arise between us and the West over and over again. Perhaps in this way it will be possible to avoid a repetition of the greatest tragedy of mankind - the World War.

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Information about 8 vectors allows us to understand not only the human psyche, but also the reasons for everything that happens between people at different levels. In his lectures, Yuri Burlan touches upon the topics of social phenomena, explaining the cause-and-effect relationships of today's world events and the growing tension between Russia and the West. You can see excerpts from the lectures here:

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