Love Conspiracy. Do Not Lose Luck

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Love Conspiracy. Do Not Lose Luck
Love Conspiracy. Do Not Lose Luck
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Love conspiracy. Do not lose luck

On long winter evenings, especially before Christmas, many wonder what awaits them in the new year. Most of the fortune-telling is, of course, associated with finding a groom. Guessing about our future, we, in the hope of happy love and a good chance, expect that fate will give us the best, the closest person to us …

On long winter evenings, especially around Christmas, many are wondering what awaits them in the New Year. Most of the divinations and conspiracies at Christmas, of course, are associated with finding a groom. And although by the end of the year we forget that we were promised mirrors for last Christmas, at the appointed hour we sit down at the candles again, peer into the transparent surface and watch whether the long-awaited image will flicker somewhere out there?

We all know many fortune-telling and rituals associated with finding a loved one. What girl at a young age did not rely on love plots to get the attention of a guy she liked. Once on Christmas I found myself in a merry company of friends and acquaintances who wanted to know their fate …

Evening came, everyone was looking forward to conspiracies for love, and, finally, the girls began fortune-telling. I watched the process with great interest. First, they burned newspapers, laid out coffee beans, looked for answers on a random page in a book, and then together they threw out a shoe on the street. Everyone was very keen on the process, it seemed that time flies completely unnoticed. Christmas conspiracies are good fun.

Choosing a convenient moment when the passions subsided a little, I asked:

- How is it going? What is visible?

- You can't tell, otherwise it won't come true, - they answered me.

- Then tell us, have any fortune-telling come true with you before?

After some thought, the girls told me several stories related to Christmas fortune telling.

A conspiracy of love
A conspiracy of love

christmas conspiracy, STORY ONE

- My friend and I once also decided to tell fortunes at Christmas. I don’t remember what we did, what conspiracies we chose for Christmas, but at the end we went out into the street to fire the fireworks and decided to throw the shoe out of the entrance - we had to throw it without looking. And this should have happened - this shoe hit the roof of a nearby jeep. We approached him, and he was tall - just like that, we couldn't reach the roof. Found a stick, let's stick with a stick. Here the signaling will scream! We, of course, were scared, but there was nothing to do - our fortune-telling is still on the roof. We are standing with a friend, looking around, as if it had nothing to do with it. Then the owner of the jeep came out onto the balcony, it is good that he was caught merry.

He says: "I would give you a ride, girls, but I have already drunk vodka, I can't."

We told him: "Give the shoe, we ourselves cannot get it!"

And he asks: "Are you playing football here?"

We: "No, they wanted to throw out the shoe, but it flew into your jeep."

So, word for word, they met my girlfriend. True, it didn’t come to the wedding, he turned out to be that dog … Love spell on Christmas didn’t work.

Christmas conspiracy, STORY TWO

“And here's another case,” another girl began the story. - We have a female team. At a corporate party on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, we decided to tell fortunes. In the end, one girl came up with the idea of ​​distributing souvenirs under the guise of fortune-telling. She said, they say, now everyone will pull souvenirs from the box. Before pulling, you need to think about a desire so that the conspiracy for Christmas will turn out right away, and then keep a souvenir all year, then you will be lucky and the wish will come true.

So it turned out that there were more girls than souvenirs, and our presenter, getting out of the situation, found a nut in the table, wrapped it in a beautiful bag and put it in a common pile. A strange souvenir went to the secretary Masha. We then laughed, they say, as if you will find a man, since you won such nonsense. And Masha, in all seriousness, kept her.

And then somehow one client came to us. A prominent man, it's a pity he rarely came to us. And then he went. On that day, something happened to our door - it closed badly. He decided to fix it. Twisted something there, twisted it, and then said:

- Girls, you need a nut, have you?

Then Masha takes out such a beautiful bag and hands it to him. He opened the bag - just what he needed.

He could only say:

- I don’t understand why now such things are being sold in beautiful packages?

And he himself looks at Masha.

Then he began to come more and more often, but all to Masha: now to drink tea, then supposedly some business. We hoped, that playful love spell for Christmas worked. So they made friends with her, met for a long time, sorry for Masha's proposal from him and did not wait."

christmas conspiracy, STORY THREE

- But I had a case. Do not believe it! For me, fortune-telling was just like a game - I had some fun and that's it, I never believed in conspiracies for love. And here is such a fortune-telling!.. We burned the sheet with desire and began to look at the shadow of the burnt paper. My shadow looks like an old woman. And all as one began to advise me to go to my grandmother and even gave me an address. For a long time I did not dare to go, but my friend persuaded me, so she was wondering where this would lead.

So we came to this grandmother. She looked at her hand, spread something on the cards and said: “It's good that I came, it's time to make a love spell for Christmas, since the cards suggested. Your betrothed walks beside you. Here is a candle for you, you will go to church and set it up, mentally asking you to meet your future husband. After that, the first man who speaks to you will be your husband!

I was somehow scared to go to church, but since we started, there was nothing to do. I put down a candle, made a wish, I go, my heart is pounding, it jumps out. So, I think, now my fate will be decided … Then, at the exit from the chapel, a bum runs up to me and falls on my knees beside me. I, he says, have never met such a beautiful woman before, take me to you, as a faithful dog I will love and protect you. He clung to me and does not lag behind - barely got rid of him. Here is such a groom caught, hurt to tears, tried so hard, believed in a love spell for Christmas - and such a result.


It turns out that by resorting to fortune telling, we hope to find our love and find happiness. We expect that fate will give us the best, closest person who will love us until the end of life. And in the end, even if an interesting acquaintance takes place, we cannot determine whether this person is right for us or not, whether this acquaintance will bring joy or become a new disappointment. A conspiracy for fate, even if you believe in it with all your heart, will not teach us to build relationships and get along with each other for more than one year.


It also happens that the matter does not end with just fortune-telling, and we turn to witches and healers to bewitch, make a conspiracy for love or even separate, if he has his eyes on another. How many experiences, how much pain unhappy relationships give us!

After he and she met and strong feelings arose between them, various options for the development or end of the relationship are possible. And in fact, no one knows what the future of the couple is. How to build a happy and strong union? How to understand the actions and thoughts of a loved one? How exactly can you see his desires? Neither a fortune teller, nor a psychologist, nor Christmas conspiracies will give answers to these and many other questions.

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