How To Make A Guy Jealous, Or A Sure Way To Ruin A Relationship

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How To Make A Guy Jealous, Or A Sure Way To Ruin A Relationship
How To Make A Guy Jealous, Or A Sure Way To Ruin A Relationship

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How to make a guy jealous, or a sure way to ruin a relationship

We achieve the desired reaction - the man is jealous and even throws up a scandal, but this does not make the relationship better. Maybe we missed somewhere or, on the contrary, overdid it?

Love, of course, is heaven, but the Garden of Eden

Often jealousy turns into hell.

Lope de Vega

“Maybe say that my ex called? As if by chance, between words. Or go to the club with the girls, dress provocatively and return in the morning? Or maybe flirt with his friend so that he can see? " You go through numerous "recipes" in your head on how to make a guy jealous, in search of the most effective one.

Of course, the purpose of this manipulation is exceptionally good - to preserve relations, for which, as in a war, all means are good. jealousy - a "remedy" has long been a folk and is in the medicine cabinet of almost any woman in case of the first symptoms of cooling of the feelings of a beloved man.

We are used to using jealousy as a preventive measure to test feelings, especially if he has not confessed his love for a long time and pays less attention than usual. It seems that God himself ordered him to increase his rating at the expense of male attention, so that he understands that it is extremely imprudent to relax in his position. Even if there is no doubt about his love and devotion, it is still worth keeping him in good shape. To fuel his sports interest and competitiveness, which is inherent in men. Let him always remember what an amazing woman he got.

So we women think and … are wrong. Yes, we are trying to achieve the desired reaction - the man is jealous and even throws a scandal, but the relationship does not get any better from this. Maybe we missed somewhere or, on the contrary, overdid it? Or is it not destiny to be together and to blame?

Is jealous - means he loves?

Undoubtedly, the desire to maintain a relationship is quite natural and understandable. The questions are raised by the methods that we use for this. Unfortunately, millions of women will have to disappoint, who rely on jealousy as a catalyst for developing relationships. They not only do not get better, but on the contrary, they reach a dead end, which can ultimately lead to a break. Therefore, the time has come to expose this great delusion.

How to make a guy jealous
How to make a guy jealous

Man is an insecure type

One of the most important unconscious categories that helps create a happy relationship in a couple is inner confidence in a partner. Uncertainty in a relationship is painful for a man. Why? A woman under any circumstances knows that the child is hers, and the man is not. But one of his main tasks is to continue his gene pool. Therefore, if a woman gives a reason or deliberately provokes a man to jealousy, then as a result, she cultivates insecurity in him, which is extremely destructive. Slowly but surely, he will move away, pull with the offer of a hand and heart, doubt the decision to connect his life with her, sometimes without even understanding why.

If you want to create the ideal conditions for a man to want a long relationship, family and children, you need to do the opposite. Through the creation of a deep emotional connection and expanding the range of trust - not by an event series, but by experience and sensuality. It instills confidence in a man. Building trust and an emotional connection is easy on the basis of the inner comfort he feels with a loving woman that doesn't give rise to jealousy. When a woman herself is confident in her chosen one and that the relationship has a future, when she is ready to think and live in the “we” category, and not in the “I” category, this gives the man confidence in her and in the future.

Love is like a dream

Now that we may have understood the reasons for our past failures in our personal lives, other thoughts come to mind: “What is my responsibility, what if I can't cope? And in general, how is it to create an emotional connection?"

If you love a man, if you are sure that you want to be only with him, then all the "work" on the relationship will be a joy and pleasure. Sincerely interested in him, to understand what he likes, what he thinks. Liberate him with your innermost thoughts, which you share only with him, because for the first time in your life you felt how you want to trust him. It is so touching, there are so many experiences in it that he will want to open up to you in response.

So, gradually, word by word, secret by secret, emotion by emotion, a connection will be built, which, like a liana, will wrap you around, bringing you closer to each other. In the end, he will be so confident in you that he can no longer stop thinking about you, he wants to be only with you and forever.

