Midlife Crisis In Women: Where Dreams Have Led. Read About The Solution To The Problem Of The Crisis Of Adulthood In The Article

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Midlife Crisis In Women: Where Dreams Have Led. Read About The Solution To The Problem Of The Crisis Of Adulthood In The Article
Midlife Crisis In Women: Where Dreams Have Led. Read About The Solution To The Problem Of The Crisis Of Adulthood In The Article
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Midlife crisis in women: where dreams have taken

Why do any desires and aspirations begin to disappear in the prime of life? Why is the spark of former enthusiasm extinguished, and not having time to flare up, and Napoleon's plans of young years no longer seem so attractive? Maybe it's a disease or hormones, magnetic storms or migraines, fatigue or melancholy? …

Women in crisis: I live, but I don't burn …

A midlife crisis in women, the symptoms of which boil down mainly to feelings of dissatisfaction with life, negative psychological states, a feeling of inadequate self-realization as a person, a lack of positive, joy, happiness - this very midlife crisis in women often happens exactly when a woman, seemingly the most realized, demanded by society, capable of showing herself in the best possible way and taking all conceivable and inconceivable heights and goals of her life.

Information about midlife crises in women is becoming more and more popular, and this most critical age for women varies from 25 to 50 years.

What happens to a modern woman, what do women say about the crisis at the age of 30? Why do any desires and aspirations begin to disappear in the prime of life? Why is the spark of former enthusiasm extinguished, and not having time to flare up, and Napoleon's plans of young years no longer seem so attractive? Is it illness or hormones, magnetic storms or migraines, fatigue or melancholy?

When, in middle age, a woman's physical health is more or less satisfied, you start looking elsewhere, try to rethink your life and understand that all this was a road to nowhere, that you are not at all like that and in fact you don't even know what kind. The only thing that you understand clearly is that something needs to be changed. Maybe a job, a city, a specialty, a field of activity, perhaps a social circle or a partner, or maybe oneself?.. All this is what women call a midlife crisis.

A crisis of 25 years in women, again a crisis at 30, 40, 50, endless problems with oneself - fears, phobias, loneliness, depression, apathy, eternal irritability, anger, resentment, everything enrages, life does not add up, I do not want anything. And what to do with all this? How to live with it? To be treated endlessly by a psychotherapist? And what is it, the psychology of a woman on the brink? And it seems not young already, mature, but what to do with the crisis of this age is not clear.

Driven to despair, we do not even believe in the hand outstretched to us, so free psychological assistance to women is rarely taken seriously by us. Distrustful and suspicious, we have more than once become victims of scammers and swindlers, and here we are talking about psychology - the area where it hurts, where there is a problem that is difficult to explain, and even more difficult to understand and realize itself.

The world of a woman in an era of change

We feel how life is accelerating, how everything around us is changing, and we are changing. In middle age, a woman feels this especially acutely. The modern cutaneous phase of human development has completely equalized the chances of men and women for realization. Today it does not matter who you are, where you are from, what gender, race, nationality or religion, even the level of education matters less and less, your value is only in what contribution you can make to the common cause, what skills and abilities you possess, what are your capabilities, ability to work and productivity, it is only important what you, personally you can give to society.

A woman, having received such unlimited freedom of choice, is far from always being able to realize it. Such a psychological load often results in a woman's notorious midlife crisis. A woman's crisis at 25 or a woman's crisis at 40 is the same mechanism.

Over the course of many millennia, men have learned to live their lives, fulfilling the role of species in accordance with innate psychological properties. Every day of his life, a man was forced to realize himself as a person at the level to which he had developed in childhood. The stages in the development of mankind to an incomparably greater extent were determined precisely by the contribution of men, rather than women, to the general collective mental.

The role of a woman, regardless of her innate mental properties, was generally reduced to the birth and raising of offspring. This is the specific role of all women, with the exception of the representatives of the cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors, ranked women, who have their own specific role on an equal basis with men. Of course, there have always been exceptions, but the general trend of female realization was reduced precisely to procreation. And as such, the female midlife crisis in those days did not bother anyone.

