Suicidal Thoughts. I Don't Want To Live Because I Don't Know Why

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Suicidal Thoughts. I Don't Want To Live Because I Don't Know Why
Suicidal Thoughts. I Don't Want To Live Because I Don't Know Why
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Suicidal thoughts. I don't want to live because I don't know why

What should I live for? I constantly think about suicide. I am completely alone, never understood by anyone. One on one with his own black hole instead of a soul …

Do not want to live. It is not clear how to justify this life. There are no answers to the questions: “Why do I live? What's the point of this? If I am just a particle in this world, neither life nor death of which decides anything …”The finiteness of life makes everything meaningless, brings any of my thoughts to a dead end.

I have no goal. No interests. There is no desire to do anything. Nothing brings joy. Food is tasteless, sleep is torment. I can't sleep in the evening, wake up in the morning. And every day I hope to die in my sleep. I don't even have the strength to lift a finger.

From the point of view of an ordinary person, in principle, everything is fine with me. But I feel unbearably bad.

The outside world demands something else from me. Snapping, I try to win back my personal peace. I want to close myself in the room, and so that no one climbs. But the desired loneliness does not bring relief. The head gets even heavier. Life is boring. Sick. Painfully.

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All around there are idiots who live by their own idiotic rules. It's just that none of the people around me dares to ponder the meaning of what is happening. So they rejoice at food, rags, stupid jokes, empty chatter.

In moments of despair, a fierce hatred for all that exists. And the only remaining desire is to end the torment. The desire to die.

What should I live for? I constantly think about suicide. I am completely alone, never understood by anyone. One on one with his own black hole instead of a soul.

Why does the soul hurt so much?

More precisely, not the soul, but the psyche.

Man is the pleasure principle. Desires live on us. When I want, but don't get it, I feel emptiness, pain. Desire grows, but there is no filling and no. A person is struck by an energy deficit, exhausted irritation, apathy, depression sets in, thoughts of suicide do not leave.

Sensual and conscious comprehension of the meaning of life is the main desire of people with a sound vector. Only for them the question of the meaning of life is a matter of life and death. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan reveals the nature of the unconscious, the reasons for the throwing of the owner of the sound vector, one of the eight vectors, the only one who does not care about material life.

Their main interest is what is inside? - what is the intention, the root cause, the essence. Soul, my I - this is the subject of their research and endless nocturnal thoughts. Depression occurs where these questions remain unanswered. Depression and suicidal thoughts, like hunger of the soul, push to find out: “Why am I living? Who am I? Where did you come from and where am I going? What is the meaning of existence?"

Finding answers that are mathematically accurate and unmistakable, sound scientists make sense of life consciously. This brings people with a sound vector the pleasure of realizing their own desire. Together with this comes a sensual comprehension of the meaning of life, its justification.

And not finding answers, not filling his own "want", the sound engineer experiences the suffering of the soul. The psyche writhes in pain, turning the life of a person with a sound vector into hell.

Suicidology as a state of mind

Life without pleasure is devalued by the sound engineer. Thoughts do not leave my head: “I will die, my sense of the world will die. A world that brings so much suffering. Everything will end, blissful peace will come”. Gradually, the desire to die gains strength until it grows into a confident decision to commit suicide.

The sound engineer associates his “I” with the soul, and perceives the body as something alien to his own nature. Desiring death, in fact, a person with a sound vector wants to free the immortal soul from the mortal body with its obsessive needs. But he is mistaken: the body is not to blame for the suffering of the psyche.

The nature of the sound engineer, the unfilled "I want the meaning of life" pushes a person to either put an end to his own existence, or to make an effort to self-knowledge.

If you are tired of the fact of your own existence

Not finding answers again and again, being disappointed, a person loses the desire to try to find. But he always has a choice: to lose the struggle with his own nature or to win the pleasure of life. As many people have already done, having gone through the same difficult thoughts and conditions as you are now. Hear what they have to say:

Read what they write:

“I came when it became completely unbearable. The pain of being alive. If you try to describe it, then it was just hellish pain from the very fact of life. I hated the fact that I had to live. I hated myself, my body, my thoughts, everyone around, the sunlight and the day in general.

… The training is over.

Since I came to him, I have never wanted to be born … These thoughts no longer cause any enthusiasm, rather, on the contrary, a complete feeling of error … The acceptance of life came … I accepted the fact that I live with all my heart. I feel alive. I feel that life is happening to me, or something, that life is happening here, that this is real, that I am inside life, that I am a part of life. I even open the windows from the curtains myself. And the most interesting thing is that this happens, as if by itself. As if it always was."

Anna R. Read the full text of the result “And now, out of despair, I began to lead my own life countdown. I gave myself the last 50 days of my life. Just imagine, he himself voluntarily passed a sentence, and quite deliberately. … As soon as I went through the sound classes, a certain discovery appeared. It was as if a helping hand was extended to me in this pitch darkness, pulled out into the light and said "Live". " Pavel R. Read full text of the result

System-vector psychology removes suicidal thoughts. For one reason - this knowledge of the psychic fills the sound desire to cognize one's Self and the pain of not being filled goes away.

The process of cognizing one's Self turns out to be the process of comprehending the nature of a person as a whole, the sound engineer reveals not only his place and role in this life, but also realizes the place of everyone, the whole picture of life, where every person and phenomenon has meaning and meaning.

Revealing the unconscious, the structure of his own psyche, a person comprehends his life, and this changes everything! You are forming a new consciousness, a new worldview, where there is simply no room for suicidal thoughts and depression. This is something completely new that Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology offers. Register for free nightly online trainings using the link to take the first steps towards yourself now:

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