50 shades of jealousy

The sooner we get rid of stereotypes that do not help, but only spoil life, the better. In addition to jealousy, there are also speculations about the fact that all men are the same, they have a hunting instinct, sports interest, they compete and much more. Yuri Burlan's "system-vector psychology" logically and simply shows us exactly the opposite - no one is alike. We share the perception of life and the form of desires and differ from each other, like day from night. The same jealousy has a different nature, and, accordingly, the consequences, depending on who is experiencing it.

Who is jealous
Who is jealous

I loved her for her purity and innocence

For example, if a man with an anal vector experiences jealousy, the consequences can be the most fatal, since loyalty for him is the highest value. This is due to the fact that such a man finds the meaning of life in a family, where he fully realizes his properties of a caring husband and father. He himself is the embodiment of loyalty and, accordingly, expects the same from his woman.

By provoking an anal man into jealousy, we devalue what is at the forefront of his priorities - a clean relationship. Suspicions of infidelity will launch an irreversible mechanism of jealousy not only for everyone you meet, but also for past relationships. The past is another value for the anal vector, so everything that came before it matters and seems automatically better than itself.

Therefore, very soon we ourselves will regret having started this dangerous game with provocations. He will definitely be jealous, but it will not lead to anything good. And you won't be able to play back - the memory of the owner of the anal vector, different from nature, will not let you forget even a hint of infidelity.

I have a house, a sports car and a model wife

This is not the case with the skin vector. Such men enjoy life when they achieve material success. The more prestigious the job, the more profitable the business, the more beautiful the woman, the better. This indicates his status and position in society, which he values ​​very much, as well as any of his property.

A woman in his perception is also a kind of property, and the attention of another man is an encroachment on her. Watching how you flirt with another, he will feel about the same as he would feel, watching someone trying to steal his car.

Therefore, making the owner of the skin vector jealous is a senseless waste of time and energy. Will get angry - yes, will love and appreciate more - is unlikely. And what is absolutely certain - he will lose confidence, and what this leads to, we already know.

Of course, your chosen one is unlikely to be a one-vector person, which means that his values ​​and reactions will be even more complex and multifaceted.

Perpetual motion machine of love

Knowing these differences and understanding who your chosen one is can significantly transform any relationship. You no longer have to guess about his desires by reactions, words and behavior, determining certain of his features by trial and error. The knowledge gained at the training "System-vector psychology" excludes any guesses and assumptions, instilling confidence in the correctness of the approach and allowing to avoid conflicts and quarrels caused by misunderstanding of each other.

Thanks to hundreds of reviews, we know many happy couples, many of whom were in complete despair, but after the training they were in a hurry to share the incredible changes in their personal lives:

“For the first time in two years, after undergoing Yuri Burlan's training, I realized what a value the pair relationship between a man and a woman is. Being filled with love and possessing knowledge of system-vector psychology, it was not difficult for me to determine what is most important for me in all areas of my life. More precisely, what is the indestructible foundation of everything else. My goal was to create a complete family."

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“Is it possible to express happiness from the fact that there is a person with whom you consciously want to be together always? Is it possible to describe the feeling when you want to wake up every morning because he is there? With us, I and You cease to exist more and more, and more and more we arise. Such mutual openness, trust, closeness, community, understanding, like-mindedness, which I have always dreamed of, became possible only thanks to the systemic knowledge gained at the training of Yuri Burlan … I sincerely wish everyone to find harmonious relationships and now I know that this is not a miracle and not fate. It is possible for everyone!"

Yulia A., Head of Sales Read the full text of the result

We all want to be happy in love. Then we will direct all our energy not to clever ways to evoke feelings of jealousy, which only make everyone worse, but to arouse confidence and trust in a loved one. Add to this an emotional connection - and the perpetual motion machine of love is invented! It remains only to learn how to do it, and for this we invite you to listen to a free online training, which will tell you a lot of interesting things about your other half.

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