Trainings For Women Part 2 - A Fleeting Flirtation And A Hot Kiss

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Trainings For Women Part 2 - A Fleeting Flirtation And A Hot Kiss
Trainings For Women Part 2 - A Fleeting Flirtation And A Hot Kiss
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Trainings for women part 2 - A fleeting flirtation and a hot kiss

Why is that? Training for women is the same as if a bird advises a giraffe how to eat. All the advice from the books "How to become a bitch" is not only stereotyped, but they are not given in a differentiated manner. But even this is not the main problem of these trainings …

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Training for women "How to become a bitch": fourth lesson

And then came the day "X". I carefully prepared for it: I bought a dress in a week, shoes - for two. I chose for a very long time, consulted with a friend, with my mother, with a saleswoman. It seems that I even managed to lose a few pounds. I went to the stylist, and now my head was decorated with a stylish hairstyle, and the makeup on my face could be called a masterpiece without a shadow of doubt.

The meeting took place in a cafe, and I hesitated for a long time before entering. Even at the entrance through the glass windows I saw Igor's silhouette: smiling, he was talking with enthusiasm, and our classmates were listening to him attentively.

All the same, I felt blind insecurity, reproached myself for dressing up like this and not showing up in a simple way: in jeans and sneakers. Entering the room, I was supposed to make a splash, but instead, I quietly opened the door and slipped into the cafe. The rushing winter wind involuntarily drew the attention of my classmates to me. One or two girls praised my hairstyle and I joined the girls' circle around Igor.

For a second, it seemed to me that he smiled at me somehow in a special way. A couple of times Igor even leaned over to me, hugging me around the waist. Almost convinced that a spark had slipped between us, I immediately experienced bitter disappointment. On the threshold appeared the "school queen": a thin blonde with brown eyes. The last iPhone is in the hands, the Dolce & Gabanna label unobtrusively flashes on the bag.

Igor immediately switched to her, not forgetting sometimes to glance at other classmates, and I was painfully stung by a feeling of jealousy.

I wanted to answer something to his last remark, but they didn't seem to hear me. At that moment, most of all I wanted to run out of this room, but I preferred to retire somewhere in a corner: it was inconvenient to leave just like that when I came. I spent the rest of the evening holding back tears, forgetting about the advice from the book "How to Become a Bitch" and the instructions of the teacher of the training for women.

Training for women "How to become a bitch": a lesson in system-vector psychology

Today, the question of female loneliness is very acute. This is due to either emancipation, the so-called "feminization" of society, or the sexual revolution, no one knows. Researchers say that 30 years ago, every fifth woman in Russia between the ages of 30 and 35 was single, and today every tenth.

Hundreds of women are fighting over the question "How to find your soul mate" today. What do they want, these men, what is the psychology of men in love?

Someone says that men love bitches, offering to buy a manual from the series "How to become a bitch", others - that the stronger sex can be kept by some special sexual techniques and offer their help in this incomparably skillful matter at trainings for women. “Secrets of a geisha”, “secrets of African dancers”, “secrets of primitive Papuans” - you can list them endlessly, however, not a single element of this list can provide real practical help in love and relationships.

Why is that? Training for women is the same as if a bird advises a giraffe how to eat. All the advice from the books "How to become a bitch" is not only stereotyped, but they are not given in a differentiated manner. But even this is not the main problem of these trainings.

What does our heroine want and what is taught to her at the training? She wants to get a beloved boy, and she is taught to be a heroine lover.

Only system-vector psychology helps to look deeper into the human unconscious and is not guided by individual specific examples, but gives you a puzzle, with the help of which you yourself can form a picture of the current situation. It is impossible to make out all of them in some book, but having such a tool as system-vector psychology, you will easily navigate in each.

How does system-vector psychology differ from any other training for women? To understand this, it is enough just to analyze our example.

Training for women "How to become a bitch": analysis

System-vector psychology distinguishes between eight vectors, the so-called "additional desires". The fact is that animals have only basic desires: to eat, drink, breathe, sleep, maintain the temperature and integrity of the body and the desire to procreate. A person, in addition to these desires, also has additional ones: the desire to be better than everyone else, the desire to accumulate wealth or to recognize his talents. Just as a mouth is given to us to eat, so vectors carry not only desires, but also properties for the realization of these desires. Unfortunately, in the process of development we are often "broken", which leads to all sorts of erroneous rationalizations, erroneous thoughts, that is, we think that we want one thing, but fundamentally we want something completely different.

So, for example, an anal girl, looking at a dancing skin, wants to learn how to dance. She thinks she wants to dance, but in reality she sees that the cutaneous attracts boys in this way, and she just wants to get the attention of her beloved boy.

Our heroine is an anal-visual girl, such are most often found in the network of trainings for women and carefully study the manuals "How to become a bitch."

Today we live in the dermal phase of development, and the chiseled, thin, lean body of the skin-visual girl is the sex symbol. Anal ones are naturally clumsy, they have a slow metabolism and a strong libido, which together often give a rounded shape. And if a visual vector is also added to the anal, then a person can become complex because of his inconsistency with modern standards and try to fix it in every possible way. A not very realized viewer will hesitate to attract attention to himself, because he will be sure of his own “ugliness”. Viewers need confidence in their own beauty in order to feel comfortable around other people.

Anal people by nature have a very good memory for all good and all bad, because their role is to accumulate information and transfer it to future generations. Such people love to learn and make a big mistake when they come to a training for women or buy the book How to Become a Bitch, because they believe that seducing men can also be learned. Anal men, in turn, very often fall for pickup trainings or success trainings.

The anal person needs advice from the outside, it will be difficult for him to make a decision on his own. The search for "advisors" again and again pushes her or him into the clutches of training for women or training for men.

The whole essence of an anal person is turned into the past, such people often become hostages of the first experience: whether it be the first sex or the first love, which we see in our heroine.

In the book "How to become a bitch" they do not talk about such properties of an anal person as a sense of guilt, the opposite of resentment. Anal people are very afraid of offending someone, but they also require the same attitude towards themselves. If they think they have offended someone, then they are gnawed by a strong sense of guilt. You can get rid of it only by "aligning the square" - by apologizing and receiving confirmation of the pardon. These properties make anal people the most decent and honest in the world.

It's ridiculous to try to teach an anal girl in a training for women the art of using men, throwing, deceiving, seducing. All these tricks will contradict the rigid and straightforward psyche of the anal person and cause him an acute sense of guilt.

Trainers for women are always either skin-visual girls themselves, or girls with a very bright skin-visual ligament. They have a radically different psyche, the skin-visual female is seductive and seductive by nature, this is her natural species role, so absolutely all men want them. It is impossible to learn this, it is given by nature in them. Even the most undeveloped and unrealized skin-visual girl (about which even in the books How to Become a Bitch is not written) will enjoy more success with men than any other. This has tremendous natural meaning.

Due to the state of the vectors of our heroine, her visual vector is not able to look behind the screen of appearance into the very essence of a person. She is in love with Igor, a skin-visual boy. Such by nature are the most beautiful, which attracts impressionable visual girls. Today, they are often the kind of seducers who do not become sexually attached to their partners. One night stand is the norm. They love to flirt, be the center of attention, and no amount of training for women will help tie this to marriage. Only an understanding of its properties and desires - not only of its vectors, but also of their states - can give the desired result.

Find out more at the training on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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