The Kiss Of The Wily Fairy. Why Are There More And More Transvestites? Part 2

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The Kiss Of The Wily Fairy. Why Are There More And More Transvestites? Part 2
The Kiss Of The Wily Fairy. Why Are There More And More Transvestites? Part 2
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The kiss of the wily fairy. Why are there more and more transvestites? Part 2

Official science, which never got to the bottom of the causes of transsexualism, nevertheless established two things: transsexualism (if it is not associated with hormonal disorders and / or anatomical defects) is not genetically predetermined and does not develop under the influence of the environment.

Part 1. Why are there more and more transvestites?

Official science, which never got to the bottom of the causes of transsexualism, nevertheless established two things: transsexualism (if it is not associated with hormonal disorders and / or anatomical defects) is not genetically predetermined and does not develop under the influence of the environment. This means that it is not inherited, but after watching the drag show, the boys will not start dressing up as girls. This need comes from within, but the mechanism of its occurrence is not clear to official science.

Everything looks rather strange, as if some insidious fairy kissed the future boy while still in the womb, giving him, along with the kiss, an uncontrollable desire to look like a girl.


In fact, almost everything happens like this, only the role of a fairy is played by nature and evolution, which, at its whim, distributes vectors to children. Those of them who get the cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors, coupled with the male sex, fall into the "risk group". After all, what do dermal-visual boys get from the "fairy" as at? A wide range of emotionality (sometimes bordering on hysteria), an increased propensity for fears and phobias, genetic memory of the dramatic fate of ancient generations of skin-visual males, an all-consuming desire to survive at all costs and … envy of skin-visual girls.

Yes, it’s envy, unconscious or conscious (some trances openly talk about their original feelings as envy of girls and the desire to be “just like them”). A skin-visual female in a primitive society had much more chances to survive, she enjoyed the patronage of the leader and the adoration of muscle warriors, whom she raised to attack with her hot dances. And even if it was necessary to sacrifice someone, a skin-visual boy, weak, tearful, fearful, unable to be either a warrior or a hunter, was always the first to tuck under the arm.

How many of them have perished without a trace in the mouth of the animal, under the knives of shamans who bring sacrifices, in the cauldrons where the cannibalistic savages cooked their stew? The dying horror of thousands of skin-visual victims is sublimated in the skin-visual boy born in the age of scientific and technological revolution and civil society into a subconscious fear of death, which makes him seek salvation by any means. Including dressing up in a woman's dress, in which it is safe and comfortable. The girl will not be touched, the girl will not be offended, the girl is protected.

This is stronger than the arguments of reason and public shame, it is worse than depression and censure of relatives. This is an irresistible force and a lifelong cross of most transvestites, who carry it to the very end, either carefully hiding their "skeleton" in the closet, then demonstratively and desperately laughing in the face of homophobes with brightly painted mouths.

And the second type of behavior is now more common.


Paradoxically, but in our country, where conservative sentiments are still strong and where true transvestites rarely have to rely on tolerance and understanding of others, interest in trans people not only does not wane, but is also steadily growing. The paradox is that the forbidden fruit attracts curious and onlookers, like a bright lamp - moths.

For example, one (one?) Of the insanely demanded characters of the Moscow glamorous get-together is the shocking Zaza Napoli - a woman outside, a man inside. A professional actor, who allegedly accidentally got into the drag queen, quickly got his bearings and realized that he had stumbled upon a gold mine, choosing the role of a drag queen.