A woman endowed with a variety of psychological properties from birth was quite enough with the realization that she found in the family. She is the keeper of the home, and a woman could fulfill all other existing needs at the level of hobbies, hobbies, leisure activities and similar activities, always leaving the interests of the family in priority.

With the onset of the cutaneous phase, this state of affairs began to change, the psychological potential of a woman increased, each new generation is now being born with an ever-increasing temperament, or the power of desire, in each vector, thereby changing the psychology of a woman.

What is a midlife crisis in women?

The level of development to which a man has been going all these millennia, a woman is able to reach in several generations. This is happening now. More and more women find themselves in the most male professions - industry, government, military, politics, and so on. At the same time combining their activities with the birth of a child.

However, it happens that the strength of desire becomes insufficient, the innate potential is not enough to live in constant tension all his life, realizing himself with the same intensity as a man. In middle age, a woman's enthusiasm decreases, desires fade, former zeal disappears, everything seems meaningless, unattractive, unnecessary. The crisis.

If, nevertheless, this midlife crisis has come in a woman, what should be done in order to even out the psychological state and return the joy of life?


Female archetypes, or how not to go on your own?

Crises in a woman's life are fraught with their own consequences, or rather, those erroneous decisions that we sometimes make under the motto "Start from a new page" or "Change life for the better." It doesn't matter if a woman is 30 or 40 years old - you want to deal with the crisis yourself.

Often, the answer to the question of how to overcome the midlife crisis in women is the desire to divorce her husband, leave for another country, hit downshifting, radically change the occupation, and similar options for shaking up your life. Someone is pushed by the desire for novelty, someone is pushed by the prospect of creating a new emotional connection, and someone is pushed by the desire to give meaning to their life, to understand what is the essence, and to receive such desired answers to internal questions. Those who give such answers think they know the psychology of women in their 30s or 40s.

Unfortunately, such "self-treatment" often ends in failure. Such advice to women only exacerbates the feeling of a midlife crisis. In an attempt to drastically change her life, a woman sets off in search of answers blindly, guided by someone else's experience, unfounded advice or fashion trends, in this case, without a systematic understanding of who she is, the deep aspects of female psychology become the object of risky experiments.

Not understanding the true reason for what is happening, not being guided by her own psyche, not taking into account the nature of her desires and needs for realization, a woman mistakenly deprives herself of the much-needed opportunity for the realization of psychological properties, turning into a passive consumer, which does not bring the expected improvement, but only worsens and an already negative psychological state.

The same applies to the psychology of a woman's divorce: a middle-aged woman, destroying existing relationships only in order to create new ones, deciding on a divorce in the belief that it is this disgusting union that is the cause of all problems, does not leave herself a chance to transfer these relations to a higher level and to receive from this a much stronger fulfillment, satisfaction, and therefore pleasure from family life.


Each property of the psyche requires its implementation throughout life. The higher the level at which we realize our desires, the more complete the satisfaction from the process. Today, the needs of the female psyche in their temperament reach the strength of male aspirations, which means that suffering from shortages in the absence of realization is felt at the same level.

The crisis of middle-aged women most often represents either a need for a respite, a partial change of priorities, a refocusing on other psychological properties, or an alarming signal that some of your qualities remain unfulfilled, a dormant potential requires implementation in life, in creative activity. But the main thing that any crisis speaks about, be it a crisis at 25 for a woman or a crisis at 30, it is time for a woman to understand herself, to know and understand herself to the end, to realize her true desires, psychological characteristics, to acquire that knowledge, which make it possible to solve any problems in their life path without burning bridges or experimenting with their own destiny.

Unfortunately, only when faced with a psychological problem, such as a crisis of adulthood, do we think about how to understand ourselves. Coming to the training of System-Vector Psychology due to the midlife crisis in women 40, 45, 50 years old or any other, we get a deep understanding of what is happening, and therefore the ability to find a way out of this situation.

Thousands of people who have completed the training openly talk about themselves, that in any, even the most deplorable and seemingly hopeless situation, one can find the strength to live and enjoy it, only having received answers, a systemic vision of their psyche, thinking in categories system-vector psychology.

Further life is only in your hands.

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