Drag-queen - this is the name of male artists who perform in women's clothing. Drag queens usually strive to create a grotesque image, everything in their "women" is somehow too, too, bulging, deliberately, for show. The drag queen is not always a transvestite, more often the main purpose of dressing up is to attract the attention of the public. Although, of course, there are many more transvestites among such artists than among other actors. Still, spending so much time in women's clothes, without getting pleasure from this, is too difficult a task for an ordinary man …

Before reincarnating as Zazu Napoli, its creator V. Kazantsev was engaged in private sewing at home, sitting for days without unbending at a sewing machine and receiving $ 50 a week. How and when he got the idea to go on stage in a woman's image, having covered himself with a dress and decorated with a wig and make-up, the story is silent. However, he instantly appreciated the dividends brought by the reincarnation - it took only 3 minutes to earn the notorious $ 50! As a result, what is a source of pleasure and drive for trances became for the actor "the path of profit", as he himself says in numerous interviews.

And an unusual entertainer is invited! And at parties, and in clubs, and at weddings. As V. Kazantsev himself says, all attempts to offer his entertainer in a pristine male guise come across an insistent demand to provide Zazu. Well, how can we not recall the story of actor Michael Dorsey, brilliantly played by Dustin Hoffman in the film "Tootsie", which is in demand only in a female guise.


The Russian Tutsi claims that at the beginning of his career there were no more than a couple of dozen drag queen freelance drag queens in Moscow, and now their number has exceeded several hundred. This indirectly indicates that society as a whole is still becoming more tolerant of transvestites, at least on stage. They have ceased to be a horror story and something perverted in the minds of our fellow citizens and are perceived more like buffoons and buffoons. Despite all the dubiousness of such a role, it is good at least that transvestites do not cause the former aggression.

The trend towards increased tolerance is very helpful, because the number of skin-visual boys joining the ranks of transvestites is growing every year. Firstly, the question of survival has long ceased to be as acute for them as in ancient times, when the chances of meeting an adult skin-visual male were close to zero. Today the vast majority survive and find their place under the sun. And secondly, they are massively concentrated in big cities and are very noticeable, because the visual vector is demonstrative. Thus, the number of skin-visual boys, claiming to be realized, is increasing every year, inexorably testifying to the path along which our civilization develops. And whether we like it or not, but in the near future, the streets of earthly cities will be filled with graceful boys-models, metrosexuals,androgynous and … transvestites. And it would be good if most of them were talented and developed personalities capable of realizing themselves in music, dance, sports, art, even if it would be the most popular popular culture.

Gennady Antonyuk, widely known to a narrow circle of party-goers and trances under the stage name Gertrude, was the star of the Birds of Paradise drag show for several years. The stunningly feminine, artistic and talented dancer has become popular for his role. Putting on a woman's dress, from a puny Rostov guy, he instantly turned into a spectacular metropolitan thing. Skin-visual in its purest form: he called himself hysterical, complained about the constant lack of money, adored outfits and moved very plastically on stage.

After the disintegration of Birds of Paradise, Gertrude starred in the film Antidur with Turchinsky and Dyuzhev in an episode that is ridiculously similar to a scene from the Dundee saga filmed 20 years ago. Dyuzhev's hero met Gertrude in the club and fell on her, not noticing that this was a man in disguise; It fell to Turchinsky to open his eyes. Offended in the best feelings, Dyuzhev switched to another girl, Gertrude arranged for him a scene of jealousy, turning into a comic brawl …


Perhaps these shootings would become a new round of life for the skin-visual Hera, hiding in a dress, because he had the ideal makings for an acting career: skin that allows him to reincarnate, vision that fills with emotions, and a bright appearance that attracts both men and women. However, just a few months after filming, his life was cut short … Alcohol and, as they say, HIV pushed him to the abyss from which there is no return. It burned down in a matter of days; burned out, but the last ten years of his life were free of that subconscious fear that prevents skin-visual boys from living the way their parents want.

Until recently, transvestites had few choices: either to disguise themselves as "normal", surrendering to their passion behind the scenes with those who understand and share; or come out, provoking the fire of public hostility. The role of a travesty artist is not available to everyone: dressing up is not enough, there is also a need for talent.

Today, another option has been added to this small list. You can understand yourself and the roots of your attraction by taking a course in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan; understanding the reasons gives acceptance of oneself and opens doors that are closed for most trance.

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